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**Vancover APC Fight the Olympics - London Talk

15-05-2008 14:34

*Vancover Anti Poverty Committee Fight the Olympics:
Public Talk on Wednesday the 21st of May*

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Judge stops demolition of Dale Farm Travellers site

15-05-2008 14:34

86 Irish traveller families located at the Crays Hill (Dale Farm) traveller site near Wickford, Essex, won a Judicial Review at the High Court last Friday (9th) against Basildon Council's plans to evict them.

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TONIGHT !!! Interspace / LONDON preparation meeting

15-05-2008 13:46

TONIGHT !!! Interspace / LONDON preparation meeting
@ Bowl Court Squat 8 pm

See you there !!!

Interspace: International meeting for squats and autonomous spaces

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Over 115 public figures join the call to recognise the Palestinian Nakba

15-05-2008 11:51

What do Archbishop Desmond Tutu and rock legend Roger Water of Pink Floyd have in common?

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Intl Day Against Homophobia-May 17 (Events Incl Medway,Kent)

14-05-2008 17:40

The 2008 IDAHO-UK calender has been announced. Events across the UK and around the world.

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London InterACTIVE diners club / radical assembly

14-05-2008 09:56

This week sees the second Interactive Diners Club, an initiative relaunched for the 21st century. Those who experienced the original pre Criminal Justice Act Interactive Diners Clubs in the early nineties, the RTS meetings of the mid 90's, or the late 90's London Underground meetings etc. will know what kind of thing to expect. The idea is to inspire and re-energise each other, form new links, strengthen old alliances, share skills and resources, raise awareness and get people involved.

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New Black Flag released - exclusive extract

14-05-2008 08:39

The new issue of Black Flag has been launched with in-depth analysis of the BNP, the credit crunch, and anarcha-feminism, along with much more.

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Irish Redress Board Condemns Innocent People.

14-05-2008 00:34

An innocent person can be named by any applicant to the Redress Board and falsely accused of the most terrible sex crimes and child abuse. The unscrupulous applicant gets paid for doing so, is protected by state secrecy, and the innocent victim is destroyed for life.

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Mobile Protest "Let Aid Experts into Burma" for Cyclone Relief

13-05-2008 23:51

Starting at Parliament Square
On May 10th, 10 protesters dressed in black in mourning formed a mobile protest around various London landmarks. They were protesting against the Burma junta's refusal to allow aid experts into Burma for Cyclone relief and also at the junta's disgraceful preoccupation with continuing the rigged referendum [1] on the military biased constitution on May 10th, rather than cyclone relief. See below for Global Day of Action for Cyclone Nargis victims.

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Re : The rumours etc around Camden campaign / Candy Udwin etc.

13-05-2008 19:50

While we will reserve judgment about what is going on, Candy Udwin did in fact advise people that "they wouldn't be speaking to the Camden New Journal any more" and did describe the animals trapped in a Barnet lab as "just a load of rats" at a recent meeting. She did also try to persuade people at the meeting to accept the lab in Somers Town "in return for flats at the National Temperance site".

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The Tax Credit Gamble

13-05-2008 19:01

Millions of families each year are pushed into debt because of the incompetence of HMRC.

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'Freedom To Protest' Demonstration, 18th May, Edinburgh

13-05-2008 13:21

Poster: print and distribute!
A peaceful demonstration is planned to assert our right to freely protest without fear. It will be held at 12pm on the 18th of May at Parliament Square, as a response to the campaign of harassment and intimidation which Lothian and Borders Police is directing at peaceful protsters in Edinburgh. Such repression violates human rights and, if it continues, it will stifle popular participation in civil society. The demonstration is also in solidarity with the dozens of working class people who are oppressed by the Edinburgh 'justice' system every day.

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Justice for Cleaners week of action starts.

13-05-2008 08:40

Making a racket.
Yesterday Justice for Cleaners started a week of action in the city of London. All this week they will be making a truly horrendous racket outside various corporations who should know better than to exploit vulnerable immigrants. If you feel like heading to the financial capital of Europe to let off some steam then they would love to see you.

Below is their press release and schedule.

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City of London police harass protestor to protect Scientology cult

12-05-2008 14:51

Saturday 10th May saw worldwide protests against the Church of Scientology, a multi-million dollar cult infamous for its abuse of its members and harassment of its critics. This time, the police did their job for them.

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Northern Conference Against Racism all set for June 21st

12-05-2008 14:05

flyer for the event
On Saturday 21st June Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) will host an anti-racist conference in order to make links with other anti-racists and broaden the struggle against racism. The day will consist of a panel discussion, interactive and practical workshops and a plenary session to attempt to draw together some concrete plans for action against racism in the North of England.

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Squatters resist Church eviction

12-05-2008 14:04

"As we forgive those who trespass against us"

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A discussion with the leader of Pakistan Labour Party

11-05-2008 21:30

A discussion with the leader of Pakistan Labour Party, Farooq Tariq, has been organised by the Pakistan Solidarity Campaign. The meeting is convened just as the leaders of the Pakistan People's Party(Bhutto's party) and Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) have announced their failure to restore the judiciary demanded by the various movements in Pakistan, particularly the Lawyers movement. Please try and attend as the meeting might give us the oppurtunity to discuss what we can do to support the lawyers movement and other democratic and civil rights movements in Pakistan.

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All charges against Pauline Campbell dropped (again).

11-05-2008 12:01

In a desperate bid to avoid a PR disaster of catastrophic proportions, the Crown Prosecution Service has wisely decided that prosecuting Pauline Campbell for her last action at HMP Styal would ‘not be in the public interest’. Which is CPSspeak for: ‘Giving a public platform (courtroom) to a bereaved mother, thus enabling her to make hugely embarrassing facts about Styal Prison known to everyone would really piss the government off’. So yet again Pauline is free to continue her campaign of direct action against those institutions which fail in their duty of care to their inmates. For a full report about what happened the last time Pauline was nicked click here:

See below for Pauline’s response to the latest climbdown by the state.

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Earth First! Action Update: May 2008

10-05-2008 23:31

Stuck for something to do!? Uninspired & lacklustre..? The all new singing dancing EF!AU is here to lift your spirits, download from the link below.