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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Stirling Palestine group Campaign - Pressure the President

29-09-2005 16:41

The Stirling Palestine Solidarity Campaign has been recieving a lot of criticism about its campaign to twin the Stirling University with a Palestinian university and get the Students Association to condemn the illegal Israeli occupation.

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Spots and Stripes

29-09-2005 15:03

It is well known that John Howard, infamous lackey and liar, is devoid of anything that could be remotely regarded as masculine or manly; the draconian measures he has implemented to ‘secure’ Australia against the terrorist bogeyman are astounding. Few if any previous Prime Ministers have openly displayed such unadulterated cowardice and fear. It would be easy to believe that Howard fears a terrorist strike, but that is not his primary fear!

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Time Autonomy for Everyone

29-09-2005 13:44

Given the enormous advances in productivity, radical reduction of working hours is an overdue demand. However working hours are actually lengthened while millions of long-term unemployed must manage with social transfers.. Power relations are hidden behind the distribution structures.

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Aachen 4 verdict - Anarchists imprisoned

28-09-2005 18:18

The spectacle of justice ends as the anarchists expected -

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Irrationalism and Ideology in Risk Capitalism

28-09-2005 13:48

Reductionist worldviews promise "order" in the mixed-up social consciousness..Psychoanalysis has coined the term "regression" for this process of escapism.. Psychic regression involves withdrawal to a state of original immediacy, an earlier less complex stage of the psyche.

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The Sukula Family must stay!

27-09-2005 19:46

Demonstrate against the deportation of Asylum seekers and the new government legislation

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Academic activist from canada visits uk and Europe

27-09-2005 17:54

Meeting in Pembroke
Theresa Wolfwood, Academic activist, banner maker, campaigner for humanrights, the environment and peace.Traveller on the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom Peace train from Helsinki to Beijing to the 4th UN conference on Women. speaking in Pembroke on Reclaiming the Commons :the work of Social movements and speaking in the European Parliament on Confronting the Romance of violence:Our society as a cult of militarism.

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Spodden Valley asbestos controversy: North West MEP gives frank opinions to BBC

27-09-2005 13:53

2 hour meeting in Brussels... (Den Dover MEP, Centre)
North West England MEP Den Dover was recently interviewed by Allan Beswick on the BBC GMR Breakfast Show. They spoke at length about many of the issues facing the controversial planning application to build over 600 homes and a children’s nursery on the site of what was once the world’s largest asbestos textile factory- Turner Brothers Asbestos- in the Spodden Valley, Rochdale, UK

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Spodden Valley: Asbestos and the environment - More cross-party support...

27-09-2005 13:45

Den Dover MEP with Conservative Rochdale councillors visit the Spodden Valley...
Following a recent visit to the Spodden Valley by Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies and a future planed visit by Labour MPs and MEPs. Words of support also came from UKIP MEP John Whittaker. This weekend saw members of the Conservative Party also express concerns over health & safety and the environment in the Spodden Valley, Rochdale, UK. Bithplace of the world's modern asbestos industry and home to what was the world's largest asbestos textile factory:

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Spodden Valley asbestos: Indymedia coverage mentioned in European Parliament

27-09-2005 12:43

Speaking in the European Parliament...
INDYMEDIA and other internet news archives have been mentioned in the European Parliament’s recent conference on asbestos that discussed a planning application to build 600+ homes and a children's nursery on the site of what was the world's largest asbestos textile factory- Spodden Valley, Rochdale in North West England..

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Zarqawi's war whoops

27-09-2005 11:59

Iraqis lived through another round of bloodletting this week as controversy swirls around Zarqawi's alleged call to fight the Shia people of Iraq, reports Nermeen Al-Mufti from Baghdad

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Blair scuppers corruption inquiry in exchange for arms deal with Saudi Royals.

27-09-2005 09:37

With the independence of our judiciary already severely compromised, Criminal Blair takes it one step further, threatening to scupper a fraud investigation to help out his friends at BAE.

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Filiberto Ojeda Rios Puerto Rico Independence Leader murdered

27-09-2005 07:21

Filiberto supporters
Filiberto Ojeda Rios (b.1933-d.2005) Puerto Rico Independence Leader murdered. United States Government Assassinates Leader of Puerto Rican Independence.

Global and Puerto Rico IndyMedia : say "Comrade Filiberto, your death will be avenged."

"To all comrades. The yanky government has assassinated Comrade Filiberto Ojeda, who has been living clandestinely for the last 15 years, and who has been the leader of the armed struggle for the liberation of Puerto Rico. We ask that you highlight in the different IMC's the pain of the Puerto Rican people, who have massed on the street to unanimously request the end of the colonialism that is destroying our island (country)."

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27-09-2005 05:41

Whether born/e of passivity or apathy, the world’s populations are tolerating, as never before, gross ineptitude, incompetence and criminality from their governments. Comparisons could be made with infamous regimes of the past that maintained their illegitimate rule by deploying draconian social policies and manipulating information. However, today, information is easily accessed through various sources not controlled by mainstream media or governments yet apathy in the face of deliberate deception and criminal government prevails.

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(audio) Mindwalk 14: Ten Billion Points of Light

27-09-2005 01:20

This episode features an anti-war speech by Journalist John Pilger recorded September 24 in London. Our favorite child sit-com star Dickie Richards hits the campaign trail as on the Republican ticket. A few semi-rude tunes from when I was a kid. Also a silly goofball poem by Jack Kerouac read by Juliana Hatfield.

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Israeli Anarchist Anti-Occupation Activist Speaks In London

27-09-2005 00:10

This Thursday, 29th September
Israeli Anarchist Activist Speaks in London
8pm at The Red Rose, 129 Seven Sisters Rd

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Urgent Prisoner Solidarity Requested

26-09-2005 22:47

New Denunciation From Political Prisoners Currently Being Held In A French Prison:

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Mark Barnsley Visits Derry's Bogside

26-09-2005 22:37

Some photos of Mark Barnsleys Talk in Derry, Ireland

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Here we go again - G8 Finance Ministers to meet in London on December 10th

26-09-2005 18:49

G8 Finance Ministers to meet in London on December 10th
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