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Israeli Anarchist Anti-Occupation Activist Speaks In London

david | 27.09.2005 00:10 | Repression | Social Struggles | London

This Thursday, 29th September
Israeli Anarchist Activist Speaks in London
8pm at The Red Rose, 129 Seven Sisters Rd

The wall and the Gaza pullout - there is another voice! What is the
connection between the wall and the Gaza pullout? Is the wall
construction finished? What is happening in the west bank while Israel
is pulling its settlements out of Gaza?

Come and hear for yourselves:
A talk with Matan from the anarchists against the wall and the latest
refusnik group in Israel.

A talk about the continuing joint (Palestinians and Israelis) non-
violent struggle against the wall, against the occupation

For a different future – A future of partnership and no barriers!

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