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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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'Common-ication' at KENNINGTON PARK Sat 25th June

20-06-2005 19:49

Kennington Pak 1848
A walk and talk on the hidden history of Kennington Park / Common, with a view to marking our mark on the landscape of that day. Bring chalks. Meet at cafe 2pm.
Common-ication chat: Meeting in the cafe afterward around 3pm. How would we map this in the 21st century? The continuing battle of Enclosure versus The Commons

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GCSE Results doomed for a dramatic decrease

20-06-2005 18:01

Are children being spoon fed with no longer effective information on web based programmes such as BBC Bitesize?

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G8 Report: Africa Pays Price of G8 Climate Blindspot

20-06-2005 16:12


Monday 20th June: New report from a UK aid and environment coalition says act now on climate change or efforts to end poverty in Africa will go Up in Smoke:

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Bristol Peace Vigil News : 20th June 2005

20-06-2005 14:33

For News Around Bristol:

BRISTOL PROTEST : A major Bristol protest has been called for Wed 6th July, in opposition to the start of the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland (see below).

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Sheffield G8 Events 6 Guantanamo Bay orange jump suits

20-06-2005 11:45

After the arrests on the demonstration the previous day, Team dressed in Guantanamo Bay orange jump suits demonstrate outside South Yorkshire Police HQ and magistrates Court.

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Sheffield G8 Events 5 Press Conference at Marriot Hotel

20-06-2005 11:41

Press Conference at Marriot Hotel. Arrivals and then all deligates represented on stage.
Charles Clark - Home Secretary,
Lord Goldsmith - Attorney General
Alberto Gonzales - US Attorney General,

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Sheffield G8 Events 4 Cutlers Hall for Diner, police and escorts

20-06-2005 11:35

After getting of the buses, most of the deligates got in the hall rather sharpish, so, it seemed to me, that they didn't hear too much of the demo on the other side of the square .........

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Sheffield G8 Events 3 Covergence Space & Indymedia Media Centre

20-06-2005 11:30

This place was set up, both as a convergence space for those involved in action, or, just wanting to know about the issue involved. Also, Sheffield Indymedia had a network of computers available for an immediate upload of events throughout the days the of the justice ministers G8 meetings.

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Sheffield G8 Events 2 Police lines in Fargate & Lyceum Theatre

20-06-2005 11:25

Police lines in Fargate. and outside the Lyceum Theatre. A demonstration had been allowed with restricted numbers.

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Sheffield G8 Events 1 Press Conference at Marriot Hotel with Americans

20-06-2005 11:19

The American Ministers attending the Justice and Home Affairs G8 Meeting in Sheffield - Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General and Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Home Land Security, will be giving a press briefing

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The First Embedded Protest - Guardian

20-06-2005 10:05

Two Dissent! activists manage to get a decent criticism of MPH into the mainstream media.,3604,1509192,00.html

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New Amnesty Report on Detention Centres (20th june)

20-06-2005 09:56

UK: New Amnesty report calls on government to reveal annual asylum detention figures.

Amnesty also asserts that detaining children at Dungavel is unlawful.

A protest at Dungavel detention centre is planned during the G8 Summit for Tuesday 5th July.

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Radio 2GB - The Hate Machine

20-06-2005 04:07

Prior to 06-06-2005 Jim Ball was denying the existence
of abuse and desecration of Quran by the US forces and
the same time he was injecting his never ending
anti-Muslim, anti-Arab slurs and slanders. However at
about 12.15 am of 06-06-2005 Jim Ball turned around
and found valid reasons and grounds for the
desecration and abuse of Quran.

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Vans travelling to Scotland: WARNING!

19-06-2005 17:23

Police are hassling van drivers travelling up to Scotland in advance of the G8 protests.

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Leak of Secret Plan to protect G8 leaders Sparks Security Alert

19-06-2005 14:56

Tony Blair's preparations for the G8 summit were last night thrown into disarray as confidential security information relating to the Gleneagles meeting was leaked to The Independent on Sunday.

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Opus Dei cabinet minister supports Plater College closure

19-06-2005 13:37

Opus Dei cabinet minister, Ruth Kelly, has refused to intervene in the increasing scandal over the closure of Oxford's Plater College.

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ON HUNGERSTRIKE. Against immigration detention and deportations.

19-06-2005 11:59

Mafungasei Maikokera, Patricia Mukandara and Esthery Murumbi have been on hungerstrike for two weeks now. The three women are from Zimbabwe and they are terrified to be sent back. The Archbishiop Pius Ncube has warned the British Government Zimbabweans face 'certain death' if returned to Zimbabwe. Mafungasei, Patricia and Esthery are also very upset with the conditons at Yarl's Wood IRC.

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Stunning Revelations Expose Shocking Vatican Deceptions

19-06-2005 07:31

I thought you might be interested in reading about some stunning recent developments that have decisively exposed age-old Vatican deceptions. I apologize for my anonymity at this time, but you'll fully understand why when you see the contents of this book.

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Family Violence United States, Bad Data, Bureau Justice Statistics Needs to Redo

19-06-2005 06:24

United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that family violence had declined over half from 1993 to 2002. The report is criticized because it does not meet the BJS high standards of quality and is in error in method and substance. Discussion of the report is important in England because there are similar problems with the data collection systems for family violence throughout Europe.