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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Bend It Like Imperialism! The World Cup 1, African Liberation Nil

21-06-2010 19:59

So many Black American entertainers and luminaries flocked to the World Cup opening ceremonies in South Africa, one veteran activist was prompted to remark that "these folks are crossing the picket line." It is a line that separates South Africa's poor Black majority from the real beneficiaries of the "gold" - "the soccer elites of FIFA, the elites of domestic and international corporate capital and the political elites who are making billions and who will be benefiting at the expense of the poor."

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Dallas Court attacked by migrant solidarity protestors

21-06-2010 15:12

Manchester and Salford’s immigration reporting centre for people seeking asylum was attacked in the early hours of this morning by protestors. A group broke into the car park at Dallas Court where they sabotaged the vehicles used by the UK Border Agency’s infamous ’snatch squads’.

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Edinburgh Budget Day Protest

20-06-2010 16:32


Tuesday 22nd June

Rally 6pm at the Mound, Edinburgh
March to Charlotte Square

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Urgent! EDL racists are at the London Metropole Hotel 225 Edgeware Rd W2

20-06-2010 10:12

The racist, Islamophobic football thugs of the EDL are at the London Metropole Hotel 225 Edgeware Road. They are trying to disrupt an Islamic conference being held in the hotel. Some of them have got into the hotel and others are outside the hotel with makeshift placards. The EDL are violent racists who have rioted in Luton, Stoke, Dudley, Bolton and many other places and have attacked Muslims.

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URGENT call out. EDL are meeting at Marble Arch tomorrow [Sun 20th] at 8.30pm

19-06-2010 22:28

The racist, Islamophobic football thugs of the EDL [connected to BNP] will be assembling tomorrow morning in Marble Arch at 8.30pm. They have said that they have found out where the IFE will be holding their conference and are mobilising tomorrow morning to "hand in a petition" to the nearby venue hosting the event. The EDL are racist, violent, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic thugs.

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CAD 3193 Charity Sweet says that this court is corrupt.

19-06-2010 20:16

griffith williams lj - who are u?

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Demonstration to save Goldsmiths Nursery 9:30AM 21 June Deptford Town Hall SE14

19-06-2010 18:54

Demonstration to oppose the closure of the Goldsmiths Nursery, coinciding with a meeting of Goldsmiths Senior Management Team. Children are welcome.

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The role of "mental imagery": Giving a "human face" to racism, genocide and war

19-06-2010 11:48

For the corporate elites to continue practicing genocidal predation for power and profit in developing countries, it is necessary that the predation be cast in a false cover of humanitarian aid, democratic development, solidarity, progress, and the like, and that the most overtly murderous practices be cast as necessary in a fight against evil.

If sufficient care is not taken to secure this cover of mental imagery, then the bosses’ actions will appear more to be what they are, murderous and psychopathic, and the bosses’ children may not feel comfortable sitting on the bosses’ laps and the bosses’ partners may not feel comfortable sleeping in the same bed…

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Filipinos: LEST WE FORGET!

19-06-2010 02:04

We seem to have forgotten that once upon a time, not too long ago,
there was this family, the Marcoses, comprised of Ferdinand (now deceased),
Imelda (still gallivanting and traipsing the light fantastic in Manila and
occasionally overseas), and 3 children, including
Ferdinand "Bongbong" Jr who's now running, under Presidential candidate
Manny Villar, in the SAME Senatorial slate as political activists Liza
Maza (Gabriela Women's Party) and Satur Ocampo (Bayan Muna - People First).

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Demonstrate Against Likely Closure of Refugee and Migrant Justice – Defend Legal

18-06-2010 08:52

Refugee and Migrant Justice is closing down. RMA is legal service for asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants in England and Wales.

Our friends the "Tories" have cut funding, and now these good people (who have a branch in Whitechapel) are out of a job.

When my partner had some visa problems; Refugee and Migrant Justice were the only people people who would help us.

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DAN Defend Welfare action in Manchester, 16th June 2010

17-06-2010 23:20

DAN banner outside the A4E office on Portland Street
Yesterday (Wednesday 16th June), DAN (Disabled People's Direct Action Network), along with members of Manchester Anarchist Federation and Manchester Unemployed Workers Union, took action in Manchester city centre as part of the National Day of Action against the Flexible New Deal called by the No to Welfare Abolition coalition (see

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Brazil and Iran: Our motives and the bullying trio

17-06-2010 21:56

If it was possible to blatantly lie about Saddam Hussein’s "weapons of mass destruction" and then devastate Iraq, if they can lie shamelessly about the Iranian nuclear program and threaten Iran with a military strike, what is to ensure that the same thing will not happen to Brazil tomorrow? Brazil has a duty to defend the rights of Iranians today, lest we endanger our own rights in the future.

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lets face the music and dance - call off the dogs please - i have a child

17-06-2010 21:11

will the good cops of the met please stand up and stop this silly bollocks

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Shift Magazine No.9 Cochabamba: Beyond the Complex - Anarchist Pride

17-06-2010 17:15

Article from Shift magazine no.9, Also accessible at Dariush Sokolov offers an anarchist view of Morales’ Cochabamba conference. He argues that we ought to stay true to our principles rather than getting involved in such state-funded events.

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Demonstration to Defend Refugee & Migrant Justice

17-06-2010 09:18

Cuts in public spending are affecting the poorest people right across our society. But these people did not cause the economic crisis and should not be made to pay for it.

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So called Human Rights.

17-06-2010 06:16

Human Rights are mere concessions allowed by governments.

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Anarchists invade supermarket in Thessaloniki

16-06-2010 16:18

On 14th of June, anarchists went into a supermarket, destroyed the security systems and took food and other products from inside and left without paying. They also took the money from the cash desk and burnt it outside the supermarket!

photos from the burnt money and information in greek:

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Now the Saville report is out, what about the Ballymurphy families?

16-06-2010 11:33

On Monday 9th of August 1971 Interment without Trial was introduced by the British Government in the North of Ireland.

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Swiss riot against police violence

16-06-2010 06:23

A POLICE station was damaged and two cops injured in an angry protests against police violence in Fribourg, Switzerland.