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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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01-07-2004 11:04

Amnesty Intl launches new book to help combat homophobia.

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Resistance Poetry on Sheffield IMC Radio

01-07-2004 11:04

Video Video
Ahead of next week's Indymedia show on SheffieldLive radio, Sheffield IMC took a trip down to Bukowski's bar on Wednesday night and caught up with local performance poet, James Resistanza, for some polemical beats and rhymes - have a listen below.

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John Wilkes' Letter from The Black Country 1: Dodgy electoral practice matters!

30-06-2004 23:44

Local councils can still issue incorrect ballot papers depite the law which stops confusing descriptions on them. They can also block count scrutiny. We all should be concerned about all electoral mal-practice.

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New prisoner, Dave Edwards needs your support

30-06-2004 22:02

A new political prisoner in the Midlands, UK would welcome your letters of support, particularly as he is on hunger strike.

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Update on the Human Rights case re. employment disability discrimination

30-06-2004 17:51

Thanks to everyone for the support in the case, particularly those in South Norwood and Hackney. Here a short update.

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riot cops and baliffs eviction travellers

30-06-2004 10:30

Riot cops along with around forty baliffs from constant and co, arrived at bulkington travellers site in nuneaton this morning. Some people have been beaten up, arrested and removed from the site. Solicitors are on their way now to try to lodge a high court injunction

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transitional administrative law - analysis from us news paper

29-06-2004 03:14

below is a brief outline of the news article featured in th sfchronicle
i have simplified but not knowingly altered the text
with consciousness and respect
please post any comparative analysis; i would be intersted to read it.
peace out

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Grassroots Projects in Palestine (better format)

28-06-2004 23:51

The Balata Refugee Camp art installation from Palestine recently toured England, Wales, Scotland, Sweden and the US. Balata Camp remains under attack. Various community projects supporting resistance in the camp have sprung out of the tour. Here is a rundown of some of the plans.
Also, the film 'The Sun doesn't Shine in the Camp' is currently available for showings in the UK to fundraise for these projects. Email us ASAP.

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engineered bt soil virus in commercial use

28-06-2004 19:16

it has come to my attention that certain products are available pesticide free and are sold near to and next to organic produce... it has become clear that in some cases these products are maintain and grown with the use of genetically modified bt soil virus's. a batch of them were registered back in 94 and i am sure others have been registerd since. i understand that many were not employed until 97 or later.

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Building Bridges Radio - National Edition: Walls or Bridges?- From Palestine to

28-06-2004 15:39

Building Bridges Radio presents this 28 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEBCAST LISTED AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

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Anti-Social Behaviour Orders

28-06-2004 15:35

Are Anti-Social Behaviour Orders being used to silence dissent?

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united against torture

27-06-2004 17:16

international contest

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Solstice Pictures 3, Stonehenge 2004

25-06-2004 21:46

The pictures I've put up over the last few days, are of the celebration at Stonehenge. However, if you have followed the links in those posts, you will know something of the authorities nervousness about the potential re-establishment of the Peoples' Free Festival of Albion at Stonehenge. These pictures take you from the last few moments of the gathering, through to the clearance.

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Solstice Pictures 2, Stonehenge 2004

25-06-2004 21:38

I had a nice time, met old friends and some wierd and wonderful people, doing wierd and wonderful things. BUT .... it is not as I would have it. The whole policing operation and security policy might seem a little 'over the top' for those just wanting to gather for an overnight party. The operations are more intelligable though, if you have had any experience of the free festivals.

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Coca-Cola´s nazi adverts exhibition in Colombia

25-06-2004 21:06

Coca Cola Colombia exhibition flyer
Members of ´Imaginative Dissent´, Mark Thomas, Tracey Sanders-Wood, Fisheye and Emilio Rodriguez, are currently in Bogota, Colombia, working in Solidarity with Colombian workers to highlight Coca Cola´s crimes in the region and elsewhere.

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Argentina to crack down on demonstrators

25-06-2004 16:12

Taken from Friday's ediion of the Financial Times (London)
Argentina's economy minister has signalled harsher treatment of leftwing demonstrators who have started targeting multinational companies including McDonald's, the US fast-food group, and Repsol, the Spanish oil company.

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Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2004 Report + Pics

25-06-2004 11:38

The sun breaking through the shrouding mist
With rain widespread before the solstice and a bad forecast, the number at this year's 'managed access' solstice celebration at Stonehenge (approx 21,000) was down by between one third to one half of the previous year. It still rocked though, and the issues remain as relevant today as they were ten or twenty years ago...

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Send your Used Stamps to Help Charities and Organisations

24-06-2004 20:54

Choose from a long list of charities and organisations who will take your used stamps to raise money.

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Resist the UK ID Card

24-06-2004 00:51

With 16% saying they would participate in a campaign of civil disobedience, which would equate to around 2.8 million people. One million would be prepared to to go to prison rather than register for the card. Will the state risk another popular revolt along the lines of the poll tax one, but even bigger this time?