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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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David Davis Political Challenge

13-06-2008 14:44

David Davis ex MP shows the way for socialist MPs to get rid of the perversions of New Labour.

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Congress of IAF, Carrara, 4th-6th JUly 2008

13-06-2008 14:14

International anarchist solidarity continues strong, 40 years later.

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Academies - the time to fight is now

13-06-2008 13:47

Scenes from Brent occupation
Despite local opposition to proposals to turn Parkwood High School into a "city academy" plans are still going ahead. The time to fight them is now.

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Plymouth anti-Scientology activist arrested before global day of action

13-06-2008 13:31

Stu Wyatt, a Plymouth campaigner against the Church of Scientology, was arrested yesterday at his home.

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An update on Japan G8 repression - 40 people arrested!

13-06-2008 10:26

Over 40 people have been arrested in pre-emptive sweeps of broad left and anarchist groups. Preliminary information available here:

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Mumia Abu Jamal Update

13-06-2008 05:14


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Wells Fargo Attacked In Portland

12-06-2008 18:26

Communique from anonymous anarchists:

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Report from the London Social Forum

12-06-2008 17:47

A discussion about the neoiberal transformations of London and New York and campaigns to defend local markets in London which took place on Monday 9th June in Central London

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Bowl Court Social Centre Days Are Numbered

12-06-2008 16:18

David vs Goliath
The courting hearing today ruled in favor of the property developers claiming ownership of the derelict warehouse in Bowl Court that has been used as a radical social centre since openning 23rd March. The David vs Goliath case was clearly motivated by Hammersons desire to prevent the new social centre becoming a hub for the local campaigns against their proposed development for the area, the biggest development in London since Docklands in the eighties.

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HLS Supplier DHL trashed for Active Slaughter

12-06-2008 15:21

anonymous communique (translation):

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Demonstration in Mexico City in solidarity with the Zapatistas

12-06-2008 14:06

Yesterday a demonstration against the military incursion into Zapatista communities took place in Mexico City. About two hundred demonstrators marched from the Ángel de la Independencia to the Zócalo (main square) in solidarity with the Zapatistas.

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Paper Plane Flash Mob at the Department for Transport on 3 July

12-06-2008 13:12

Tell Ruth Kelly to Stop Airport Expansion:
- Meet 11am, Thursday 3 July, Department for Transport (DfT), 76 Marsham
Street, SW1P 4DR (tube: St James's Park or Westminster)
- 11.03am: Reveal your 'Stop Airport Expansion' t-shirt, if you have one
- 11.05am: launch your 'Stop Airport Expansion' paper planes at the DfT

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Sanctuary for Jonathan Kazembe

12-06-2008 09:32

Jonathan Kazembe
Jonathan is a trainee teacher from Kirumba-Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has suffered harassment and discrimination as a member of the Banyamulenge tribe. Things got worse when Jonathan joined a humanitarian organisation in 2002 and fought, with others, to stop the conscription of child soldiers by both rebel and government forces. Soldiers would march into the school and seize boys as young as eight years, giving them guns and sending them to fight and kill.

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Action day for persecuted eco-activists in the US

12-06-2008 06:19

This Saturday, there will be an international action day for the, by now numerous, eco-activists who are currently imprisoned in the US.

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Why is there so much Violence in Colombia?

11-06-2008 23:44

…nearly 4 million displaced…more than 2000 trade unionists killed in the last two decades…40,000 citizens killed overall since 1998…more than 15,000 disappeared…

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Serious Implications for Freedom of Speech as Activist Jailed for 4.5 years

11-06-2008 23:41

WARN Press Release: Serious Implications for Freedom of the Net and Civil Rights as Activist Jailed for 4 ½ Years

For immediate release: June 11th 2008

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Yet more pictures from Smash Edo demo!

11-06-2008 16:45

Start of the carnival in on the level..
Just some photos, including one of the man with the baby who the police pushed over..

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Capital, Culture, Power: Criminalisation and Resistance

11-06-2008 16:33

Capital, Culture, Power: Criminalisation and Resistance
2-4 July, 2008

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Lord Chancellor Jack Straw The Moral Dilemma Is Closer To Home?

10-06-2008 22:19

Lord Chancellor Laws for The Immoral Masses, Jack Shi* For Corporate Immorality?
'Underage' children are often drunk and generally antisocial or even violent on our British streets. Parents apparently do nothing to stop them. Government believes this is immoral and should be controlled by the use of force, through the making of new laws, and new criminal convictions, even on the parents. The Shalom Family evicted by Crest Nicholson present open invitation to the Lord Chancellor Mr Straw.