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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Government plans for terror laws defeated ? (again)

18-01-2006 00:46

Controversial plans for new so-called 'anti' terrorism laws have suffered two defeats in the House of Lords as the Peers voted to dump plans the proposed new offence of "glorifying" terror. Additionally they insisted on new safeguards on laws alleged to be intended to stop the distribution of 'terrorist' publications.

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Tory leader cashes in on Brum tornado

17-01-2006 19:25

David Cameron.
David Cameron is visiting the tornado affected area and meeting local residents who had their homes damaged in the freak storm last July.

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911 – the need for an independent investigation

17-01-2006 16:07

11 September 2001, the day the world changed forever. If ever there was a time of innocence it was no longer.

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Leave or die say protesters

17-01-2006 15:22

Protests escalate after decades of struggle in the face of Shell OIl...

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The CommonPlace Friday Night Social, 27th Jan: Venezuela talk, bar, film, food,

17-01-2006 13:47

The first of the CommonPlace Friday Night Socials, 27th Jan, The CommonPlace, Leeds, 6 pm 'till late. Recommeded donation, £3 incl. 2006 membership to the CommonPlace.


*First-hand report on indegenous resistance to coal mining in Venezuela (8 pm)
*film on venezeula (6 pm)
*food & licenced bar (from 6 pm)
*DJs into the night (from 9 pm)

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Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against Crossrail hole Bill warns MPs to be w

17-01-2006 12:52

The UK House of Commons Crossrail Bill committee of MPs is set to start their ‘scrutiny’ of the Bill this afternoon Given that TRANSPORT Minister [Secretary] Alistair Darling has already pre-empted the committee's role in making £100 million grant to the Crossrail promoters company and given that he spoke in equally unconstitutional terms for the Crossrail hole Bill on 12 January 2006 in the House of Commons, the evidence of his past role in avoiding accountability is crucial.

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Social centres gathering in Leeds, 29 Jan

17-01-2006 09:57

*Social centres and autonomous spaces in the UK: where next after Gleneagles?*

A call out to all social centre activists and interested people in the UK

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Shell to sea solidarity critical mass

17-01-2006 08:15

Saturday 18th Feb - Shell to sea solidarity critical mass - to coincide with the call out for international solidarity actions in support of the shelltosea campaign.

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Global dockers riot for victory

17-01-2006 01:55

Today so running battles between dock workers from around the world and cops in Strasbourg

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Government plans for ID nation defeated ? (again)

17-01-2006 01:36

Not an issue that ever seems to stay dead, the governments ID card scheme has today suffered another major defeat - but don't hold your breath, it will probably be back on the table soon enough...

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17-01-2006 01:33

The 11th International Conference on Penal Abolition Hobart Tasmania 7-11 February 2006. SEE YOU IN VAN DIEMAN'S LAND 2006!

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Anger at Newark and Southwell bus service cuts

17-01-2006 01:07

A bus company has cut some services from Newark and Southwell to Nottingham and back because it says they are not used enough. Nottingham City Transport cut its Pathfinder services last week.

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Colombian army murders social activists

17-01-2006 00:38

The Colombian army is increasing its attacks against different sectors of the social movement throughout the country. Below are two Urgent Actions regarding army murders of civilian activists in the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado, and indigenous communities in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Please take the time to read the appeals, and send messages of protest to the Colombian authorities.

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Griffin's nazi boot-boys outnumbered again

16-01-2006 22:48

Report on Griffin court case demo

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Rise of the women

16-01-2006 21:46

Wow, women of the world see new hoped as two continents get their first elected heads of state...

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First student anti-sweatshop week of action

16-01-2006 18:46

The first national student anti-sweatshop week of action will take place 11-18 February 2006.

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Resisting the G8 2005 - Book Out Now!

16-01-2006 17:28

Out now in a book shop near you, or order copies online at: where the full text of the book is also available online!

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MI5 to bug MPs

16-01-2006 16:21

MI5 is to be given the power to bug MPs.

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Big Brother contacts rampART for auditions for next series

16-01-2006 16:20

Eeech.. I feel unclean (mental note: have bath)

The rampART was phoned today by a representative of Channel Fours' most mindless TV show, the infamous BIG BROTHER! argh...

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Gunboat attack forces Shell retreat from Nigeria - oil prices rise again.

16-01-2006 15:53

Shell oil has been forced to evacuate facilities in the niger delta after further attacks on it's facilities...