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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Report on an unannounced short follow up inspection of Dover IRC

07-07-2009 06:30

“Like many IRCs, Dover is dealing with a more challenging and varied population, including a high proportion of ex-prisoners. It was nevertheless disappointing that there had been slippage in a number of areas and that the regime and approach was tending to revert to that of a prison, rather than an IRC.

“We had some concerns about the robustness of the procedures to support safety and there had been a significant deterioration in welfare support for detainees about to leave the centre. These are matters that managers need to address if the centre is to retain its positive ethos and ensure a safe environment.”  Anne Owers

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Campaign Against Deportations To Cameroon

07-07-2009 06:26

Ethnic Charter Flight on Thursday 9th July 2009 - flight number PVT 007 to Cameroon.

Don't deport : Charles Takem, Djantou Gilbert - Mbakop Charlotte and their two kids (8 years & 6 years) , Patrick Youmbi, Flobert Simplice Sindjui, Alice Ebot Ojong, Pascal Landry Kegne, Amougou Atangana Benoit, Eric Tcheujoue, Roger Anyong and all the other names who are being herded onto this flight as if they are not human beings.

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Call out! Anne keen squat court date!

06-07-2009 23:40

On the 26th june squatters occupied the 'main house' of MP's anne and alan keen. On Friday 10th June the court date for the repossesion will be heard at brentford magistrates court, brentford, west london - nearest tube station gunnersbury or overground to brentford

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Strike for Climate Justice! December 11th 2009

06-07-2009 23:19

Environmental activist & political prisoner Jeff ‘Free’ Luers wrote a prison dispatch in which he made a call out for an International General Strike on December 11 2009 in solidarity with the International Demonstrations on Climate Change during the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

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Italy G8. 21 arrested in police raids ahead of summit

06-07-2009 15:25

At least 21 italian activists were arrested by political police "Digos" (political police) this morning.
16 were taken to prison, five have to stay under house arrest. Universities occupied for protest in response.

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Kew Bridge Eco Village Wishlist

05-07-2009 20:49

Picture of 1st public meeting
Call-out for materials

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To dam the torrential rivers of blood and to silence the cacophony of their agon

05-07-2009 19:35

While the corporatist state employs extreme levels of institutionalized violence to make profits, rape the Earth, and maintain social order, many oppose any counter-violence on the grounds that it is ineffective and that even limited use by a few activists turns public opinion against entire social movements. Yet there are no social justice victories in history that were won without violent tactics, even if such tactics played a small role.

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The End is near!

05-07-2009 14:48

International Protest against the Cult of Greed, also known as the Church of Scientology. As much a celebration of the imminent end of this evil money making scam as a protest.

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A G8 of Lies

05-07-2009 14:30

From July 6th L’aquila will host the most cynical G8 summit in the history.

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Bradford's BNP Latest Meeting Place

05-07-2009 10:50

West Yorkshire's BNP current meeting at a popular music venue that regularly hosts local bands from West Yorkshire and beyond, the Royal pub in Low Moor. Like their hero Adolf Hitler with his beer hall meetings, the Royal is where West Yorkshire's fat and ugly BNP demifuhrers now meet regularly to plot their campaigns of hatred.

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Callout - Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2009

05-07-2009 01:00

Bookfair poster 1
Bristol Bookfair callout for stalls & workshops

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2009 is on Saturday 12 September at The Island, Bridewell St, Bristol BS1 2PY, from 10.30am to 6pm.

This is a callout to potential stallholders, and workshop/meeting organisers, please apply now. Everyone else keep the day free and come down and join in the discussions, browse the stalls, and join in the fun.

Full details about the bookfair can be found here including booking forms, venue and travel info, publicity, other bookfair events and more.

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New thought crime - "Dangerous Writing"

04-07-2009 23:35

Here's another threat to our Civil Liberties, Baroness O'Cathain (Tory) has proposed an amendment to the Coronors and Justice Bill to outlaw "Extreme Writings"!

It starts "(1) It is an offence for a person to be in possession of extreme pornographic writing."

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Chase that crazy beenie out of town& Nottingham carnival

04-07-2009 21:22

""inciting the murder of homosexuals, with lyrics such as, "I'm dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the gays""
He is soiling the nottingham Caribbean carnival right now & will be at Isis night club in Lenton until 5am tonight

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On Krauthammer, Obama and even Bush

04-07-2009 18:03

Has Obama's Shelf-Life Expired?

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Activists strike at Chorlton Tesco

04-07-2009 13:58

Tesco is a virus
Manchester residents graffiti Tesco Express in Chorlton in protest over the impact Tesco's expansion has on local communities.

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Dissident Island Radio tonight

03-07-2009 15:51

Iain McKay // Shell to Sea // Climate Camp Cymru // Dubstep from Deapoh

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Workers’ Fightback: Update 9

03-07-2009 15:15

This past week has been relatively quiet on the industrial front. However, this is only in comparison to the past several, have seen workers gain real if unstable victories at the Lindsey oil refinery in North Lincolnshire, the Linamar car parts factory in Swansea, and a link-up between students and cleaners at the London School Of African and Oriental Studies.

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Dangerous progressives

03-07-2009 08:33

Self-styled “progressives” tend to think of themselves as another tribe entirely, untainted by American chauvinism. This is especially evident in the Age of Obama, who “has continued some of the worst Bush administration policies, but still receives nearly universal support from progressives.”

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Solidarity with the Protest Movement in Iran

03-07-2009 04:52

TO: All progressive and pro-human rights individuals and organisations
The protest document that follows has been signed by a number of people. The names of a selection are appended. We invite all those who identify with this protest to add their names to the petition. You can do so on the following websites: , or,