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Dissident Island Radio tonight

Dissident Werewolf | 03.07.2009 15:51 | Climate Chaos | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Iain McKay // Shell to Sea // Climate Camp Cymru // Dubstep from Deapoh


Tonight's show sees the D*I crew down to a shadow of its former self. Despite this we're powering on with a discussion about anarchist economic structures with Iain McKay, an interview with Terence Conway from the Shell to Sea campaign, and a chat with Climate Camp Cymru and their plans for the summer. Noise from the decks will be dubstep shaped and will be provided by Deapoh.

Listen in live from 9pm via our website or download next week.



For our 'Techno Special' we talked to active people looking at the past, present and future of open-source, free, and DIY technologies. We looked at how such things affect music, activism, parties, and protest, as well as stuff like data-retention, and security in the face of state repression.

The show featured words from datacide on the Teknival phenomenon, Yossarian on open source, free, and accessable software, and GDM talking to us about data retention and personal security. The show was finished off by a set from Kovert (alas, not techno!).

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