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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Lancaster and Morecambe Against the Cuts!

20-10-2010 21:51

Rally against the cuts at short notice at Lancaster Town Hall, organising meeting after in WMC.

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Vince Cable office reception occupied

20-10-2010 19:12

A group of students have occupied the reception area of department for business innovation and skills on Victoria street.

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A Tale of Two Nations: Red Hot France; Tepid Britain

20-10-2010 17:26

France is grinding to a standstill as millions of workers and students erupt in the streets at the government’s prposal to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. Across the Channel, the new Tory Chancellor has announced savage cuts in public expenditures that will slice away more than a million jobs, drive workers out of south east England and doom the country to years of austerity (unequally imposed, bien sur.) Yet the response has been muted.

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Squatted Police Station Resisting Eviction

20-10-2010 17:25

Quote from the occupiers:

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An interview with a "Lebanese Christian" about Hezbollah-Christian relations

20-10-2010 13:41

supporters of the Hezbollah-Aoun alliance
Today it is my real pleasure to submit to you the text of a Q&A I have had with "Lebanese Christian". One of the most misunderstood aspects of the socio-political reality of Lebanon is the fact that Hezbollah is very open to Christians as long as they are real Lebanese patriots and not proxies for Israel and the USA. I asked "Lebanese Christian" to comment on some of the aspects of the relationship between Christians and Hezbollah and he kindly agreed to reply to my question, for which I am deeply grateful to him.

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Tory multimillionaire witch-hunts welfare claimants

20-10-2010 12:50

Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne has announced legislation that will penalise and force into destitution hundreds of thousands of the poorest people in Britain, who are dependent on welfare benefits.

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BNP chooses Derbyshire for annual conference

20-10-2010 12:48

The British National Party (BNP) has confirmed it will hold its annual conference in South Derbyshire.

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Message of Solidarity with the workers and students of France

20-10-2010 00:13

Message of Solidarity with the workers and students of France from the exploited masses of the United States

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The government is acting as if we didn't have a rich country...

19-10-2010 21:53

"The government is acting as if we didn't have a rich country, as if we didn't have the money. The thing is we do have the money," - French Protester

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Political Descent Poll

19-10-2010 21:41

Damage to County Hall
Just how far would you go? Is the criminal damage done to Nottingham County Hall ever justified, let us know what your opinion is in this Poll!

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The Angolan death on BA77 at Heathrow

19-10-2010 20:20

The paper reported that on the plane Jimmy was energetically resisting deportation. No, he was energetically resisting the imminence of protracted hunger and poverty; he was resisting an unjust economic order that skewered his country resources away from him to the benefit of western powers.

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Nicholas Gargani was he Murdered by Sussex Police?

19-10-2010 16:35

Mr. Nicholas Gargani was investigating Then Lewes District Council Leader Norman Baker. Now Norman Baker mp

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Southend On Sea...Time To Get Up

19-10-2010 15:06

Cuts being announced Wednesday affecting all of us...Time to mobilise and make ourselves heard..

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Shift Magazine - New Article online, interview with Angela Mitropoulos

19-10-2010 13:55

Interview with Angela Mitropoulos discussing No Borders politics.

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Hereford Heckler #16 out now

19-10-2010 13:24

The October/November issue of the Hereford Heckler is now online and hitting the streets…

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The Sumac Debates

19-10-2010 12:58

The Sumac Debates are back by popular demand.
Every week a different theme will be discussed in an open debate. The first six themes are outlined below and they will be followed by such things as "Why not the G20?" and "Grassroots and Mass movements"

As the poster states they begin at 7:30, and will sometimes be introduced with a short talk or film, watch this space for more details on that, sometimes there will be food, and there will always be a bar open.

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Radical Workers Bloc on Anti Cut March

18-10-2010 21:29

Radical Workers Bloc
Birmingham Wed 20th October & London 23rd October

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Action to defend the right to strike

18-10-2010 21:00

01 November · 10:00 - 13:00

Trafalgar Square, SW1
London, United Kingdom

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Report: White House Demands Maliki Oust Sadr From Coalition

18-10-2010 17:41

"Moreover, if Maliki obeys the US and ousts Sadr, it isn’t clear that he will have a coalition at all anymore, or at the very least not one capable of forming a government. Maliki’s bloc finished second in the vote to rival Ayad Allawi’s Iraqiya bloc, and it was only through Sadr’s participation that he had any chance at a second term in office."