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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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PHILIPPINES: Young progressives take the helm of Akbayan party leadership

09-05-2015 13:30

Akbayan once again proves that progressive politics cuts across generations. With great pride, Akbayan members elected a significant number of young progressive activists to the Party Leadership at the recently concluded 6th Regular National Congress last 23-25th of April.

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Dear Tree: Letters to a Tree, George Green, Wanstead, NoM11, London

08-05-2015 11:20

Letters to A Tree: Posted by people from all over the world to a tree (Sweet Chestnut) that was occupied and lived in during protests against the NoM11 Link Road Protests in 1994 during the last days of the Anthropocene epoch and the first days of the Neocene (proposed) epoch.

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Manchester May Day Festival

06-05-2015 23:57

For once, the May Day Festival was more than the traditional march followed by a rally with platform speakers. There was a march, but it was followed by an all day festival with 15 workshops, 2 films and evening entertainment, at Manchester Mechanics Institute.

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Fighting Sanctions

06-05-2015 21:51

Nobody has a closer view of the effects of benefit sanctions than advice workers. Helping people with benefit issues has always been a daily feature of our job, but in addition to pestering the job centre for answers and submitting appeals and preparing evidence for the appeal hearings, we nowadays have to do more to make sure the claimants don't starve or become suicidal before we get the problem solved. It is impossible not to be disturbed by the brutality of official actions and attitudes, and so three of us in Rochdale decided to take part in the Week of Action Against Sanctions.

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Police crackdown on anarchist movement in Czech Republic

04-05-2015 21:48

Recent police crackdown on anarchist movement in Czech Republic

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Carl Davis UKIP Activist Wants British Muslims Killed @slatukip @hopenothate

04-05-2015 01:05

More and more supposedly mainstream UKIP activists are coming out of the closet as extreme racists. One of these, Carl Davis, (AKA @fight4uk) recently agreed with a neo-nazi tweeter's call for British Asians to be decapitated (unsurprisingly a tweet using the P-word). He is a friend of another prolific Kipper tweeter with vile far right sympathies, David Jones from Southampton.

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Tower Hamlets - Water Lily Mile End Road E1 BBC John Ware 'escapes' accusers

03-05-2015 15:06

BBC Panorama presenter John Ware escaped with minor bruising - to his self respect after he was abruptly verbally attacked by a group which charged him with being a UKIP

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@ Love Activists Liverpool - Latest Press Release - 1/5/2015

01-05-2015 17:52

Liverpool is being turned into a police state while labour politicians do nothing. Just take a look at the dispersal order handed to our friends and family for feeding the homeless people of Liverpool, for providing an essential service, which the council is failing to provide. Merseyside Police's use of the Anti-Social Behaviour , Crime and Policing Act 2014 - Section 34/35 powers to move people away from outside the building is a deliberate attack on the human rights of people who support our occupation of the former Bank of England building, 31 Castle St, Liverpool.

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Liverpool May Day Party and Protest - Solidarity on the Streets

30-04-2015 21:01

An afternoon and evening of party and protest in solidarity with those occupying the former Bank of England building, Castle Street, Liverpool. In celebration of struggles against the powers that be around the world and down the ages. To those who put capital before people, we say enough is enough!!! Meet from 1pm on the steps of the old bank.

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Indonesia - The time for being polite is over !

30-04-2015 04:44

Amid corruption allegations and political posturing, Indonesia has executed the Bali Nine pair and six others. In our reaction, we do not need to hold back for fear of being seen as arrogant westerners.

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Anarchist flags raised in Liverpool by LOVE

29-04-2015 17:41

Anarchist flags have again been raised in Liverpool as a group called LOVE take direct action to highlight the reality of austerity for the poorest and most vulnerable working class people in our city. The former Bank of England building in Castle Street has been occupied by various people, numbering fifty or so at any one time, including homeless and hungry people who have come together to form a community, a temporary and maybe not so temporary community of resistance.

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Occupiers of Bank of England building turned homeless shelter make demands

29-04-2015 15:24

Love Activist logo
Occupiers of a former Bank of England Building in Liverpool who have been told they will be served with a possession order have issued a statement of intent and made ten demands which they say must be met up until which point they will continue to peacefully resist their eviction from the Bank turned homeless shelter.

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FCUM Bans Workfare

29-04-2015 08:19

FC United of Manchester members vote means the club will not work with organnsiations or businesses that operate the government's Workfare scheme

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World Lab Day comes to Cambridge (pt 2)

28-04-2015 22:19

Second stop, in front of Gonville & Caius College and Senate House, Trinity St.
Second part of World Lab Day story, with more pictures.

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World Lab Day comes to Cambridge (pt 1)

28-04-2015 21:52

World Lab Day 2015.
Last Saturday (April 25th 2015) about 1,000 Animal Rights demonstrators descended upon Cambridge under the auspices of the annual World Lab Day demonstration.

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Aftershocks Pummel Highly Indebted Nepal: Poor Country Spends 217 Million Annual

27-04-2015 16:08

As Nepal experiences aftershocks from Saturday's earthquake, it may find relief in the IMF's Catastrophe Containment and Relief Trust, a fund that cancels the debt of poor countries in crisis.

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Philippine Women's Group Gabriela blast President Aquino

27-04-2015 13:33

A WOMEN’S group on Thursday criticized President Benigno Aquino III for comparing her mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, to Gabriela Silang, the first Filipino woman revolutionary leader.

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The BBC, Ricky Dearman And Mind Control Agenda

26-04-2015 18:27

victoria derbyshire satanist
Without doubt the BBC and Disney are pure evil. The latest cover up by them to discredit the credibility of ricky dearman being involved in a satanic ring is unacceptable

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Plymouth mayday Anti Capitalist demo

25-04-2015 00:55


Saturday, May 2 pm at 11:00am

Plymouth Sundial