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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Swine Flu leaked from Lab - More Fears For Proposed Camden Lab

20-07-2009 03:24

There are plans to build a deadly high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Kings Cross. The lab could be level 3 facility which means that it could contain deadly pathogens such as anthrax and bird flu. The lab has been criticised by MI5, MPs, councillors, business and local resdients. Now scientists have admitted that the deadly Swine Flu was leaked from a lab 3 decades ago.

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Honduran prosecutors family attacked after he denounces military coup on CNN

20-07-2009 01:08

The family of Honduran public prosecutor Jari Dixon Herrera were attacked by police on Tuesday shortly after he made statements to CNN en Español and other international media in Washington denouncing the recent military coup in Honduras.

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Workers' Fightback: Update 11

19-07-2009 20:41

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Two Weeks to go till the Camp for Climate Action in Scotland 3-10 August 2009

19-07-2009 18:08

Join us for a week of low-impact living and high-impact direct action in the Firth of Forth. There's just two weeks till the first of the summer climate camps begins. From the 3rd to the 10th Bring yourself and your friends to put a stop to the root causes of climate change and ecological collapse. Together we will take action to shut down polluting industry, while living sustainably in a horizontally organised camp.

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A4e – War Criminals, Fraudsters and Bullies

19-07-2009 16:55

A4E, the bunch of scumbags contracted by the Labour Government to harrass and bully benefit claimants, have been busy attempting to set up an ‘online community of people who are dedicated to improving people’s lives.’(1)

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19-07-2009 14:47


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Eco-arsonists for the liberation of the Earth in Mexico

18-07-2009 20:34

13th June - 13th July

Eco-Arsonists Commit Multiple Actions Against Banamex, Scotiabank, & More
EpLT Sets Fire to Luxury Cars Near Mexico City
EpLT Sets Fire to Sabritas Company Office Near Mexico City

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Casuals United: the next generation of British fascists

18-07-2009 18:37

As the BNP move to appear more "mainstream," new groups are arising to continue the violent street thuggery that they claim to have left behind. Casuals United and the English Defence League are two such groups.

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Poorest to get less whilst landlords get cash bonus

18-07-2009 13:01

The Local Housing Allowance, introduced at the beginning of 2008, was a welcome, if flawed attempt to overhaul the shambolic Housing Benefit system.

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Habeas Corpus Application for Hearing in the High Court of Justice

18-07-2009 07:24

Time has finally ran out for Jack Straw (Justice secretary) and the Judiciary of England & Wales, which has remained guilty of the most severe perversion of justice imaginable, aided and abetted by other Public Authorities, Media Organizations, Downing Street and several Members of Parliament.

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UNISON management attacks socialists

18-07-2009 03:15

The UNISON four - innocent
Four UNISON members wrongly accused of circulating racist literature.

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Bonuses are back party at Bank of England - Some photos

17-07-2009 23:06

Photos from the pigswill party outside of the Bank of England's Royal Exchange - 17th July 2009

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Repression in Italy - Anarchists arrested for subversive association

17-07-2009 18:00

On July 3 2009 two anarchist comrades from Perugia, Sergio and Alessandro, were arrested and accused of having attempted to disrupt the railway Orte-Ancona. They were also charged with article 270 bis (conspiracy or subversive association).

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Last Penal Law Upheld by Northern Ireland’s High Court

17-07-2009 16:44

The last vestige of the anti-Irish Penal Laws has recently been upheld by the High Court in Northern Ireland, in spite of both the St Andrew's Agreement and the European Charter on Lesser-Used Language.

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Keep building the Free Media Net…Now in Oaxaca

17-07-2009 13:52

Across our Mexican Territory different free media, independent and communitarian collectives have spawned as an alternative to the capitalist mainstream media.
As alternative and free media our work is hindered by the state repression, the economic situation, and our technical and skills limitations to improve it and continue sowing rebellion.

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Lindon Homes salesoffice in Bristol attacked

17-07-2009 12:28

Last night in Bristol (16 July 09) the property developer 'Lindon Homes' received several paintbombs against it's windows, walls and front doors.

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Change of Date & Venue: Protest Against Destruction of Calais Jungles

16-07-2009 19:19

Please note that the date and venue of the protest originally called for Tuesday 21st July at the French Tourist Office in High Holborn has been changed.

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Grot Vs Squat? continued Nottingham Council inaction on empty properties

16-07-2009 16:18

In August 2005, A building in Burns Street, Nottingham, empty at that time for 7 YEARS, had been occupied by squatters.

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Protest Against Destruction of Calais Jungles

16-07-2009 11:36

France's Interior Minister Eric Besson made it clear in January that he wanted to see all migrants removed from Calais and the surrounding area by the end of this summer. And the project has already started with the bulldozing of camps at Loon-Plage and Teteghem and the destruction of squats in Calais. Now comes the main act in this summer festival of destruction.