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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Google is making money by creeping porn sites into search results

17-01-2008 18:15

Google is making money by creeping porn sites into search results

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Parole Denied To Samar And Jawad

17-01-2008 11:06

Samar Alami & Jawad Botmeh
Jawad’s parole hearing took place on Monday 17 September 2007. Samar’s parole hearing took place on Wednesday 19 September 2007. Jawad’s application was turned down on Monday 24th of September, and Samar’s on Wednesday 26 September 2007. The legal team has lodged an appeal against this terrible injustice.

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Social Centres Squat Mania

17-01-2008 05:52

More Social Centres Wanted Now !!!

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Support US Farm Workers!

17-01-2008 04:56

Calling all farmworker allies for a special brand-busting action vs. Burger King!

You might have seen or heard of BK's new "whopper freakout" ad campaign... but now it's time to turn the tables and show that the only thing to "freakout" about at Burger King is the human rights crisis in Florida's tomato fields.

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Germany: 80 000 march to remember the murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht

16-01-2008 18:45

"Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Lenin - no one is forgotten - stand up and resist"
Germany, Berlin. On Sunnday 80 000 people marched on the streets of Berlin to the cemetary of the socialists in Friedrichsfelde where Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the founders of the German Communist Party (KPD) are burried.

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Anti police action 23rd January

16-01-2008 12:24


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Supersize My Pay activist speaks in UK as part of anti-sweatshop week of action

15-01-2008 16:16

The No Sweat campaigns third week of anti-sweatshop action will be taking place 11-18 February 2008, including a speaker from the Supersize My Pay campaign which has organised thousands of young fast food workers in New Zealand.

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Japanese whalers take Sea Shepherds hostage.

15-01-2008 12:09

In what has been an unpredictably dramatic day for the campaign against whaling in Antarctica, the crew of a Japanese harpoon gunboat have seized Australian and British crew mebers of the Sea Shepherd vessel, Steve Irwin.

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The Iraqis Don't Really Want Us

15-01-2008 11:15

Few mentioned Saddam Hussein as a cause of their problems, which the report described as an important finding, implying that "the current strife in Iraq seems to have totally eclipsed any agonies or grievances many Iraqis would have incurred from the past regime, which lasted for nearly four decades -- as opposed to the current conflict, which has lasted for five years."

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Human rights activists under fire in Haiti

15-01-2008 06:37

Mr. Mesilien and his family left their home for an undisclosed location on December 19 after receiving numerous threats according to Amnesty International.

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Brown government set for conflict with public sector over pay and cuts

15-01-2008 05:11

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced his intention to impose three yearly pay awards set below 2 percent that will have a devastating impact on 6 million public-sector workers.

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Protest - why should we ask?

14-01-2008 21:45

"In response to the government's 'consultation' on managing protest around parliament we should not need to ask permission from 'the state' to demonstrate against 'the state'."

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Two more factories occupied in Serbia - a letter of support

14-01-2008 18:03

In the town of Zrenjanin, in Serbia, an interesting development is happening following a long term struggle of the Jugoremedija factory which following occupations and direct actions is now under self managment. Two other factories in the town have now followed suit and the workers have started occupying their workplaces. These are rare but inspiring examples of resistance to the devastations of privatisation and the tentacles of neo liberalism in the east. Below is a letter of support.

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BBC to interview Cuban Five lawyer...

14-01-2008 16:11

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is delighted to announce that Leonard Weinglass, US Attorney for the Miami Five, will be live on BBC Radio 5 on Thursday 17 January 2008.

Weinglass will guest on the Simon Mayo show next Thursday at 2.15pm UK time.

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Iraqi Refugees return through lack of money

14-01-2008 15:32

Iraqi Refugees are being forced to return home because of a lack of funds

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Training for people interested in doing accompaniment in Colombia

14-01-2008 10:22

16th - 17th February, Bristol,

Espacio Bristol-Colombia are organising a two day training for people interested in going to Colombia to do solidarity ‘accompaniment’ there; that is to both provide an international presence to deter the army or paramilitaries from killing social activists and to work with Colombian organisations building solidarity links.

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Report of the 4F trial - Anarchists facing 11 years in frame-up

14-01-2008 07:58

3 anarchists in Barcelona are accused of attempted murder after a cop lies in a coma after a skirmish near an illegal rave. 8 other people are arrested, simply for looking like squatters and being near the area. They all are fitted up to satisfy the authorities need for revenge and try to get away with it. Solidarity needed!!

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Glasgow mechanics strike solidarity

13-01-2008 21:16

On Tuesday, nine mechanics walked out on official strike after failing to agree to a pre-Christmas pay deal, over 50 other workers refused to cross picket lines.

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Mapuche Comunero Died in Confrontation with Police near Vilcun, Chile.

13-01-2008 17:09

A young Mapuche 'comunero' (member of the local community) died early this morning, it is thought after being wounded by police officers that fired at him at a farm under police protection on the outskirts of Vilcun, in the Araucania region.

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Jan 15 press conference: Scotland Yard to investigate Blair&Goldsmith war crimes

13-01-2008 12:44

Press Conference, Room C, 1 Parliament St.
(just off Parliament Sq.)
Tuesday 15th January 2008 3pm

John McDonnell MP and members of the Campaign to Make War History will brief MPs and the media on allegations of war crimes committed against the people of Iraq by Britain's former Prime Minister and former Attorney General.

Officers from Scotland Yard have commenced a criminal investigation into the deaths of Iraqi citizens killed during the armed invasion and occupation of Iraq. The Metropolitan Police are acting in response to crimes reported by peace activists from We Are Change UK and The Campaign to Make War History. In an unprecedented step, the case was handed to the War Crimes division of the Counter Terrorism branch who are now investigating allegations of 14 criminal offences committed by Tony Blair, Lord Goldsmith and others. The offences are under the International Criminal Court Act 2001, which came into effect under English common law, just two days before 9/11.

Two Members of We Are Change UK and a representative from the Campaign to Make War History were interviewed for six hours at Belgravia Police station on the 20th December 2007. Evidence was provided to the police relating to the crimes of:-

• genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and conduct ancillary to these crimes under Sections 51 and 52 of The International Criminal Court Act 2001.
• a crime against peace and complicity in a crime against peace under Articles 6 and 7 of The Nuremburg Principles.
• murder, incitement to murder and conspiracy to murder under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.
• conspiracy to commit genocide, a crime against humanity and war crimes under the Criminal Law Act 1977.

Details of the alleged breaches of international treaties and violations of the laws of war will be provided at the meeting.

Chris Coverdale (The Campaign to Make War History): 020 8540 2865;
John McDonnell MP: 020 7219 6908;
Simon Moore 0208 560 1319, Rob Little 07915 063322 (We Are Change UK)

83, Priory Gardens, London N6 5QU Tel: 020 8540 2865