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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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drax aims to cleanup act (courtesy of daily express 13/09/06)

13-09-2006 09:52

the latest news from europes biggest COAL-fired power station

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Chalk4Peace represents a new direction in activism. It requires no

13-09-2006 09:01

this flyer can be printed up 2 to an a4 sheet and distributed in your community
Chalk4Peace represents a new direction in activism. It requires no
central organisation other than the communication of the idea and
what YOU as an individual organise in your community. It is moved
forward by the enthusiasm of those who are touched by the concept

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Disturbing Implications: Something in the Air

13-09-2006 04:55

‘Siberia and today’s arctic regions of Canada will be the future breadbaskets of the world.’ I read this forecast in the sixties and immediately scoffed at the prediction. The guy who made these predictions is either nuts, a charlatan, or both, I thought. The regions referred to are renowned for their permafrost, and aside from some mosses, lichens and ‘summer’ grasses, there is no way those areas could yield a viable supply of food for “the world” – that was then!

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Take Action to Support Striking South African Cleaners!

12-09-2006 21:12

Hold Multinational Corporations Accountable for Cleaners’ Poverty Wages!

On September 13th, cleaners and supporters in New York, London, Hamburg,
Sao Paolo, the Hague, Sydney, Chicago, Boston and other cities will take
action to support South African office cleaners who have been on strike
for more than one month.

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Day 9 of Mersey Fire Strike: FBU publish alternative cuts plan

12-09-2006 19:19

FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack with Croxteth Strikers
As Merseyside firefighters began a second eight day strike against the cuts proposed by the Fire Authority, the FBU published details of their own money-saving scheme.

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Poverty drives children to work at checkpoints

12-09-2006 18:58

Please find the following article, that was published on Welcome to Baqa'a Refugee Camp and highlights the situation being faced by Palestinian children.

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First Wessex plan takeover of Portsmouth housing

12-09-2006 16:55

First Wessex Housing Group, consisting of Pavilion Housing Association and Atlantic Housing Association, are planning to takeover Portsmouth Housing Association.

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EDO Corp. Hits Forbes Beltway Index Rock Bottom Again As Protests Grow

12-09-2006 13:48

On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, arms firm EDO Corp, who had till this year profited more from the 'war on terror' than nearly any other company in the US, are now regulars on the Forbes Beltway Index 'worst performing' stock list. Once again this week, EDO hit the bottom of the list in the Forbes Magazine monthly overview of US equity performance.

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Bikounga Family Must Stay

12-09-2006 12:34

"It's time to fight for our right to stay" Judith & Juslain
"We've had it all in the UK: Economic persecution, hardship, legal and administrative prejudice, brutality and detention, years of waiting and now destitution and the four of us living in one room. It's time to fight for our right to stay." - Judith and Juslain Bikounga, Tuesday, 12th September, 2006

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Haringey , the Child Snatchers

12-09-2006 12:26

Social services abuse of power

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It’s time to get Watty! - British nazi admits to running Redwatch

12-09-2006 09:59

A veteran British nazi has publicly admitted to being behind the pernicious Redwatch website. Kevin Watmough, from West Yorkshire, made the claim in June on a nazi bulletin board. While Watmough’s role has long been known to Searchlight, this is the first time he has publicly confirmed his involvement in writing.

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Blair: Beating Washington’s war drum in the Middle East

12-09-2006 09:01

Blair’s pose as a peacemaker is, in fact, aimed at neutralising popular opposition to the creation of a truncated Palestinian entity, with Israel permanently annexing much of the West Bank and the whole of Jerusalem. At the same time, he wants to offer some respite to Olmert, who like Blair has been badly weakened by the failure to defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon. More important still, he is seeking to create the best conditions for Israel, as the key regional ally of Washington, to be able to focus its political and military capabilities against Iran and Syria.

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Blair press conference disrupted in Lebanon

12-09-2006 00:36

link to indymedia ireland

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Death Threats Against Lancet's Haiti Human Rights Investigator

12-09-2006 00:32

"You are a dog ... you should die. We are going to necklace you," whispered a British-accented caller into the phone. It was the latest in a round of death threats that Athena Kolbe, Human Rights Investigator and Master's level social worker at Wayne State University, had received. According to police officials, Kolbe first began receiving threatening calls at home and on her cell phone at 4:00 AM on the morning of Monday September 4.

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Bury St Edmonds strikers in frontline battle against Privatisation of NHS

11-09-2006 23:16

Bury St Edmonds workers are on the frontline of one of the countries most important battles to protect the NHS against privatisation. Blair’s government wants to sell off part of the NHS called NHS Logistics to DHS, the private haulage firm based in Germany on 1st October.

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Failure to support Strike Action at Hunterston Nuclear Power Station.

11-09-2006 17:09

British Energy staff at Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station threatened with dismissal if they show support (refuse to cross picket lines) for official strike action by Balfour Kilpatrick electricians.
Sept 12th / 13th 2006

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Water Films Screening, Manchester FREE

11-09-2006 14:32

Come along to the World's Development Movement free 'Water for Life' film screening on 27th September 12-1pm at the Cornerhouse Cinema, Oxford Street, Manchester. It will be an opportunity to meet to meet other activists and learn in a visual way about the global water crisis. There will also be an opportunity for discussion and questions at the end.

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Is Venezuela A Threat To US Security?

11-09-2006 14:03

A brief analysis of United States' influence and interference in the domestic affairs of Venezuela since the coming to power of President Hugo Chavez Frias in 1998, in light of recent allegations that Venezuela is harbouring terrorists.

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Boycott of the China olympic games in 2008

11-09-2006 11:48

Ten Reasons Why the Free World with The Leadership of America Must Boycott the 2008 Olympic Games in Communist China
By Demetrius Klitou

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Film showing in Brixton

11-09-2006 11:45

You've heard the politicians and the media lies, now see the film and get the true story.

"Behind The Mask" is a unique documentary focusing on those individuals who take direct action to save animals. It is a film the government doesn't want you to see!