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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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This Weeks SchNEWS - Goin' Under - A Drop Of Strewth In An Ocean Of Bullshit

14-11-2006 18:13

NEXT 100 YEARS - Mass Extinction, Bush Fires, Severe Drought
A look at climate change and the protests against it in Australia and beyond.

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14-11-2006 15:38


This is the big push forward to demand Justice for Cleaners: an international campaign for the right of cleaners to organise within ISS - one of the worlds biggest multinational Cleaning Companies.

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Guantanamo Torture & Imprisonment Public Meeting this Thursday

14-11-2006 14:45

There will be a public meeting at 7.30pm this Thursday 16th November 2006 at Carr's Lane Church in Birmingham City Centre, to debate the issues of Guantanamo and the deterioration of human and civil rights in this country with their elected representatives.

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13-11-2006 23:50

Racist Home Office deports lesiban to Uganda, know for its 'well documented record of persecuting' its gay and lesiban community using legislation, banning same sex relationships, inherited from british colonial rule.

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Press Release from Sirius GAO, 13th November 2006

13-11-2006 22:13

China continues with dog "culls", while in Beijing new tougher laws are passed on dog ownership. Demonstration held in Beijing.

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Metroline Bus Drivers on Strike on 14th November 2006

13-11-2006 22:10

London faces first bus strike for seven years

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Protestors stop gas pipeline work

13-11-2006 21:19

Today protestors halted National Grid's work on the new 115 mile gas pipeline running from Milford Haven to Gloucestershire.

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URGENT ACTION - 10 Arabs to hang in Iran

13-11-2006 21:15

Lobby the UN and EU to save these men’s lives

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ILGayA: report of 10th anniv meeting in Sofia.

13-11-2006 16:38

Intl Gay and lesbian Association-Europe Report on their 10th anniversary meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Outrage!- Jerusalem gay Pride unites fundamentalists but...

13-11-2006 16:27

Peter Tatchell's comment blog in The Guardian on Jerusalem gay Pride...

(Stand by to repel SWP type lefties claiming CIA shenanigans etc...see below)..

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GALHA: Russian gay activist fights on...

13-11-2006 16:20

At a Gay & Lesbian Humanist Asso meeting last Friday in London a Russian gay activist vowed to fight on despite the threats from the far-right and religionists.

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Revving up the dirty war in Oaxaca

13-11-2006 15:13

We bring to the attention of Global Research readers this carefully prepared review of unfolding events in Oaxaca, Mexico by Professor George Salzman, who has documented in detail the violations of human rights.

The coverage of these momentous events which have a bearing on Mexico's political future have been virtually ignored by the mainstream media. Also included here is a report by Amanda Aquino, which confirms extensive human rights violations.

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Council Estate Privatisation

13-11-2006 12:40

residents picket construction site
A 1500 word feature using the case study of an estate transferred 18 months ago, the article questions the wisdom of council estate transfer. It includes cutting indictments against a housing association from a chartered surveyor; also witness statements from a public inquiry. Included are many photographs of, sewage dripping from ceilings, a circus of yes t-shirts and jugglers etc, picket of construction work on the estate by local residents and many more photos.

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New Mural Wall Painting at the ASBO in Radford 1

12-11-2006 23:45

New Mural Wall Painting at the ASBO in Radford 1

This Saturday saw the start of a new wall mural painting project at the ASBO squat in Radford [33 Burns Street]

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legalise cannabis party rehashed

12-11-2006 23:25

The 'Legalise Cannabis Alliance' (LCA), a legally constituted political party which stood candidates in Parliamentary elections against prohibitionists in the Labour, Tory, Liberal and even the Green Party, has decided on a major change of strategy.

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film of old street shell garage blockade

12-11-2006 23:17

6' 25" video of the old street shell garage action on friday evening, where activists blockaded the garage and stopped business twice during the course of the evening.

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Governed by an unelected superstate: EU and the end of British democracy

12-11-2006 19:10

British governance is being handed over, and its 'control' is increasingly in the hands of unelected bureaucrats within the EU. It is up to the people of the day, to say no before Britian is swallowed up by a pan-European Constitution, which will mean being "stripped of our remaining independence; losing control of our foreign policy and armed forces; the HANDING OVER OF OUR LEGAL SYSTEM AND LAW ENFORCEMENT TO THE EU... the handing over of our remaining currency and gold reserves to the European Central Bank; and the total regulation of British domestic and international trade, by the European Union". Please, view this documentary by Phillip Day.

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Birmingham University apologises for religious discrimination

12-11-2006 12:18

We're so sorry, say university
by Lester Holloway

BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY dons apologised to the Muslim students who were elected to the students union but prevented from taking office. The 1990 Trust were among those supporting the campaign.

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11th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa murder marked in London

11-11-2006 18:52

Shell's Wild Lie at the Museum gates, 10.11.06
Having attended the unveiling of the first of two creations commissioned by Remember Saro-Wiwa (see, London Rising Tiders headed across town to the Natural History Museum, to keep Saro-Wiwa's memory alive in a slightly more confrontational fashion inside the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

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Shell Disrupted & Protested Again in Reading

11-11-2006 17:21

Inspired by last weeks action, and by the struggles of the people of Rossport and Niger, activists have again targetted Shell with protest and direct-action in Reading.