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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Boycott for Burma: targets

07-10-2007 03:44

Call from 88-generation Burmese resistance groups.

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Raw-Rap Roundup

06-10-2007 21:37

Can you hear the Raw? The world is alight fighting for Justice or is it as the Poor are still Poor and the Left, well they’ve…… yeah where are they. News for the Activist is here.

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Total Totally Blockaded in Oxford

06-10-2007 17:46

Blockading the front entrance
Protesters peacefully blockaded a Total petrol station in Oxford today, in support of the democracy movement in Burma (Myanmar); activists were there for two hours and seriously disrupted Total's business for the day.

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Americans under Siege: The Fall of the American Empire

06-10-2007 17:39

It’s time for a kick down in America. When a country forgets to take care of its own people, ignores the immense poverty between its own borders, shuts down even the faintest whisper of free speech, and demonizes whole races, it needs an enema.

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London march for Burma October 6,2007

06-10-2007 17:10

it's a slide show

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Copenhagen G13 update

06-10-2007 11:13

Police cordon
live coverage abstract from today's G-13 actions in Copenhagen

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ATTN: Commissioner of police of the Metropolis

05-10-2007 21:57

Application has been made for return of Brian Haw's display/property, stolen by the met, before Southwark Crown Court.

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Good to talk: lets debate Britannia

05-10-2007 20:47

The future of the United Kingdom needs to be debated, beyond the parliamentary talk of a possible “snap general election” this autumn, with national issues including the direction of British foreign policy,

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Turkish State Terrorism Blocks Peaceful Solution to Turkey's Kurdish Question

05-10-2007 17:30

Turkey is using a political and military onslaught to anihilate anyone who is calling for a political solution to the Kurdish Question in Turkey. All democratic avenues are being shut. Military Generals rule Turkey as they rule Burma. A call for action.

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European Commission to Destroy Tibetan Charity

05-10-2007 17:16

On Monday 8th October, the European Commission is bringing a case in the
High Court against an effective and worthwhile charity that threatens to
destroy it. The case is bizarre, and the story speaks of gross
incompetence and vindictiveness at the Commission.

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Don't be a SCAB!

05-10-2007 15:19

West Midlands IWW show solidarity with the striking postal workers.

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Shell to Sea Two and half years later and still going strong!

05-10-2007 14:11

Alook back at Shell to sea, UK involvement and the future

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London Total Oil's offices targeted again this morning

05-10-2007 12:02

Banners outside the office's entrance
Total Oil's London HQ was targeted again this morning as workers made their way into the building in order to highlight the company's involvement in financially supporting the Burmese military junta.

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First ever Food Not Bombs Manchester - This Sunday 7th October

05-10-2007 11:22

Free food and a hot serving of grassroots activism... 4pm, corner of Wilmslow Road/Platt Lane, next to Platt Fields Park.

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Birmingham Unite Behind Burma

05-10-2007 11:16

Please come and show your solidarity with the people of Burma

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April 2008: call for decentralized squat days of action

05-10-2007 11:00

On Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of April 2008, we call for
two days of demonstration, direct action, public information,
street-party, squatting… in defence of free spaces and for an
anti-capitalist popular culture.

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Danish kids to hold mass squatting action on October 6th in Copenhagen

05-10-2007 10:58

We are going to move into our new house on Grøndalsvænge allé 13, the 6th of October. We´re not hiding that, for this action, we are, amongst others, inspired by this summers succesful protests at the G8 summit in Rostock, Gremany.

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Midlands: health boss to get pay increase while workers face pay cut

04-10-2007 23:15

Hospital workers in Leicestershire were shocked and outraged by the news that interim Chief Executive for the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Derek Smith, will be paid £100,000 for three months work. Meanwhile, Wolverhampton healthworkers face a pay cut.

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Postal workers begin two 48-hour strikes

04-10-2007 23:09

Royal Mail workers have started the first of two 48-hour walkouts over pay and conditions since the suspension of strike action for talks in August.

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Burma: a view from within

04-10-2007 22:34

Everyone likes surprises, and the brutal military regime that has ruled Burma since 1990 are no exception. Back in September 2005 people were dumbfounded to hear that the generals had moved the capital 400 miles to the north; almost two years later they woke up to find the cost of diesel – the country’s main fuel - had doubled, while that of gas – much used by private bus companies following orders from a greenwashing junta – increased by five times.