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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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George Fox 6 Appeal - Lancaster Crown Court 13th March 2006

16-02-2006 12:52

The George Fox Six are to be given a new trial after appealing the guilty verdict last September.

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This Friday - Rossport Solidarity Demo - Stop the Shell Pipeline!

16-02-2006 09:16

Meet 1pm in Liverpool city centre (meet-up point to follow) this Friday 17th Feb

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Poor don't Belong in Prisons. Fight the WTO!

16-02-2006 09:08

A call for international solidarity and pressure to continue derailing WTO: International Action Week Feb 27 – March 5th 2006
in solidarity with 2 anti-WTO political prisoners who stand trial in Hong Kong, and millions of prisoners of WTO-related policies. Join targetwto network now and for a common action front against wto.

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Art of War : Black History Month

16-02-2006 04:14

Black History Month
Black History Month

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16-02-2006 01:18

KONHSP Public meeting

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Alert and Alarmed at Ruddock's new phone tap powers

15-02-2006 23:52

tap the phones of innocent third parties
Civil liberties groups have attacked plans to give intelligence agencies and police the power to tap the phones of innocent third parties during terrorist and major crime investigations...

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Celebrate for Prestes Maia!

15-02-2006 17:42


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Crossrail hole minister Alistair Darling in brazen secret trip to Brick Lane Lon

15-02-2006 09:27

Crossrail fanatic spender of public cash for big business benefit, Alistair darling mp was in a secret meeting in the east end of London. That was yards away from the Greatorex Street, scene of anti-crossrail hole demo in Oct 2004 and one of the routes through which heavy polluting dust and spoil from the planned crossrail hole in brick lane will be
Transported in Lorries for years if the crossrail hole bill is not scrapped. darling was in the secret visit as part of a diversionary ploy to further aid the corrupt tower hamlets council that has been used by crossrail touts to bring the crossrail hole problems to the east end.

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Save Little London from gentrification

15-02-2006 09:00

The Comprehensive Regeneration Option being bludgeoned into the tenants of Little London marks a shift in gear as the Leeds City Council continues its gentrification of the areas closest to the City Centre.

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Bolivian Solidarity interview edited for Resonance FM show wednesday

14-02-2006 22:43

This is a 17min audio piece put together as the outro for the wednesday Indymedia London Newswire Show that goes out on Resonance FM every week. The first 11 minutes include an edited version of an interview made with one of the delegates from the Bolivian Solidarity Campaign who was at last weekends benefit gig. The first section also includes one track recorded live during the gig. The final six minutes are throw away filler design to coincide with the end of the hour long show.

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14-02-2006 22:25

Icelandic London Embassy is targeted by environmentalists protesting against the Karahnjukar dams and the multinational aluminium invasion of the last great pristine wilderness of Europe.

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Anti-fascists fete Sacranie

14-02-2006 18:15

The UAF would not invite as a speaker someone who said that black people are immoral, harmful and spread disease, or who vilified Jewish people as offensive, immoral and repugnant. Why, then, are they giving a platform to Sir Iqbal Sacranie, a bigot who says these things about gays and lesbians?"

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Federal Mogul's Spodden Valley manufacturing jobs to be axed?

14-02-2006 15:32

Property developers axe Federal Mogul's trees... are manufacturing jobs next?
US based Federal Mogul has just announced a consultation on the future of all manufacturing jobs at its Rochdale site in the Spodden Valley.

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How Much Is Your Overtime Worth?

14-02-2006 15:07

How much overtime do you work and what is it worth?

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BYOB - Build Your Own Bus

14-02-2006 11:09

Fed up with endless bus fare hikes ? Heard the rumour there's another one due in March ? Frustrated at more cuts to services ? Tired of waiting for buses that don't arrive ? Most of Sheffield are angry at First Buses. Don't just moan about it however ! Take action !

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Tower Hamlets Council exposed as party to plot for a Crossrail hole

14-02-2006 10:02

Bethnal Green and Bow MP George Galloway has said that there is no need fort a Crossrail station at Whitechapel. Why? Because Transport for London already have a scheduled refurbishment programme for Whitechapel in a couple of years time. This exposed that the local Tower Hamlets council has been involved in secret Crossrail -Whitechapel station plot against The East End!

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Protecting the Right to Water - Mark Thomas, WDM etc

14-02-2006 07:46

Sign the petition to protect water as a human right and a public good.

Come to the launch at Friends' House, Euston, London on 2 March, 7 pm.

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URGENT ACTION: Autonomy Declared in Daechuri, South Korea

14-02-2006 03:26

Faced with Repression and Displacement, A South Korean Farming Community Declares Autonomy and Demands U.S. Military Withdrawal

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Solidarity for Prestes Maia

14-02-2006 02:48

Gentrification by greedy developers and corrupt local officials isn't just a problem in Hackney...

'PRESTES MAIA MUST STAY' - squatter, social centres and samba solidarity demo, Thursday 16th Feb 1pm outside Brazilian Embassy, 32 Green St, London, W1 (bring drums, carnival costumes and cardboard boxes to erect shanty town),+UK&radius=0.0&cid=51500197,-126197,5716811906749722123&li=lmd&z=14&t=m

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The Jewish Labor Bund

13-02-2006 19:01

the Jewish socialists fight