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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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An Open Letter To Russell Brand from the Silent Majority

12-12-2014 22:09

The Silent Majority reaches out to Russell Brand.

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Nikos Romanos wins: ends hunger strike pending release for studys with leg ring

10-12-2014 14:02

Nikos Romanos has ended his hunger and thirst strike after 31 days, as he petitioned to study university on release. The law that will be applied is that he will wear a bracelet to control his movement while studying out of prison.

Solidarity with you comrade, on your long recovery!
Solidarity with everyone arrested and accused for the 6th!
Solidarity with the Syrians and migrants of Greece!

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Never Mind The Ballots…It’s The 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair!

08-12-2014 08:37

Coming at you live and direct from east-central Bristol, just 13 days before the 2015 British General Election & local elections, we are pleased to invite you to the 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair – and there wont be a single lying, corrupt, austerity-enforcing, media-spinning politician in sight.

Saturday 25th April 2015, from 10.30am – 6pm, at Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW.

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[Ecuador] November 15: Class War, Memory War!

07-12-2014 18:46

We received and publish a text from comrades of Proletarios Revolucionarios (“Revolutionary Proletarians”) from Ecuador. We translated this text "[Ecuador] 15 de Noviembre: ¡Guerra de Clases, Guerra de Memorias!" [] from Spanish into English and French.

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Nazi Parenting: EDL Dress Kids In Terrorist Outfits @exposing_ukip @slatfascists

07-12-2014 17:15

The fascist EDLer is a dying breed, but miscreant neo-nazi parents are doing their utmost to transmit their rabid race hate onto the next generation, dressing their offspring in terrorist balaclavas for EDL demos and training them in the art of racist chanting.

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Obstacles to Solidarity: On the Decline of Radical Activism in the UK

05-12-2014 16:19

Five years ago, radical activism in the UK appeared to be entering a golden age. Today, it seems to have run out of momentum and ideas. In his latest column, Mikhail Goldman examines the sources of the malaise, and potential ways out of it.

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Bath #FreeEducation March - Sat 6th December

05-12-2014 13:27

#FreeEducation march in Bath, 12:30 at the Abbey.

Opposed to tuition fees and cuts, in favour of free education for all!

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Plane Stupid and Transition Heathrow Activists Occupy Davis Commission Rooftop

03-12-2014 14:52

Activists Occupy Davis Commission Rooftop to highlight the phony commission that won't consider anything but expanding aviation, even in the face of climate chaos.

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Philippine Women’s Coalitions Launch 18 Days of Activism against Violence

03-12-2014 12:05

On the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (VAW), which marks the start of the 18 Days of Activism Against VAW, women’s groups held a press conference and rally in front of the US Embassy. The coalitions announced today that they unite in focusing on the call for justice for Jennifer Laude during this 18-day campaign period which starts on November 25, and will sustain the campaign until justice is served.

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How to stop public school confidence hurting all and save Society

01-12-2014 10:28

The Times is running a front page news item today (Monday 01 Dec 2014) headlined Public school confidence 'hurts society' -
This theme is based on a remark by a just CBE-awarded headmaster of a - er - London Public School, Kings College in Wimbledon

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Inequality and Liberal Democracy: A Disturbing Association

01-12-2014 08:00

How do we bring fundamental reforms about at a time when organized minorities and disorganized, quiescent majorities appear to be the norm in both the North and the South?

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UG#696 - The Morality Play of Austerity (Bailing out The Shipwrecked Plutocracy)

29-11-2014 20:46

Three looks at the Financial 'Crisis':- First, Professor Mark Blyth, author of "Austerity: The History of a Dangerous Idea" looks at the promotion of austerity as a financially necessary measure, uncorrelated to bailouts. Next Les Leopold, another new speaker on the show, author of "How To Make A Million Dollars an Hour - Why Hedge Funds Get Away With Siphoning Off America's Wealth", describes financial chicanery of dubious legality and even less morality. We conclude with a stirring speech by regular speaker, Chris Hedges, who sets the austerity in the context of a dying empire, and assets that the only consistent position for those of conscience is outright rebellion against "the dehumanizing ideology of totalitarianism capitalism".

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Texas - The BESTIAL State of USA

29-11-2014 01:30

The State of Texas (aka the Bestial state of the USA) continues to execute people at an alarming rate - ignoring and violating International Human Rights Laws and Standards.

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Does Theresa May's latest statement on domestic coercion she's fit for Purpose?

23-11-2014 16:40

Interior Minister (UK Home Secretary) Theresa May got a good outing via SkyNewsPressPreview last night (Saturday 22 November 2014) with the Personal Profile plug via the Mail on Sunday.
That would come in handy when she has to sell the main wares gearing the State up with more powers to exercise control on the lives of the innocent majority!
How does her planned law change on curbing domestic coercion fit in with that Agenda?

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Fascist Demonstration Sat 29th Nov at Greek Embassy, London #antifa #GoldenDawn

19-11-2014 20:55

Nov 2013's demo - Peter Rushton front left
British, Polish and Greek fascists intend to hold a demo outside the Greek Embassy, Hollland Park, London on Sat 29th November 2014. So I thought I'd cast a quick eye over a few of the organisers.

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Muslamic Play Rug (real Ebay item): The Ultimate EDL / BF Winterval Present @edl

19-11-2014 01:20

Don't be stuck without present ideas for your EDLer / Britain First / NWI friends this Winterval, whether they are dyed in the wool Islamophobes retweeting Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, or are hardcore Hitler fans such as Lacette Brooks...... All will adore the Muslamic Play Rug (real name - not a hoax)...

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The Darker Side of Development!!! Why did Rémy Fraisse have to die?

13-11-2014 10:53

This article reviews the construction and controversies on Sivans Water Project and death of a student activist Remi Fraisse to argue coloniality, modernity, and civilizing tactics of the development state. The death of Rémi Fraisse and the brutal assault of armed police against the non-violent environmental demonstrators make this sufficiently clear that the logic of polycentric capitalist neoliberal world can be historically and currently traced in the ‘civilized’ European metropoles.

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Eric Pickles "vs" George Galloway! Galloway's RETURN to East London!

12-11-2014 17:14

Eric Pickles is featured more than once about the “rotten borough” of Tower Hamlets, London in the next issue of “Private Eye” (Issue 1379) (dated 14 Nov to 27 Nov 2014). Does the "Private Eye" coverage take the "crisis" to any resolution?

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DISGUSTING FARAGE HAS A TASTE FOR SLIME @otanislove @exposing_ukip @edlnews

11-11-2014 00:11

Since Farage and UKIP friends have revelled in stitching-up a former UKIP member with Met harassment, the UKIP leader has developed a fond taste for the unpalatable.

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Philippines: One Year after Typhoon Haiyan

09-11-2014 12:23

Statement of Akbayan Chairperson Risa Hontiveros