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"State terror in Sri Lanka - a Tamil perspective" at Resonance 104.4 FM

06-05-2009 01:02

"State terror in Sri Lanka - a Tamil perspective". Listen to the programme at Resonance 104.4 FM (, Wednesday 6th of May at 20.00.

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Free Events at 56a Infoshop, London: Films / US Zine night

05-05-2009 20:41

Alex Wrekk's updated How-To Zine guide
This May we got two events in our small but perfectly formed Social Centre space: A night of dystopian sci-fi films to get you scared for the future. Plus a night of readings and chat from two US zine writers and zine librarians...

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Demo at occupied school in Lewisham

05-05-2009 18:50

Parents and other community campaigners around the Defend Education in Lewisham campaign have been occupying the roof of Lewisham Bridge school in south London since 23 April.

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SmashEDO Mayday! Mayday! Street Party 2009 (VIDEO)

05-05-2009 17:28

Video and Demo report from Smash EDO/ITT demo 4th May 2009.

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A Delaration of Separation

05-05-2009 17:23

We want to live in peace and are very tired of beinf exploited by banksters and corporations and we advise those thugs to leave us alone.

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HSBC Smashed. Brighton.

05-05-2009 15:16

Last night HSBC bank in Five Ways, Brighton was attacked.

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West Midlands IWW benefit gig - David Rovics & Attila the Stockbroker

05-05-2009 14:29

May 25th Bank Holiday at the Wagon and Horses, Digbeth, Birmingham. £6 in. Hard hitting political songs from David Rovics & Attila the Stockbroker. A variety of food and stalls in the garden from 6pm with performances following and DJs later in the evening. Fundraiser for the West Midlands Industrial Workers of the World, the fighting union!

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'March For Jobs' 16th May 2009, National Demonstration organized by UNITE Union

05-05-2009 12:46

A major demonstration by UNITE centered on Birmingham who's West Midlands area has seen huge job losses the union is running free coaches nationally to enable people to attend!

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Manchester May Day Demo - Pictures

05-05-2009 11:32

Still not lovin' police
4th May Demo, No Borders and Anarchist Bloc

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Second Tamil Hunger Strike, Day 3, London - pictures.

05-05-2009 09:33

The four Hunger Strikers.
After the ending of Mr Subramaniyans hunger strike at day 23, four Tamil men start a second hunger strike in Parliament Square as the British Government continue to fail to act against Sri Lankan proscription policy.

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Direct Action; Germany, Mexico, Italy & Switzerland

04-05-2009 23:47

1st-4th May


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Reel News film night report back

04-05-2009 20:18

Reel News came up for their second visit to Birmingham on May 30th and showed some really inspirational films. Donations collected for entrance and food went to the Visteon workers solidarity fund. Next screening will be 2nd July.

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‘Mayday! Mayday!’ Smash EDO Brighton: anti-war march clashes with police

04-05-2009 18:35

Mounted police outside McDonalds
May Day, 4th May 2009: Hundreds of people from all over the country met in Brighton today to protest against the war, capitalism, and the arms trade. Organised by the Smash EDO movement, which for years has been campaigning against the EDO/ITT weapons factory based in Brighton, the protest started off very peacefully and remained generally positive throughout the day.

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Strangers into Citizens: how we 'infiltrated' their march

04-05-2009 17:41

How beautiful to see many thousands of migrants marching for their rights...

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Mayday & police brutality march in Cambridge

04-05-2009 16:29

Looking at literature
A few people gathered for a march around market square in Cambridge to celebrate Mayday. After the rally some went to the police station to put down some flowers in memory of Ian Tomlinson -- murdered by the police at the G20.

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03-05-2009 21:16

Hawaiian nightmare

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Democracy driven change

03-05-2009 20:53

'Management expertise' is not the sexiest of topics but for the good of our public services – just now the Royal Mail – we must give it some thought.

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Urgent Appeal: Police Repression in Chiapas, Mexico

03-05-2009 18:10

Amnesty International, International Service for Peace (SIPAZ) and Human Rights Centre Fray Bartoleme de las Casas call on international condemnation of detention without charge and torture of 6 indigenous Tzeltal men in Chiapas. Please send letter urgently as the men continue to be detained.

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European Emergency!: on May 6th some of the Europarlamentaries intend to finish

03-05-2009 17:16

This is a call for direct action. You just have to fill in this form and your message will reach automatically to ALL of the Europarlamentaries of your country:

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Mayday resources

03-05-2009 12:11

Links to great social movement research books, theory, and magazine.