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FTAA negotiations failed at meeting in Puebla

14-02-2004 00:18

At the start of february representatives of 34 american states have met for one week in Puebla, 65 km south of Mexico City, to negotiate about the introduction of the free trade area of the Americas.
Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Puebla in opposition to the FTAA (span: ALCA) negotiations.
10 years after the introduction of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Area, the US is persuing an expansion of the free trade area over the continents for the 1. Januar 2005.
The talks have been abandoned after 4 days without result.

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Bush the Deserter

13-02-2004 19:47

For a good laugh now however (never lose your sense of humor), go to the following link and see/hear Bush�s press secretary tap dance like a man on a frying pan. It is one of those rarest of times that the US media actually does its job and asks highly relevant questions.

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Guildford say NO to council house transfer

13-02-2004 18:25

Tory controlled Guildford say no to privatisation of council houses.

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Islam versus Amnesty?

13-02-2004 04:28

Islam tells Amnesty International to 'stop interfering'.

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ssp lauch scrap the councul tax campaign

12-02-2004 22:07

ssp launch scrap the council tax website.

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Canatxx Gas Storage in Wyre - Special. Video of Kansas Explosion

12-02-2004 21:54

Underground gas storage of the type planned under Preesall and the Wyre estuary resulted in an explosion in Kansas.

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Honduras: Declaration by Popular Resistence Organization

12-02-2004 20:54

Translated declaration of struggle from Honduran coordinating organization

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A look at the Bayer injunction

12-02-2004 16:56

Take a look at the terms of the interim court order given to Bayer (if you dare)...

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“There has been a school at Lowick beyond the memory of man”

12-02-2004 12:25

Lowick Pioneers - "Shared reading is a firm favourite amongst the whole school, where the Infants chose a Junior to read with them."

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resistance anarchist bulletin - issue 58

11-02-2004 22:42

Montly bulletin of the Anarchist Federation (Britain)

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t. sheridan hints at council tax non-payment campaign

11-02-2004 22:40

the day before the scottish mirror ran an editorial calling for the abolition of the unfair tory council tax, tommy sheridan of the ssp launched his party's new Scrap the Council Tax campaign.

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Simon Chapman Letter

11-02-2004 22:40

A letter from Simon...

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4.5 yrs for J18

11-02-2004 20:51

American Anarchist Gets Sent down For J18
Jim Borek Sentenced to 4 1/2 Years

Subject: American Anarchist Gets Sent down For J18

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11-02-2004 20:05


A documentary of 3 Palestinian teenagers from the Deheishe camp near Bethlehem.


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Refugees feature: A dream of protection turned into nightmare

10-02-2004 16:44

A disabled Sudanese refugee who fled an attack on his village in Darfur ©AI
As long as people's human rights are being violated, the world will have a "refugee problem". And whenever there is a refugee problem, the people who will suffer the most are the refugees themselves.

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Edinburgh Anti-War Protestor in 'Fuck Bush' Case is Free

10-02-2004 16:44

10th February, 2004

Protestor Simon Alderson Shaw who was arrested following a demonstation against the war in Edinburgh on 22nd March 2003 has been found not guilty to two charges and not proven to one charge.

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Mayday '04: Come to Dublin, Ireland! No to Fortress Europe!

10-02-2004 16:33

Call for Mayday 2004: come to Dublin, Ireland!
Dublin Grassroots Network

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How Can We Resist Neo-Liberalism and War?

09-02-2004 22:13

A 'Report Back from the World Social Forum in Mumbai:
How Can We Resist Neo-Liberalism and War?' meeting is being hosted by Globalise Resistance, Britian's leading anti-capitalist group, in Cambridge on Wednesday 11th February at 7:00pm in the McCrum Lecture Theatre (Benet Street, next to
the Eagle Pub)

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Colliers Wood Resistance

09-02-2004 20:30

Eco education group resist property developers in South London.

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The World Social Forum: a worm's eye view

09-02-2004 16:22

The World Social Forum, Mumbai, 16-21 January 2004: a worm's eye view