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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Personal Account from Bolivia

11-06-2005 14:45

Personal account of current events in Bolivia

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Iraq Unions Solidarity

11-06-2005 08:28

(Today) Saturday 11th June 12-2pm at the CASA, 29 Hope Street, Liverpool city centre.

Come and hear what can be done to support the newly emerging Iraq Trades Union Movement. You only need to bring your optimism and your practical ideas for activity.

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Video of the Chilean “Demonstration Against the Exclusion” on May 21th

11-06-2005 05:45

A New Video of the great “Demonstration Against the Exclusion” on May 21th, 2005, outside the National Chilean Congress, were the President Ricardo Lagos was giving his last annual account to the parliament.

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Mass Mobilisation in Bolivia part 4 w/ link to incredible pictures

10-06-2005 22:22

a miner in Plaza San Francisco
A Cooperativista [miner] dies in Sucre, parliament runs away.
9th June

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Mobilisation in Bolivia

10-06-2005 22:14

marching miners
Parliament wants to pass government on to Vaca Diez; Social Sectors say NO
8th June 2005

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Por la Revolución Socialista en Bolivia

10-06-2005 19:27

Hacer de la Asamblea Popular Nacional Originaria el órgano de poder obrero y campesino para la insurrección

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banner-painting at rampARTs saturday pm for monday's US EMBASSY TERRORIST DEMO!

10-06-2005 15:15

come and tell bush what you really think! banner-painting from 1pm at the rampARTs (17 rampart st, off commerical rd e1, nearest tubes whitechapel and aldgate east)

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10-06-2005 12:59


A candle-lit vigil was held last night
for actor Corin Redgrave following his collapse
at a council meeting held to decide the fate
of Britain's largest Traveller community.

Redgrave suffered a severe heartattack
while pleading with councillors not to vote
for the destruction of Dale Farm. The meeting
was adjourned as Redgrave was taken to a
nearby hospital where he remains in intensive
care. He was said this morning to be in a stable

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Mobilisation in Bolivia Part 2

10-06-2005 12:43

From 7th June
Massive Mobilisation Succeeds in closing parliament and [demanding] nationalisation

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6th June - Mass Mobilisation in Bolivia - Part 1

10-06-2005 12:35

The Streets
From 6th June
Mass Gathering* decides: Nationalisation and Popular Campesino Government

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SpOILs of War: The neo-liberal carve up of Iraq and why its THE issue at the G8

10-06-2005 10:08

Away from the bloody battlefields, Iraq is being plundered through the brutal economic reconstruction of a country already bombed to submission and starved by years of sanctions. This article examines the corporate takeover of post-Saddam Iraq, set in the context of a violent expansion of neo-liberalism and argues why its crucial activists in the UK take up the issue in the run up to the G8.

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10-06-2005 10:02

A week before Blair hosts the G8, corporate executives from multinational oil companies will be meeting in London with representatives from the Iraqi government to discuss the future of Iraqi oil and gas reserves. Join us, the corporate pirates to protest against this neo-liberal plunder!

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10-06-2005 05:05 stop the process of deportation of A. Hossain, the representative of KCTU/MTU

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09-06-2005 23:40

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Cuba, Spain, China, and Russia.

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DEFY-ID picket at Frank Field's surgery this Friday!

09-06-2005 19:19

This Friday June 10th Liverpool DEFY-ID are going to picket Frank Field's (he voted for ID card bill last time round) constituency surgery at Birkenhead Town Hall at 5pm.

Please come along and show your opposition to this alarming POLICE STATE legislation.

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Silent Violence

09-06-2005 15:18

If you like peace the notion of silent violence may be uncomfortable - disturbing even. But the elements that make violence what it is; fear, pain, danger, and death are all contained within deprivation. The only difference perhaps is that one is a result of aggression and the other a result of ignorance.

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Ben Zephaniah denounces Jamaican homophobia.

09-06-2005 15:05

Via Amnesty Intl. dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah has today issued a statement calling on the jamaican authorities to act against homophobia. This on the 1st Anniversary of the murdered gay actvist Brian Williamson.
reggae star Capleton has had tour dates in France cancelled over hate lyrics....

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MPs slag off Geldof

09-06-2005 12:47

On Tuesday Members of the House of Commons slagged-off Bob Geldof for calling for a million people on the streets of Edinburgh. Highly irresponsible they muttered into their Order Papers.