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Urban poor give Irish cops a kicking!

27-02-2006 13:54

riot 1
Saturday saw a major riot in Dublin in response to an attempted Loyalist 'Love Ulster' march through the main street of the capital. For three hours hundreds rioted in the city centre, banks and shops were attacked and looted and cars were set on fire.
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Urgent update about the backpackers tortured and held in the Philippines

27-02-2006 07:14

Subject: Urgent Appeal from Autonomous Groups in Phils.

Dear Friends, Comrades, Affinity Groups, Autonomists, Kolektivs,
Scenesters, etc...

This is an info dissemination campaign regarding the 11 arrested
friends of collectives in the Philippines.

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Modelling Maryhill - Remodelling Community

27-02-2006 05:54

Modelling Maryhill aims initially to build a visual representation of the South Maryhill area as it stands at the moment. The purpose of this is to encourage people from around the area to get involved so that, through a variety of participatory means we can begin, in this area to shape our community's future.

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Free speech attacked in Wood Green north London

27-02-2006 00:58

Street wardens in Haringey, north London, are taking the law into their own hands. On Saturday 25 February they violently got rid of people peacefully petitioning and leafletting and smashed up a paste table, under the watchful and complicit eyes of the police.

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EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE community space in Hackney is open!

26-02-2006 22:25

A theatre in Dalston...
As of this morning (monday February 27th 2006) a new social centre is open in Dalston lane Hackney. All are welcome especially those with skills or experiance that could be useful to the space

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Google Bans Video

26-02-2006 21:10

These pictures were banned from Google video because they were unsuitable. They show what is not appealing and I guess they're right? What do you think? See transcript and video below.

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The lion’s roar is yet to be heard!

26-02-2006 20:45

Further attempts to destabilise Iraq and destroy the unity of the people, have been made this week, through the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra, which houses the tombs of the 10th and 11th imams of Islam.

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dalston theater 4 d roof of resistance

26-02-2006 16:22

thoughts from d people resisting the demolition in d roof of dalston
lane theater- day seven.

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Whose Bombs were they?

26-02-2006 16:19

"It is difficult to imagine that the perpetrators of this heinous attack didn’t anticipate its disastrous effects. Certainly, the Sunni-led resistance does not benefit from alienating the very people it is trying to enlist in its fight against the American occupation. Accordingly, most of the prominent Sunni groups have denied involvement in the attack and dismissed it as collaboration between American and Iranian intelligence agencies. "

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Bliar says 'I protect civil liberties'.....

26-02-2006 13:54

In a column in The Observer Feb 26th Bliar reckons he's protecting Civil Liberties in the UK.

Methinks we ALL beg to differ..........

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Critical Mass in Gothenburg, a taste of paradise

26-02-2006 12:41

Gothenburg is only Sweden’s second largest city but it’s home to the country’s biggest regular monthly Critical Mass and has by far Sweden’s worst air pollution.

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Mesothelioma - Asbestos cancer protest and meeting.

26-02-2006 09:38

British Lung Foundation’s Action on Mesothelioma Day

Monday 27th February. Manchester Town Hall:
Photo call 12.30pm Town Hall steps.
Meeting: Great Hall 1-3pm.

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Art Action: Seritypes

26-02-2006 05:22

Participants needed for art action

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26-02-2006 01:44

11 young anarcho-punks were imprisoned in the Philippines, mistakenly identified as members of the leftist New People's Army because of their appearance. They were forcefully detained and subjected to torture in Sagada, Northern Philippines

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Dalston Theatre occupation - Update Saturday 25th.

25-02-2006 20:08

Sat 25th .. occupation continues, with activists at the roof.
Activists are still defending the occupation and resisting the demolition of the Dalston theatre and the two adjacent buildings.

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Love Ulster

25-02-2006 19:29

report on demo in dublin

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Sheffield demo for jobs, pensions and services

25-02-2006 15:10

There was a small march and rally in Sheffield on 25th February 2006 opposing cuts in public sector jobs and services and for cheaper bus fares and better pensions.

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No Tears for Injured Oppressors! Or – What does “No Justice, No Peace” really mean

25-02-2006 08:14

(a reflection on the mass emotional reaction to the shooting of a police officer in Nottingham, and how this kind of reaction, far from being humanistic, reinforces the psychological underpinnings of the status quo, suspends the performative effectiveness of opposition, and thus generates impunity for statist abuses)

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Video - Prestes Maia solidarity demo in London (16/2/06)

25-02-2006 07:21

[9min Xvid 27MB] Short video of an impromptu solidarity demo for the community of Prestes Maia. British squatters speak out for 468 families under threat of gentrification inspired eviction in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The demo took place at the Brazilian Embassy in London on 16th Feb 2006.

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MOD letter reveals John Reid issued misleading figures on British casualties in

24-02-2006 19:49

A letter from the Ministry of Defence has revealed that previous statements on British casualties in Iraq have been seriously misleading.