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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Zapatista Intergalactic Call to Action - November 20

20-11-2006 18:34

From the Intergalactic Commission of the EZLN:

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ephemera special issue on Latin America

20-11-2006 15:19

Whether in Oaxaca, El Alto, Buenos Aires or Porto Alegre - Latin America is a continent that has seen many social struggles and popular resistances in recent years. This special issue of "ephemera" is dedicated to giving voice to some of these struggles, in order to share their experiences across the globe. Comprising 10 contributions, published in Spanish or Portuguese and translated into English, these texts particularly explore the question of how struggles and resistances have been organized in the Latin American context.

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9/11 petition

20-11-2006 13:57

9/11 Petition on Tony Blair's Website

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ATHENS, GREECE: Demonstration commemorating 1973 uprising, attacked by police

20-11-2006 06:19

Demonstration commemorating 1973 student uprising was brutally attacked by police. Films that revealed, show police officers hitting hadcuffed or injured individuals.

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PIPELINE public transport info

20-11-2006 00:26

links to public transport info for anyone wanting to go to the LNG pipeline squat/protest at trebanos/pontardawe.

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Legal Aid: The End of an Era?

19-11-2006 21:21

The Legal Services Commission have recently changed the way that legal aid is granted. Jon of Arc examines some of the pitfalls for those facing criminal sanctions in the Reading area...

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pics: GENERAL STRIKE in Italy !

19-11-2006 20:51

Today Italy´s workers went on generals strike to protest against government "reforms".

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Viva Six Fingers - Community Facilities, Canterbury Hall and the River Ribble

19-11-2006 20:20

A group of squatters is facing eviction from the Community Centre they are occupying. The Church has sold it to private developers to turn into luxury flats.
This article compares the campaign to save the community centre with 'Save The Ribble's' campaign to defend community facilities like football pitches and allotments on the banks of the River Ribble, as well as the precious Ribble Estuary itself.

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On the ground: San Cristobal, Sunday 19 November

19-11-2006 18:36

Second report from Oscar Beard on the Mexico situation.

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On The Ground: Mexico City, Friday 19 November

19-11-2006 18:25

First report from Oscar Beard on Mexico situation.

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Support IWW Branch at Scottish Parliament: No Redundancies, No Pay Cuts

19-11-2006 15:41

Workers Clock
As Christmas approaches, eleven workers at the Scottish Parliament face broken contracts and unemployment in the new year, courtesy of self-proclaimed champions of the Scottish working class, Tommy Sheridan and Rosemary Byrne.

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NGO of the Week: Basic Income Network

19-11-2006 12:59

The internationally practiced social cuts sold as combating unemployment have terrible social and economic effects. A grave psychic depression has already seized society.. Since the world economy becomes ever-more efficient, what will become of the 80% without paid work?

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National Defy-ID Gathering in Nottingham next Sat Nov 25th

19-11-2006 12:41

As the government continues to implement its plans for a UK identity card and database, Nottingham Defy-ID is hosting the National Defy-ID Gathering next weekend, Saturday Nov 25th. The event will start at 11am. But please arrive for coffee/tea at 10.30am (which will also include a refresher of the developments).

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Iraqi Residents Welcome Resistance 'With Flowers'

19-11-2006 12:17

Women ululate. Children clap. Men raise fists in the air and shout 'Allah Akbar.’ And two young men approach and hand the masked 'mujahideen’ a bouquet of flowers, writes the Iraqi newspaper Azzaman.

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Payback: 100 Melbourne Police violently attack G20 Festive Gathering

18-11-2006 16:51

Police violently subdue G20 protestor
The G20 meeting of Finance Ministers, World Bank, IMF and Reserve Bank Governors is occurring in Melbourne and has met with local protests and street confrontations with police. A festive gathering of G20 protestors on Saturday night was violently broken up by the police. One must asume this is a payback operation for protests earlier in the day breaching police barricades and even damaging a police riot unit vehicle.

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Letters from Gov' re recent Lebanon/Israel conflict

18-11-2006 15:58

Two letters from Foreign office in reply to an Amnesy Intl letter (sent end Aug) regarding the investigations of war-crimes during the recent conflct...

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Safe Haven Pipeline Demo update

18-11-2006 10:42

since thursday a group protesting about lack of safety regulations and public consultation have been blocking the laying of the pipeline right next to the LNG constryction site - they are digging in for the long haul!

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Kebele's 11th anniversary & benefit party

18-11-2006 00:29

Benefit poster
Raising the roof – 11th birthday & benefit party

It’s Kebele’s 11th anniversary, we now own the place outright, we’re revamping everything, and we’re even fixing the roof. So in true Kebele style, we are having a party – and you are all invited.

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Help! Manchester Citizens Advice bureau being shut down

17-11-2006 19:05

manchester central citizens advice bureau is being shut down for lack of funds. closed to the public as from last week and phone lines being stopped from end december.

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Video of Occupation of Cardiff Castle for Palestine

17-11-2006 17:55

Video of Occupation of Cardiff Castle November 15 2006