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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Online Petition: Stop the Legal Persecution of the Fairford Five

15-10-2006 15:17

We believe that after two hung juries – which are failures of the government to prove their case – that the it should end its persecution of the 5 Fairford protesters. Please sign up too!

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Saving Iceland campaign: A very belated round up!!!

15-10-2006 13:38

The dam
I traveled to Iceland this summer for the protest camp against the Kárahnjúkar Hydroelectric Project and wrote something about it when I got back, but forgot to post it to the newswire. So here it is, very yesterday's news, but updated with some new stuff that is going on this autumn.

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Teresa Lau Manuel Must Stay in Leicester

15-10-2006 13:15

Teresa Lau Manuel
Teresa came to Leicester on 25 March 2004. She spoke Kikongo and Portuguese, and so went to Leicester College to learn English. She followed this with a Child Care course at Leicester College that she completed in July 2006. Her certificate says "to have achieved it required determination and skill, qualities which help you shape a valuable career". Teresa now faces removal from the UK on Friday 20th October 2006.

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Iranian left activists manhandled on stop the war demo

15-10-2006 13:10

Women rights activists manhandled by the organizers of the Stop the War Coalition in the demonstration in Manchester.

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"Philippine President" Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is the Coddler of Criminals

15-10-2006 03:51

Dr. Francisco "Dodong" Nemenzo, Jr
Yesterday, former University of the Philippines president and Laban ng Masa (Struggle of the Masses) Chairperson, Dr. Francisco "Dodong" Nemenzo, Jr and ten others were charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly harboring fugitive rebel soldiers belonging to the Magdalo group which the government believed to be involved in the July 2003 failed coup.

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Everything4Everyone is All We Want

14-10-2006 21:30

Don't demolish our community!

The long and eventful battle to stop the demolition of the historic Dalston theatre (previously the 4 Aces/Labyrinth Club), could be drawing to a climatic end. The fate of the theatre is hanging in the balance as the current court injunction preventing its demolition is set to run out.

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Social Centre Squat in Preston,'Viva Six Fingers'

14-10-2006 20:29

A few anarchists in Preston have set up a squat which at the moment we are in the middle of repairing.The squat will be used as a social centre but help is required.

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Liberty Sunday Sham!

14-10-2006 20:28

The anti-gay industry is having a huge simulcast event this Sunday entitled Liberty Sunday.

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14-10-2006 16:51

A prison-death demonstration will be held outside HMP Eastwood Park, Glos
on Wednesday 18 October 2006, at 1.00 pm, for the duration of the afternoon
Flowers will be laid in memory of
Lisa Ann Woodhall, aged 28, who died in the 'care' of the jail on 8 October 2006
Reporters and photographers are welcome to attend

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confidence in Maliki government grows

14-10-2006 10:52

In the five months since Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki became Iraq's leader, the parliament and his ministries have formed hundreds of committees to address problems on everything from how to disarm militias to whether tainted meat caused a group of police officers to fall ill last week.

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Imperialism’s two failures - interview with Leila Khaled

14-10-2006 10:49

Following are excerpts from an interview conducted with Palestinian resistance leader Leila Khaled by Samia Halaby of the Defend Palestine Coalition, LeiLani Dowell of Workers World newspaper, and Sara Flounders of the International Action Center during a fact-finding delegation to Lebanon Sept. 11-17.

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Refugees demonstrate at North Shields Immigration Reporting Centre

13-10-2006 17:38

On Friday 13th October members of Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) held a lively picket of North Shields Immigration Reporting Centre to protest against detention and deportation of asylum seekers and their children. Annie, a supporter of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and part of TCAR reports:

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Report to UN Disability Convention on use of ASBO's/Injunctions against Disabled

13-10-2006 15:18

There is a continued misue and abuse and 'criminalisation of disabled peoples behaviour' of using ASBO's and Injunctions against all disabled people (both Children and Adults). I myself as a disabled people basic human rights and civil liberities activist and researcher have experienced this here in the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK.

In my voluntary work within the UN Disability Convention I have brought this to the attention (again) of the UN Convention and you can read my emailed report that I have sent today to some of my colleagues and peers within the UN Disability Convention and Disabled People's Movement and also Anne McGuire, Minister for Disabled People

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Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonalds

13-10-2006 11:34

Global day of action to mark World Food Day. Everywhere, including Nottingham.

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13-10-2006 11:16

we are currently facing eviction from the theatre we have been occupying to protest against its demolition to make way for luxury flats and offices.
profit profit profit Vs people people people

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Iranian made telecom equipment and ammunitions in Iraq

13-10-2006 10:45

Several days ago, Al-Mahdy militiamen came from Al-Thawra district and the surrounding districts in Baghdad to rush madly upon attacking Khan Bany Saad Village, Diyala Governorate East of Baghdad.

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Green campaigner and writer Andrew Dobson visits Notts Uni.

13-10-2006 07:46

Prof Andrew Dobson, Green Party activist and Keele University academic will be giving a talk at Nottingham University on MONDAY 23rd October. all welcome.

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Palestine Today

12-10-2006 19:03

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre for Thursday October 12th, 2006.

The death toll in Gaza reaches to seven, five from the same family, while in the West Bank army invades cities and takes prisoners, these stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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OutRage!- Iran's secret war against it's own people

12-10-2006 15:22

gay rights group Outrage! highlights the report in The Times concerning Iran's attacks on its own minorities....

(Twiglet-Now try saying we don't campaign against anyone else other than lgbt.. We always have highlighted general attacks on everyone's human rights etc. anyway..)

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12-10-2006 15:03