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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Real-Life David vs. Goliath (with art)

15-07-2004 22:04

art illustrating the ideological fight going down in Canada
A Real-Life David vs Goliath story: Hauling Up and Exposing the Bamboozle Game, re: sheep-herders and fanged sheeple mobilized to do the bidding of the Masters; this time around, via what some call the Therapeutic State. A survivor of society abuse dares to speak!

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15-07-2004 19:52

The following "article" is more of an announcement of research in progress concerned with a radical way of thinking about money, and the world.

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Israel-Palestine coverage leaves viewers baffled

15-07-2004 19:42

'In this admirable study, the authors, who are pioneers in their field ,demonstrate the distortion of the UK television coverage of occupied Palestine. Every journalist should read this book; every student of journalism ought to be assigned It’ John Pilger- New Statesman, 28th June 2004

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Mugabe's 'Red-Eye'

15-07-2004 15:08

Ageing dictator Mugabe's paranoia bans the colour Red

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Colombia: S.O.S SINTRAEMCALI (Public Utility Union): 60 WORKERS SACKED

15-07-2004 13:38

60 workers including SINTRAEMCALI President Luis Hernandez and 5 other members of the union’s leadership sacked – 14 July 2004
SINTRAEMCALI are famous for successfully resisting privatisation in 2001 under the previous national government, when they occupied the HQ of their employers - EMCALI - the Public utility service provider in Cali. The occupation lasted over 30 days, after which the former Colombian president reached a negotiated settlement with the workers, assuring them that the state-run service would not only not be privatised, but that SINTRAEMCALI's workers would gain management control of the service. The new President - Uribe - disassociated himself with this agreement.
SINTRAEMCALI hold workers' assemblies to achieve popular mandates. Their stated priority is to achieve an efficient service, at the service of the poor. In the time they were in effective control of Cali during a brief period in 2001, they managed to sack corrupt managers - replaced by teams of specialist workers.

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Acoustic Night at ex-grand banks

15-07-2004 08:57

Penelope Swales, acclaimed singer/songwriter from australia finishes her uk tour at the ex-grand banks social centre this weekend.

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BRISTOL STW News Supplement : 15th July 2004

14-07-2004 23:37

Our usual full monthly newsletter will be back in late August.

Now Showing : FAHRENHEIT 9/11 (see review below).
Michael Moore has said it's OK to pirate this film...! As long as you
promise not to make a private profit. Get Your Free Copy Here:

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14-07-2004 06:04

written by some comrades after the Mayday in Dublin

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Support Self-Determination for African People!

14-07-2004 03:11

ASI Conference
Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 July - Africans Worldwide, Unite to Liberate Africa!

Conference to build a Worldwide African Revolutionary Organization: The African Socialist International

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Building Bridges Radio - The CorporationThe Pathological Pursuit of Profit and P

13-07-2004 20:27

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Reports presents this 58 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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Press Release from An-Najah University, Nablus, Palestine.

13-07-2004 15:07

On 6 July 2004 Professor Khaled Salah of An-Najah National University, along with son Muhammad, were killed by an Israeli attack unit. The Salah home was later demolished by six helicopter rockets.

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LEADED/UNLEADED The State Unleashed

13-07-2004 11:43

Beirut Independent Media Center Presents the Film - LEADED/UNLEADED The state unleashed
London Screening at MARXISM 2004 - University of London – Birkbek Hall on Thursday, 15 July 2004 @ 2 PM - For bookings: go to ULU registration to get an afternoon ticket

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Dissent! Gathering Minutes (Bradford 3rd-4th July 2004)

12-07-2004 18:20

The minutes from the Dissent! anti-G8 Gathering in Bradford from 3rd-4th July 2004 are now available to be viewed on the anti-G8 web forum. Visit:

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Smash EDO protest Camp against the Arms Trade - Brighton - Aug 29th-Sept 2nd

12-07-2004 16:04

Open invite to a camp in Brighton against EDO technology, a company manufacturing release mechanisms for F16s

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Dear non-Portuguese speakers,

11-07-2004 22:13

Just so that you can understand what the fuss is all about. Two years ago we had an election. We have normal, democratic elections here.

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Twin speeches move the China issue

10-07-2004 23:06

When Communist China shot a Falun Gong activist in South Africa, these two activists took their shot in speeches against Communist China.

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GI sent back to Iraq: "I am back in this s--t hole"

10-07-2004 18:38

The new issue of Traveling Soldier is out!

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Support The International Court of Justice!

10-07-2004 09:52

An attempt to organise a campaign for the boycott of Israeli products in light of the decision of the International Court of Justice and the blatant disregard for this decision by both Israel and America.

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Another "Right of Return" That Will Not Be Honoured.

09-07-2004 16:04

The rightful residents of Chagos are not to be allowed to return. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has decided to legislate against it , despite a clear ruling from the High Court in November 2000 that the Chagossians had a lawful right to return, without conditions...

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the struggle of political prisoners in Chile

09-07-2004 15:46

Demonstrations and police brutality in the struggle for the freedom of political prisoners. Chile recently saw the political prisoners undertake the longest hunger strike in this country´s history.