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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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NIGERGATE: 51st US STATE--ITALY--Exporter of War-Pretenses for ROVE, LEDEEN

02-08-2005 19:41

George Bush's Private Eye
Have our Italian friends consumed too much of MSG or prions in their pepperoni? Have they thus taken leave of their senses that they allow the US CIA to get away with kidnapping persons from Italy? Have they taken so many steroids in bulking up for the soccer game that they are so deficient of testosterone that they will not bring the 19 US spies in the Abu Omar opera to justice? Surely if the US can kidnap persons it wants from Milan's ancient streets, then Italy can publish photos of the 19 so they can be returned to Italy.

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G8 Defendent & Prisoner Solidarity

02-08-2005 15:03

During the G8 protests across Scotland the police arrested and imprisoned around 354 people. Almost two hundred people are due to have trials in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Stirling and Falkirk following the G8. Court cases have already started and more are due in the next few weeks. One person are still on remand.

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Jericho Boatyard still squatted and needs support

02-08-2005 10:00

Come and help with local resistance to unwanted development and building positive alternatives

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Portraits from Parliament Square

01-08-2005 23:00

Sinister Extremists!
I was so scared and intimidated by the unruly mob gathered in Parliament Square that I fled fearing for my own safety. As the pictures below prove this gang of would-be terrorists were on the brink of probably doing something. Today UK Indymedia is proud to announce the launch of it's campaign to get the brave bobbies that tackled them awarded George Crosses!

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01-08-2005 22:53

REPORTAGE and analysis of g8 events, photos, audio and text

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Expect a cover-up from the IPCC

31-07-2005 22:09

….Recommendation 10 of the MacPherson Report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence suggests that the reports of investigating officers be made available to complainants against the police. That recommendation is subject of consultation and debate within the Home Office. The view of the Association of Chief Police Officers, supported by the Metropolitan Police, is that there is significant law supporting the view that such reports should not be routinely disclosed to complainants. It is vital that Investigating Officers feel they can be can be candid when preparing their reports. Any loss of candour would significantly detract from their value to senior officers who rely upon the insight, views and perceptions of investigators when reaching decisions. Such views are frequently subjective and need to be interpreted with care by an experienced person…..

…A matter I have considered is whether or not I should have the report redacted if it were revealed to you.It is 82 pages long and contains 349 paragraphs. Redaction would take some time and render the report meaningless

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Roy Clark in a letter to murder victim Daniel Morgan’s family

The (de Menezes) investigation is being led by IPCC Director of Operations Roy Clark

IPCC press release

"The IPCC have forfeited the appearance of independence before a single statement has been taken by appointing a former Met officer of senior rank to investigate his former colleagues. This is not the way to create confidence in a new watchdog.

Alastair Morgan Press release 29/07/05

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Earth First! summer gathering 17-21 August 2005

31-07-2005 12:55

A national gathering to inspire and train all those opposed to the destruction of our planet

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The 9/11 Key to Political Transformation

31-07-2005 06:09

"Looking at the onslaughts we face, it's obvious that this administration's primary source of war-making, rights-taking, vote-raking power is still and always has been the "official 9/11 story." The exquisitely timed "surprise attack" it portrays instantly justified what we now know was a long planned agenda to take us into endless war, crippling debt and constitutional twilight."

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30-07-2005 16:11

What is the real sense of a left-wing battle?

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Society for Applied European Thought Response to Bush/Blair

30-07-2005 13:33

Response to media language following London bombings composed after the Society of Applie dEUropean Thought Conference in Slovakia, on the theme of Inclusions and Exclusions in the New Europe

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Post-G8 Dissent! Gathering: 6-7 August, South Wales

30-07-2005 13:10

Notes: Despite being advertised elsewhere as a "South Wales Dissent! Gathering", the event is, rather, a network-wide Dissent! Gathering which will be held in South Wales. See you there!

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Call for No Border Actions22 - 28 August 2005 (Bulgaria and Greece)

30-07-2005 07:45


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New Jersey Activists Rearrested 7/29/2005

30-07-2005 02:05

Following Anti-Terrorist Task Force raid and arrests last weekend, New Jersey activists have been rearrested today [7/29/2005]. They need your support now!

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Campesino Leader Assassinated in Catatumbo, Norte de Santander

29-07-2005 09:24

The National Agrarian Co-ordination (CNA) and the undersigned organisations denounce to national and international public opinion the assassination of
JOSE TRINIDAD TORRES MUNOZ, who was a member of the CNA national committee, and activist in several local community organisations.

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28-07-2005 23:43

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

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Bristol Dissent news/info

28-07-2005 23:36

News & info from the Bristol Dissent group in post-G8 mode...

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IRA Statement

28-07-2005 21:35

"The leadership of Óglaigh na hÉireann has formally ordered an end to the armed campaign. This will take effect from 4pm this afternoon."

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GREATER SUNRISE Timor Sea Justice Campaign

28-07-2005 16:03

Briefing Paper by Timor Sea Justice Campaign (Australia) re signing of a temporary resource sharing agreement between Australia and East Timor covering the Greater Sunrise gas field.

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Demo against Iranian attacks on gays.11 Aug

28-07-2005 15:38

Gay rights group OutRage! is to hold a demo against the execution of two gay teens in Iran (19 July) and the continued persecution/execution of gays and others in the country.

(Previous postings on this story have been taken down by IMC presumably cos they think we're being 'imperialist etc (?))

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G8 2005 issues: Two short video interviews from Bristol

28-07-2005 15:17

Two short interviews from footage filmed in Bristol by a local crew in the run up to the G8 summit. These edits focus on the two major themes of the G8 summit held in Scotland, July 2005: climate change and Africa.