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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Plea for help for Dagon family from Newcastle

22-03-2007 06:12

On Friday 23rd March 2007 yet another Kurdish Alevi family from Newcastle are due to be deported to Turkey against their will on British Airways flight BA676. Café Dagon has lived in England since 2000 and his wife Hatice and his children Aidin (18) and Aysun (15) joined him a year later in 2001.

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Gagged! 16 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

21-03-2007 23:35

GAGGED! #16 mar/apr 07
South Wales Anarchist Newsletter • • PO Box 70, Newport NP20 5XX 

Looks best on pdf, download & print!

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Australia: Scapegoats 'not getting fair go'

21-03-2007 21:27

Akin to pressure or punishment
Among a litany of concerns about the scapegoats' conditions, the court heard the men are locked in their cells for 18 hours a day, have little time with their families and are denied basic medical treatment.

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OutRage!- religionists demand 'Right to discriminate'

21-03-2007 16:40

Gay rights group OutRage! castigates the religionists demo-ing today and those opposing the new goods and services laws (Equality Act) due to be voted on in the Lords this evening.

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Christiana callout for mass action

21-03-2007 14:54

map of Christiania
Callout for activists to come to Christiania to fight for the 24 year old Danish squatted village, on Saturday 31st March.

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Multinationals finance colombian paramilitaries.

21-03-2007 13:57

Chiquita Brands, an US based banana growing multinational has been condemned to pay a heavy fine by its financial backing of the AUC, the right wing paramilitary colombian group. But there's more to it that has been reported in the english speaking media...

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Celebrate 10 years of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó

21-03-2007 13:52

Until the Final Stone
We invite you to a vigil outside the Colombian Embassy to celebrate 10 years
of the San José de Apartadó Peace Community and press for justice in the
investigation of the 21st February 2005 massacre.

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Nottingham University Student Die-In :: to protest at un-ethical investments

21-03-2007 00:31

Nottingham University Student held a Die-In outside the Portland Building On Tuesday afternoon [20 March] at 1.00pm to protest at un-ethical investments and the university's connection with the arms trade.

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Schwarzenegger Betrays Students on Tuitions

20-03-2007 18:40

Advocate groups for free education consider the recent tuition hikes for UC and CSU students to be no less than a tax on college students. California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has done nothing to make education affordable for students since he was elected in 2003. In the past the governor’s office has made it clear that education is a right for K-12, but not for higher education.

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3 nights at RampARTs on Colonialism, Racism & the fight for Justice

20-03-2007 12:14

Anti-Racist/Confronting Colonialism Residency at RampART Creative Social Centre - Thurs 22nd, Fri 23rd & Sat 24th March

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World Development Movement meeting on Climate Change

20-03-2007 11:29

World Development Movement meeting on Climate Change at the Central Methodist Mission, Lower Parliament Street on Monday 19th March at 7.30pm.

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Bush, Blair could face War-crimes Charges

20-03-2007 02:19

George W. Bush and Tony Blair may face war crimes charges at the International Criminal Court over their military intervention and occupation of Iraq. The Internationally insignificant John Howard would face Australian courts prior to being handed over to the ICC.

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Out-Flanked: A New War on Terra Arrives with Bush-Lula Ethanol Deal

19-03-2007 22:30

Another Bush Family Energy Empire Now Forming in the Heart Of South America

By Garrett St. James
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

March 19, 2007

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Stop Export and Abuse of Children

19-03-2007 17:11

Attempts by Western families to adopt children from poor nations have fuelled a rogue market in young lives - Petition

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LAAG- online pettion against Lydd Apt expansion.

19-03-2007 16:31

Lydd Airport Action Group (LAAG). launched an on-line petition against the expansion plans of Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh Kent- Suday 18 March 07.

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journalist still in jail after protest against G8 2005 in San Fran

19-03-2007 12:24

Prison ID
A freelance journalist and filmmaker has been held in jail for 209 days as of today for resisting a subpoena. San Francisco based Josh Wolf refused to testify in court and hand over his source material.

The G8 2005 is over, the summit leaders went home years ago, the hotel is open to business as usual. While protesters are preparing for the upcoming G8 in Germany this year, others are still dealing with the aftermath of 2005.

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Zimbabwe: what the media is not telling us

19-03-2007 01:13

More lies are being spread via the media about events in Zimbabwe. The following letter ive written fills in some of those missing details

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Sheffield on t’ up

18-03-2007 15:47

A few questions for the residents of our fair city about the rejuvenation of Sheffield. In your opinion, what do you think is the best feature of Sheffield? Tell me what excites you about Sheffield old and new.

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Camberwell Squatted Centre Film nights

18-03-2007 12:45

• 21st MARCH 7.30pm
'The London Nobody Knows' (60mins)
A classic walk thru vintage 1967 London with James Mason. Markets! Cockneys! Caffs!
Gor Blimey, Gov! Handsome!