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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Social Justice and Social Policy

27-04-2005 17:51

We run the risk of making economic success absolute. However economic success is a means to an end.. Economic success is only legitimate when it improves the living conditions of citizens..The social foundations of democracy fade when poverty, unemployment and social insecurity grow.

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Max hastings longs for direct activism...!?)

27-04-2005 14:48

establishment journo Max Hastings has a column in The grauniad bemoaning the lack of radical activism from the young.
Sad git just cant bring himself to acknowledge what's been going on right under his nose on the anti capitalist front etc...

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BP treesit goes into second night of occupation - get down there now!

27-04-2005 13:37

A lone climber from London Rising Tide is spending Wed night up a tree opposite BP - we need people outside the BP office, 1 St. James' Square, through the day, evening and night even.

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Abu Ghraib prisoner seeks justice one year after scandal

27-04-2005 12:16

BAGHDAD — Ali Al Shalal, nicknamed “clawman” by his US guards, said they attached electrodes to his body and tortured him at the height of the abuse scandal at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

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Mayday Cricket Vs The State

27-04-2005 06:33

First 11
A Mayday Cricket match on Parliament Square

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27-04-2005 05:36

CALL OF THE Adalah bloc

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Pictures from Rising Tide climate chaos banner outside BP HQ

26-04-2005 22:38

banner is directly opposite BP HQ - unmissable
Some pics of the brilliant climate chaos banner that London Rising Tide climbers hung directly opposite BP's London headquarters in St James Sq. I breezed in during the evening after they finally unfurled it.

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Candlelit vigil at Rochdale Town Hall...

26-04-2005 14:59

A candlelit vigil is to be held outside Rochdale Town Hall on Thursday 28th April from 8pm. Organised by Greater Manchester hazards Centre, this is to commemorate Workers’ Memorial Day. Its purpose is to remember all those who have died in Rochdale, Britain and throughout the world as a result of their work.

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Americans believe "they are coming to get us"....

26-04-2005 14:47

The lies mount and mount...the followers of Messiah Bush still don't listen...what is wrong here?

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Piles of crushed asbestos factory of immediate concern...

26-04-2005 14:32

Spodden Valley, Rochdale:

Official concern has been raised about large piles of crushed rubble on the site of the former Turner Brothers asbestos factory.

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Tony Blair in liverpool today!!

26-04-2005 14:31

Tony Blair will be in Liverpool this afternoon. Protest called!

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Blair in Liverpool tonight! (Tuesday 26 April)

26-04-2005 14:03

We've just had word that Tony Blair will be in Liverpool tonight
(Tuesday 26th April) at St George's Hall at 5.30pm.

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Smash EDO Press Release

26-04-2005 13:27

Don't forget to come to the demo this Thurs 4-6 pm

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Landless Movement against Green Desert needs support

26-04-2005 06:38

letter from a friend travelling in South America; concerning a settlement of the Movimento Sem Terra (MST, landless workers' movement) in Brasil that is fighting the growing ecological menace of eucalytpus monoculture as part of their own struggle for land and justice. We all need to know about this situation, and they all need our support. thanks.

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Kurdish blogger's open letter to George Galloway

26-04-2005 04:29

An Iraqi Kurd has recently written an open letter to Respect Party candidate George Galloway in the lead-up to the British general election.

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Jack "Dodgy Dossier" Straw besieged in Blackburn

25-04-2005 21:03

***Why not join us this Saturday for another weekend of sunshine and strawbaiting?***

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MAYDAY - Anarchist White Bloc

25-04-2005 16:21

Mayday Cricket Match call for batsmen and bowlers.

Cucumber sandwiches and tea will be available to all participants and well dressed spectators. As an Anarchist team, the White Bloc has no captain, and therefore all interested, and correctly attired, parties are perfectly entitled to join the match. The only condition is that players act with dignity and play a good clean game.

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Derby G8 arrestees' bail dropped

25-04-2005 15:30

The 12 people arrested at the Derby G8 protests last month have had their bail dropped.

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More Asbo abuse

25-04-2005 14:17

The abuse of Asbos continues .....

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Longbridge and St Modwens

25-04-2005 14:16

The collapse of MG Rover, the last remaining British car company, has left many facing financial ruin, and yet in addition to the Phoenix Four, who appear to have milked the company for millions, one company, St Modwens the Destroyer, has done very nicely out of the collapse of MG Rover.