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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Opinion: Honduran coup has been far from bloodless

05-09-2009 22:52

"Women protesters can face worse. On Aug. 14, a young mother was grabbed by police while participating nonviolently in a large protest. They separated her from male detainees and drove her out of town, where four officers of the National Police raped her and then raped her again with a baton.
Rapes while in custody, assassinations and disappearances that are terrorizing Hondurans remain largely unreported in the U.S. press. On July 11, for example, Roger Ivan Bados, a longtime trade unionist and activist in the opposition party Union Democrática, was forcibly removed from his home and killed. Others who participate in demonstrations or other activities have been kidnapped, then found dead."

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Vigil for Oxford Six

05-09-2009 20:39

Vigil will show solidarity with the Oxford Six, a group of students arrested and beaten after protesting at the refusal of Moroccan authorities to allow them to travel to England for a British Council sponsored peace workshop in August

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Fall Delegation to Bolivia: Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Resistance

05-09-2009 17:28

Fall Delegation to Bolivia: Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Resistance

Spend Thanksgiving celebrating indigenous resistance and exploring food sovereignty issues in Bolivia, the first country in the hemisphere to be governed by an indigenous president.

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Camp for Climate Action - Some Thoughts

05-09-2009 13:51

Despite what some people are saying about climate camp i.e. it’s full of middle class students who only do fluffy actions, my impression was completely different.

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RTF 5 - Reclaim the Future 5 - 5 Sept 2009

05-09-2009 10:06

RTF 5 - Reclaim the Future 5 - is most definitely happening, details of venue follow

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Direct Action; Mexico, Australia, France, USA, Spain & Italy

05-09-2009 02:06

27th August - 4th September


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locals disrupt Repco car rally in Australia

04-09-2009 13:30

protest pic
Locals have disrupted a car rally passing through a sensitive wildlife area of Australia.

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Cambridge Anarchists at London Climate Camp 09

04-09-2009 12:17

Reflections and criticisms of this years Climate Camp outside London.

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Messages left at Blue NG Bath HQ

04-09-2009 07:08

It seems that people have taken it upon themselves to reming Biofeuls company Blue NG that Biofuels are causing major ecological and social catastrophe throughout the globe.

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Leaflets, placards, and a fascist with a camera: yet another court hearing for Peter Tierney

03-09-2009 14:21

Steve Greenhalgh and other local BNP before the hearing
The proceedings against Peter Tierney, for assaulting an anti-fascist in Liverpool on St George's Day, continue. As this particular case demonstrates the violent tendencies of even the more high-profile BNP members, anti-fascists on Merseyside have been following it very closely, and will continue to do so until a verdict is reached.

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Demonstration Against Charter Flights

02-09-2009 13:14

Organized by UK African Communities

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Campaign Against Charter Deportations To Cameroon

02-09-2009 07:40

UKBA have served 'Open ended removal directions' on an unknown number of Cameroonian families, individual men & women, who are all currently in detention. They have not and will not be told the date/time of the removal, only that it will take place before the 15th September 2009. It may well happen this week.

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Sept 4 international mobilization: Latin America free of US bases & intervention

02-09-2009 07:28

4 September 2009 International Mobilization ON THE PATH TO PEACE, declaring Latin America as a ZONE OF PEACE, free of US military bases and intervention.

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Tower Hamlets Strike Update from the picket-line

01-09-2009 15:38

We have had two days of very active and effective picketing. The strike is solid with support from the vast majority of teachers with only three or four people going in. Many students stood with us on the picket lines and refused to enroll in solidarity with the teachers.

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Middle Class Concentration Climate Camp: Some thoughts

01-09-2009 12:39

Carnival 2009
I went to two mass events last week, Climate Camp on Blackheath and Carnival in Notting Hill. If you want to see diverse then Carnival is where it's at. Not only is it made up of the funny-sounding 'normal' people having a great time together but you get the sense that these people are also a bit more (funny sounding again) 'real' and unselfconscious than the people I found at Climate Camp.

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London No Borders benefit - TONIGHT

01-09-2009 09:04

Acoustic fundraiser featuring Steven Finn, The Lorcas and Madame Pepper

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Around the Campaigns Tuesday 1st September 2009

01-09-2009 09:04

Good news 1: Anselme Noumbiwa back in Tees Valley
"Anselme was released from Brook House IRC at 16:00 yesterday and is back home, exhausted but otherwise in good spirits. Speaking from home this morning he sends his heartfelt thanks to all who have been supporting him over the last week. For the time being he is safe but he is not forgetting those Cameroonians still in detention and facing removal by charter flight. He will be with others trying to organize a demonstration against the charter flight to be held outside Home Office Reporting Centre Dallas Court Manchester this Friday coming."
Friends of Anselme

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Callout for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009

01-09-2009 00:41

This is a call out to people involved in squats and autonomous spaces for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009 around housing and the creation of more autonomous spaces at this time of crisis.

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Direct Action for Independent Living, Birmingham, 14th September 2009

31-08-2009 22:13

Disabled people in Birmingham are dying as a result of the lack of social support provision from Birmingham City Council. Join us on Monday 14th September and take action for the human rights that Birmingham City Council are denying us. THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW!