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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Pope - No condoms for Africa ..( Murderous policies of Catholic Church )

31-03-2009 08:39

The Bishop of Buea Diocese of the Catholic Church said the church does not discuss condoms. "As a catholic church, we do not discuss condoms. It hasn't got a place

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NCADC News Service Tuesday 31st March 2009

31-03-2009 06:34

[Failed asylum seekers are not entitled to free treatment - but hospitals can make up their own minds on whether to treat them if they have no money]

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Protest at George Soros Lecture

31-03-2009 00:31

George Soros, once convicted for insider trading and the currency speculator largely blamed for the sterling collapse that precipitated the recession of '92 and the crash of asian economies in '97, is giving a public lecture at the London School of Economics 1pm TODAY! start the week of protest a day early by making your voices heard!

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Father of former Black Panther inmate held at Angola prison dies.

30-03-2009 22:49

Father of former Black Panther, Kenny Zulu Whitmore, currently held in Angola prison tragically dies after house fire

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Coverage of 'We Won't Pay for Your Crisis' demos in Berlin and Frankfurt

30-03-2009 17:56

Turbulence have compiled a collection to links to German and English language coverage of the 'We Won't Pay for Your Crisis' demonstrations, held in Berlin and Frankfurt last Saturday.

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Riseup! Follows Nottingham G20 ‘delegates’ to London

30-03-2009 17:52

To serve and attack?
Volunteers from local radio project Riseup! Radio have deserted the streets of their hometown to check out the goings on in London surrounding the G20 meeting of global political elitists.

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Direct action in solidarity with EDO 2 - Brighton

30-03-2009 11:40

In the night of 29 March 2009, the prison probation service building of Brighton was attacked with paintbombs and spraypaint signs "No War" & "EDO 2". The HSBC bank next door was also smashed windows.

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Keep Alpha Mbodi and his family safe in Sheffield

30-03-2009 06:24

Alpha Mbodi and his sons
Alpha Mbodi and his family are from eastern Congo. He fled DR Congo with his two sons in 2005, fearing the war there would claim the lives of his family. Unfortunately the family were unable to escape together and he was forced to leave his wife and young daughter behind. Alpha and his sons were accommodated in Sheffield by NASS shortly after their arrival in the UK.

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Freeman on the land

30-03-2009 04:05

The time has come to wake the faka up what more need I say

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Audio from Autonomous Speakers at G20 demo

29-03-2009 21:51

Audio from the autonomous speakers who spoke after the G20 demonstration in London.

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Short Report From from Put People First

29-03-2009 19:50

Attendance was disappointing, with the mass mobilisation of Trade Unions only pulling about 35,ooo people, although the Union Marching Bands and singing Italians were good value.

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G20: Animal Liberation Callout

29-03-2009 18:42

As the day of action for the G20 approaches it’s worth noting the interconnectedness of the corporate exploiters in the City of London.

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Pics: Militant Workers Bloc at G20 Demo

29-03-2009 18:42

Bloc forming at the Enbankment ...
Here there are a few pics from the Militant Workers Bloc at the G20 'Put People First' demonstration of Saturday 28th April:

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Capitalist Incarnate: My interview with a vampire

29-03-2009 18:06

As we sat down across the narrow table from one another, I scrutinized him with the cautious enthusiasm of a scientist observing a lethal strain of bacteria under a microscope. I was face to face with a parasitic capitalist overlord. “Is his disease contagious?” I mused to myself

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Anti-fascist callout in Durham

29-03-2009 17:27

An urgent callout for action in and around Durham/Newcastle/Teesside, in response to recent BNP/NF activity.

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G20 FIT watch

29-03-2009 10:31

There were quite a few FIT out yesterday, even if they did try to keep a low profile.

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CrimethInc: The SHAC Model

29-03-2009 01:04

Over the past decade, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty—SHAC—has waged an international direct action campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, Europe’s largest contract animal testing corporation. By targeting investors and business partners of HLS, SHAC repeatedly brought HLS to the brink of collapse; it took direct assistance from the British government and an international counter-campaign of severe legal repression to keep the corporation afloat.

In the wake of this campaign, there has been talk of applying the SHAC model in other contexts, such as environmental defense and anti-war organizing. But what is the SHAC model, precisely? What are its strengths and limitations? Is it, in fact, an effective model? If so, for what?

This analysis explores these questions in depth, charting the history of anti-HLS organizing and reviewing subsequent attempts to utilize the same tactics.

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Nottingham Heckler & Koch Campaign Visit Germany 6 [Misc pictures, German visit]

28-03-2009 22:05

Members of the Nottingham Anti-Heckler & Koch Campaign Visited Germany earlier this month.

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Nottingham Heckler & Koch Campaign Visit Germany 5 [KTS Social Centre Freiburg]

28-03-2009 21:57

Members of the Nottingham Anti-Heckler & Koch Campaign Visited Germany earlier this month.