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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Italian company ICOP applying for tunnel tender

30-06-2010 13:38

Italian company ICOP are currently applying for the tender to build the tunnel for the Shell onshore high pressure raw gas pipeline. The local community have been resisting Shell for the last 10 years and are fighting to protect their health, safety and environment.

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4 events in Nottingham - anti-fascism in 1930s Spain and rededication of Interna

30-06-2010 10:22

July 2010 sees a series of events in Nottingham commemorating the anti-fascists’ fight against General Franco’s coup in the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s. The 4 events will take place starting 17th July 2010 and include memorial re-dedication, exhibitions, talks and a cinema event.

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Around the Campaigns Wednesday 30th June 2010

30-06-2010 07:40

Saman Akbarirad
Great News! Saman's deportation cancelled Monday morning. NCADC received a call from Saman's partner saying that he had been pulled from the flight. She would like to thank all those who have supported the campaign. However, they are still deeply concerned as they do not have legal representation. If anyone could support Saman in this way please email Saman Akbarirad is being held at Harmondsworth. Saman fled Iran after being imprisoned and tortured for political activities.
Read more here . . . .

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Democracy village 29th july 2010 PEACE enters The Houses of Parliament

30-06-2010 02:01

PEACE enters The Houses of Parliament.
UK Citizens protest peacefully by walking through the gates of the houses of parliament London SW1.

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MDL Muslim Defence League facebook hacked by EDL but is now back to normal.

29-06-2010 23:46

The MDL Muslim Defence League was formed to fight back against the Islamaphobia of the English Defence League, Welsh Defence League and Scottish Defence League. The MDL has support of Muslims and non Muslims. The MDL is against extremists ie Anjem Choudhary & are fighting against the EDL who claim to be against extremism but whose actions suggest they are against all Muslims.

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Invitation to Olive Picking, Palestine October 2010

29-06-2010 23:17

2010 will be the 7th year of the JAI/ATG annual Olive Picking Program in Palestine from October 16th to 25th 2010. This event is of special significance to the Palestinian economy when all energies and efforts are mobilised.

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Athens 29-6-2010 , during and after the demonstration against the IMF measures

29-06-2010 17:57

Athens 29-6-2010 , during and after the demonstration against the IMF measures

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Graffiti Legal Advice

29-06-2010 17:13

Some have made a video of helpful legal advice by a legal expert.

For anyone who likes to go out tagging or writing, and may find themselves getting interviewed down at the station...

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March against Mavi Marmara Massacre 5th June, London

28-06-2010 16:30

The march through London to the Israeli Embassy in response to the massacre aboard the Mavi Marmara.

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Oppose The EDL in Liverpool this Wednesday Lunchtime

28-06-2010 16:03

The neo-Nazi EDL will hijacking the armed forces day at lunchtime in Liverpool on Wednesday the 30th of June 2010. In all previous army hijackings, the fascists have boasted how they have faced no opposition when latching onto army events. This time, the EDL must be made to realise that Liverpool has a proud working class anti-fascist tradition.

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Spending cuts in Britain worst since World War II

28-06-2010 07:38

After detailed examination of the UK coalition budget measures, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said the country faces the “longest, deepest, sustained period of cuts to public services spending at least since World War II”. It is the first time that a British government has proposed six consecutive years of spending cuts.

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Charles Atangana Belongs to Glasgow

28-06-2010 07:10

Charles Atangana
Charles Atangana a national of Cameroon and resident of Glasgow, is currently in detention and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 on Tuesday 29th June 2010 at 20:00 to Nairobi and then KQ524 to Yaounde in Cameroon

This will be the second attempt to deport Charles a previous attempt in July 2007 failed after a last minute intervention by his legal team.

Friend in Glasgow and Glasgow NUJ are campaigning to keep Charles in the UK

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Critical Mass London, England 25th June 2010.

27-06-2010 14:30


One arrest with loads of cops and several drivers trying to physically intimidate corkers by nosing into them with horns blazing.

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A Bangladeshi Muslim shopkeeper was robbed beaten & hospitalised in Whitechapel

27-06-2010 03:31

A Tower Hamlets community activist was badly beaten, robbed and hospitalised on Wednesday following an England football match by a group of drunken thugs who had been drinking in a pub in Whitechapel Road. Afsar Khan Sadek was so badly beaten he was hospitalised and could not speak. He was then mistreated by the police who seemed to find what happened amusing and who were insensitive.

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Anti-G20 protests erupt in Toronto

26-06-2010 21:19

TORONTO in Canada has today erupted with massive and angry protests against the G20 meeting of the global neoliberal elite.

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Call out to Stop Shell in Ireland

26-06-2010 12:42

Shell office shut down by protest
Shell are due to start drilling the boreholes in the estuary (Special Area of Conservation) from Monday 28th June until September 2010. Please come over and support the community in their fight to stop Shell destroying this incredible place!

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Black Congress, critical of Obama, to convene in D.C. to set black agenda

26-06-2010 02:16

As criticisms of President Obama’s war and economic policies mount, the group that first questioned his intentions regarding the concerns of the black community is holding a national Congress to define a black agenda to serve the interests of black people.

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Shell due to start work next week

25-06-2010 19:35

Things are getting very busy here - after a peaceful June Gathering the camp is once more set to become a focal point for resisting Shell pipeline work. Shell are due in the estuary any day now to drill 80 boreholes - pipeline survey work that should take all summer. Yesterday we shut down the Shell office in Belmullet. Today Maura Harrington was jailed for non payment of fines. Niall and Pat are still in jail. Generally it seems that lots of people are wising up to the oil industry in the wake of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico....

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Philippines: The meaning of the `Noynoy’ Aquino presidency

25-06-2010 12:50

On June 9 Senator Benigno Aquino III (“Noynoy” Aquino) of the Liberal Party, the son of former President Cory Aqunio, was proclaimed president by the Philippines Congress. Noynoy was a former senator “with little legislative record to speak of”, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper, which nevertheless campaigned hard for Noynoy Aquino’s presidency, soon after Cory Aquino’s death in August 2009.

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Philippine President-elect Aquino dared to reverse mom’s neo-liberal policies

25-06-2010 00:59

MANILA, Philippines — Akbayan party-list Representative Walden Bello on Tuesday dared President-elect Benigno Aquino III to reverse his mother’s neo-liberal policies that he said have killed Philippine agriculture and industry.