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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Hammersmith Goldhawk Rd protest against Total Oppression in Burma

29-02-2008 20:48

Seven protesters demonstrated at the Raven Total station at 372 Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith against the French oil company on Thursday 28th February. Total's pipeline in Burma was built with forced labour and the company has for years been the largest western sponsor of the brutal regime, funding the military junta with hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

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No Borders Benefit at RampART 1 tomorrow night!

29-02-2008 20:26

No Borders Benefit, Saturday 1st March, from 7pm, RampART 1

We celebrate the struggle for social spaces and for freedom of movement with another No Borders benefit party on Sat 1st March (7pm til late). Refreshments, films, info stall, and - of course - good music.

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Letter from Anarchist Vaggelis Botzatzis & 3 Comrades on the Run (Greece)

29-02-2008 16:11

Vaggelis Botzatzis has been remanded into custody accused of setting fire to two company cars owned by a energy/power company. It is believed that the person or persons unknown who carried out the arson did so in protest at the destruction of the natural environment and in support of two workers who died at the power plant.

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Around the Campaigns Friday 29th February 2008

29-02-2008 12:37

Constance & Andreas / Helen & Alistair / Evelyne & Adou
Removals from the UK were down again in the last quarter for which the Home Office have released figures.

Am sure all the campaigning had a lot to do with it!

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Human rights hypocrisy over Simon Mann

29-02-2008 12:31

Questions raised over the treatment of mercenary Simon Mann by the government of Equatorial Guinea do not reflect British policy, finds Rob Ray for Freedom newspaper

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Help Farid Hilali - Please Sign Petition

29-02-2008 10:45

Farid Hilali was extradited to Spain on February 8th 2008, after the House of Lords ruled that he may be sent under the terms of the European Arrest Warrant. This was in spite of a number of irregularities with the warrant, not least that it was reliant upon phone evidence that had previously been deemed inadmissible within the Spanish judicial system. Please sign the petition and help him.

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Photo Essay - Londons Secret Social Centre

29-02-2008 10:30

Owners seemed to want to make the building uninhabitable
Londons Secret Social Centre...

When a possession order was granted to the owners of the squatted block of properties in rampart street which houses the rampART social centre, a scurry of activity began to secure a new building to act as a backup venue during the uncertain period prior to eviction. A suitable property was found and entered for the first time on new years eve and occupied a couple of days later.

Only a short walk from the rampART, the new building was also a commercial premises with three floors. While the area of each floor was only about two thirds of that enjoyed at the rampART, the new building benefited from the addition of a basement which looked like it could make a great gig space. The ground floor had a tiny kitchen but with a bit of work it would clearly make a good space for a cafe and free shop. The first floor was mostly open plan, a good place for large meeting. Meanwhile the upper floor had been subdivided into offices and planned to use it for residential accommodation. The most exciting thing about the new space however was the yard which gave us potential to do things we could never do a rampART.

Despite all it's potential, the place was a mess. The owners had completely trashed every floor. Wiring had been cut, light switches smashed, false ceiling and lights pulled down, partition walls torn down or holed. Additionally, the only two toilets in the building had been smashed to pieces. However, we didn't think it would take long to put in shape. We took over a load of bedding and cushions, fold up table and chairs, water, wind up torches, candles, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers and settled in. Now split between occupying two spaces we put a call out for help occupying both buildings and preparing the new building to become a social centre...

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Yet More Bollocks About Cannabis

28-02-2008 22:44

We feel a campaign coming on so the void is taking out the prohibitionists one muppet at a time.

It makes a change from shooting fish in barrels.

We’ll leave Debra Bell (1) to fester in her ignorance for a while and move on to Mary Brett, UK spokesperson of ‘Europe Against Drugs!’ or EURA (2) for short.

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Children's Revolution and New Youth Movement Could Save Humanity from Extinction

28-02-2008 22:15

A national summit meeting of children and teenagers and university students dedicated to saving the human race from extinction caused by global warming, to be held on the site of the planned third runway near Heathrow Airport this summer is being proposed by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign.

A new youth movement is beginning to emerge in Britain as university students spearhead a drive to recruit other students to the environmental cause, and there are now plans for young people from all over Britain to come together and join forces to lend support to a massive new Children's Revolution campaign.

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SOCPA Movie tonight, London + 'We Own the Streets' - Sat 1 March: Press Release

28-02-2008 14:47

Free screening tonight (Thursday) in London of "SOCPA - The Movie", ahead of Day of Action on Saturday (1 March) in London and elsewhere against existing legislation restricting freedom to protest around Parliament (SOCPA) and its possible extension to the whole of the country.

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15 Actions to Topple the Fossil Fuel Empire

28-02-2008 11:33

15 Actions
2 new resources from Rising Tide ...

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Nottingham Gay Rainbow Heritage Exhibition

28-02-2008 01:18

As part of the 'LGBT History Month', the rainbow flag, flew above the Council House. As well as various events held around the city, there is an exhibition of photography in the Central Library [on the 1st floor], Angel Row, Nottingham.

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No! G8 Japan Info Tour

27-02-2008 21:49

Following their presentation at Sumac, 'No-G8 Action' invite you to support their call for action against the G8 in Japan.

The next G8 2008 will take place from July 7th to 9th in Hokkaido Japan, near the lake called Toya-ko. Perhaps the fact that the venue is called the 'Windsor Hotel' shows where the G8's interests lie.

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On top of Houses of Parliament roof

27-02-2008 10:54

Anti-Heathrow expansion protesters have climbed on to the roof of the Houses of Parliament next to Big Ben.

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Department for Transport workers to strike

27-02-2008 05:07

The Public and Commercial Services Union today announced a one day strike on 29 February involving over 8,500 members working for the Department for Transport (DfT) and five of its agencies.

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Cops become animal rights activists

26-02-2008 19:08

'the police have asked the restaurateurs to take the ingredients off the menu'

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Nottingham Library workers still resisting uniforms

26-02-2008 16:50

Nottingham Library workers are still opposing attempts by Michael Farter and his management henchmen to force them into polyester hell.

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Evelyne & Adou belong to Newcastle

26-02-2008 15:15

Evelyne & Adou
Evelyne & three-year-old Adou Nana were 'snatched' from their Newcastle upon Tyne home on Sunday morning. They are currently in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre with removal directions set for Thursday 28th February 2008 on Brussels Airlines flight SN2050 at 06:30 from Birmingham Airport to Brussels and onward to Douala, Cameroon.

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Cuba: Freedom, Dignity and Solidarity

26-02-2008 13:41

Cuba: Freedom, Dignity and Solidarity

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Ratcliffe Power station Climate Action, The Verdict

26-02-2008 12:38

On the 10th April 2007, 11 people walked into the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station and locked on to the coal conveyor and assorted plant there. Their objective was to take direct action to halt operations and thus to diminish the CO2 emissions of the E-on plant