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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Stop Camden Bio Hazard and Animal Testing Lab Coalition meeting this Sunday

02-07-2009 23:40

There are plans to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Camden, alongside St Pancras International, behind the British Library. The lab could be a level 3 facility which means that it could contain deadly pathogens such as anthrax and bird flu. The lab has been criticised by MI5, MPs, councillors, local businesses and residents.

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Action Required

02-07-2009 23:15

SWIPP (Solidarity With Iranian People's Protests) urges you to take the following actions.

Taken from:

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Home Office Neglects Immigrants

02-07-2009 21:04

An example of how the Home Office treats the immigrants who TRY their best in order to be legal in the United Kigdom.

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Preparations for Production in Rainy Season Made

02-07-2009 18:57

Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- Preparations for normal production in the upcoming rainy season are being made in the DPRK where a vigorous campaign for a new revolutionary upsurge is taking place.
While bringing the working people to clearly understand that to make full preparations for production in the rainy season is an important guarantee for the victory in the ongoing 150-day campaign, the government sees to it that thorough-going preparations to prevent the seasonal influence are being made in the sectors of the mining industry, hydro power stations, railway transport and construction ahead of others.

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Direct Action; Germany, France, Mexico, Sweden, Czech & USA

02-07-2009 18:45

25th June - 2nd July

65 HENS FREED (Czech Republic)

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Rossport solidarity demo + press release

02-07-2009 08:14

demo at Irish embassy in London

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Noise demo at the Irish embassy

02-07-2009 00:11

the oil drummer
15 to 20 people made a fairly cheerful racket for a couple of hours outside the Irish embassy in London today, in protest at the appauling brutality of the Gardie, who coninue to assault and imprison those fighting Shell in Rosport.

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Subverting Glastonbury Festival

01-07-2009 23:34

At the corporately social Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, small-scale vandalism took place and various areas were subverted in support of anarchism, also known as total liberation:

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A rap-song for Thomas Schulz, aka Schmuddel

01-07-2009 23:14

Thomas was an antifascist punk. He was killed at the 28.3 2005 by a
joung Nazi-Skinhead in Dortmund, Germany.
To remember him two members of the antifascist youth group AJB from the
neighbourtown Bochum put an antifascist rap in internet.
You will find a MP3-version of the song and a short selfmade video on

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Color Revolutions, Old and New

01-07-2009 18:39

Daily Telegraph, 16 June 2009
After Iran's June 12 election, days of street protests and clashes with Iranian security forces followed. Given Washington's history of stoking tensions and instability in the region, its role in more recent color revolutions, and its years of wanting regime change in Iran, analysts have strong reasons to suspect America is behind post-election turbulence and one-sided Western media reports claiming electoral fraud and calling for a new vote, much like what happened in Georgia and Ukraine.

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Daniel Obachike 7/7 number 30 bus bomb survivor is found out to be a fake. .

01-07-2009 17:21

Daniel Obachike wrote a book called The 4th Bomb claimimg that he was on the number 30 bus which was blown up on 7/7. He has also claimed that founders, members and supporters of We Are Change UK are a front for the MOD. This includes Andy Baker, Garetth Newnham and Toseef. He claimed to have "hard evidence" that they are working for MI5 / MOD. Last night he was to present this.

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CCTV for Forest Fields approved by City Council

01-07-2009 09:42

A letter has been received by the anti-CCTV campaign saying that the state surveillance plan for Forest Fields in Nottingham will be going ahead. It needs to be resisted.

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London Picket against Honduras Coup

01-07-2009 09:29

Embassy with flag and police
Protesters gathered outside the Honduras Embassy in Gloucester Place, London on Tuesday evening (30 June 2009) in an emergency picket against the reactionary military coup in Honduras on Sunday 28 June.
Pictures copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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churchill statue converted to sri lankan extermination camp

01-07-2009 07:55

Audio jamcam - by cover of night
in a bold occupation at 2.30 this morning, a woman from has converted the parliament square churchill statue into a mock-up of a sri lankan death camp. she intends to stay there as long as possible to highlight the plight of hundreds of thousands of tamil civilians facing threat of starvation, rape, torture or murder.

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Governor Of Queensland ignores judicial corruption claims involving brother

01-07-2009 06:26

This article is about government inaction on judicial abuse and corruption allegations by an unrepresented teenage victim of severe school bullying and education discrimination.

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27th June: Calais No Border march -pictures

30-06-2009 23:25

The white cliffs of Dover - the UK's entrance point for many asylum seekers.
Images from the Calais No Border march, which took place on Saturday 27th June.
Thousands of people from the No Border camp descended on Calais town, France, to get their point across about the situation facing increasing numbers of desperate asylum seekers stuck in the Calais area. Many asylum seekers face destitution in Calais as they struggle to complete their journey- for the most part away from war torn countries such as Afghanistan.

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50,000 workers on the streets & 50 factories burning in Bangladesh

30-06-2009 22:11

The mass unrest in the garment industry continued on Monday (29 June) for a third day...

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Where Next For Anti-Fascism?

30-06-2009 21:50

Nick Griffin of the BNP 'represents' the North-West. What now?

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Crackdown On Anti-Corporate Dissent: Animal Rights Movement

30-06-2009 19:23

During the past three years, the police and the Crown Prosecution Service have launched a new campaign against anti-corporate animal rights campaigns across the country. The crackdown has lead to the imprisonment of activists linked to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) for a total of 50 years and the jailing of Sean Kirtley, who was linked to the Stop Sequani Animal Torture Campaign (SSAT), for four and a half years. The sentences, the charges and the nature of the prosecutions have all been political. Public opposition to the crackdown has been confounded by a media smokescreen thrown up by the press releases churned out by the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU), portraying activists as ‘extremists’ and disseminating misinformation. Many of those jailed have not committed any conventional crime but have been targeted by new legislation intended to counter the threat posed to the pharmaceutical industry by effective direct action.

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Camp for Climate Action Launches Legal Challenge Against G20 Police

30-06-2009 16:22

Climate Campers have launched a Judicial Review against the Metropolitan Police, challenging the policing of the G20 Climate Camp in the City protest on 1st April and marking the start of a David and Goliath legal battle.