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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Tesco Campaign Off to a Great Start!

30-09-2007 14:18

Over 200 people attended a meeting on Thursday 27th of September at St. Philips Church on Mill Road, to express their displeasure at the prospect of Tesco's landing in the middle of their community.

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Tumoujgha Republic Birth of a Nation

29-09-2007 22:31

Tumoujgha Republic Birth of a Nation

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'Student Climate Project' takes off!

29-09-2007 22:25

The 'Student Climate Project' is an exciting new activist project by student activists aimed at getting the wider body of students onboard the climate movement. The project holds its launch gathering from the 30th November to the 2nd of December, and has just launched online forums. Everyone is welcome to get involved!

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Things Can Only Get Buddha ... As SchNEWS Examines The Sudden Iintrest In Human

29-09-2007 15:19

As SchNEWS Examines The Sudden Iintrest In Human Rights In Burma

"I call on those who embrace the values of human rights and freedom to support the legitimate demands of the Burmese people." - George Bush.

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March4Burma TMRW

29-09-2007 08:02

Monks and People against Imperialism

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Night Drift Through Kings Cross @ Housman's this Saturday

28-09-2007 23:11

Camden squatlands, headcases on psychoactive drifts, abandoned boozers, Nazi occultists, Rimbaud and Verlaine as proto flaneurs,Soane tomb transgressions, construction site labyrinths, subterranean rivers, Scala treble bills, Ballardian psychtropic nightmares……….

On Saturday 29th of September 7pm ,LAURA OLDFIELD FORD of SAVAGE MESSIAH ZINE . …………. .. ……. .. …

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Burma is Free! It has to be

28-09-2007 22:37

As you may know, the Junta have now cut internet links out of Burma so there is a near news blackout. Information is still getting out via mobile phone signals near the borders.

The latest news is reported here:

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Sheffield ethnic Karen (Burma) demo 01/10/07

28-09-2007 21:24

Sheffield Burma demo - Mon 1st Oct, 4:30pm Town Hall / Peace Gardens.

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Housmans Bookfair Weekender

28-09-2007 20:54

Details of pre bookfair and post bookfair events at Housmans during a long weekend of literature related anarchist activities. Including, the launch on Friday evening of an independent new magazine, "MAYDAY", which aims to help the movement forward towards new glories. Important and well known anarchist figures from the movements recent past, contribute articles and will be in attendance. Bring a bottle and celebrate champagne anarchism:)

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Children imprisoned appeal to Abbas

28-09-2007 20:45

The Israeli army arrested hundreds of under-age detainees since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada which erupted late September 2000.

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NUJ strike ballot in Coventry following unanimous vote

28-09-2007 18:40

The NUJ chapel at the Coventry Telegraph are balloting for strike action in a stand against inadequate editorial staffing levels.

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Boycott Total for Burma

28-09-2007 16:02

Total has become the main supporter of the Burmese military regime according to Aung San Suu Kyi

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Grave Concern for Mapuche Chief on hunger strike.

28-09-2007 13:30

Chilean authorities refuse to comply with international human rights legislation.

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Return of Sunday Picnic

28-09-2007 12:31

Picnic to debate the issues of the day

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Free the Jena Six, Stop the War on African People

28-09-2007 02:03

This last week, thousands of people converged on the small town of Jena, Louisiana to show support for the six African teenagers who face felony charges following a series of attacks by a hostile white school and criminal justice system.

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Blockade of Total Garage in solidarity with Burmese protesters

27-09-2007 22:19

Around 30 activists blockaded a Total petrol station to protest against the company's heavy involvement with the military junta in Burma which is responsible for the deaths of several protesters in just the last few days.

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Burma Solidarity Protest in Bradford

27-09-2007 22:07

Around 25 protesters blockaded a Total petrol station in Bradford today in solidarity with the Burmese people.

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Large turnout at Burmese and Chinese embassies in London

27-09-2007 18:58

Large numbers of protesters rallied outside the Burmese embassy, before marching to the Chinese embassy to demand China's support for the pro-democracy uprising in Burma.

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Unions responsible for harsh conditions facing temporary agency workers

27-09-2007 18:09

Tony Woodley, leader of the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G), used a column in the Guardian this week to set out his union’s campaign over the plight of temporary agency workers.

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NI classroom assistants begin one-day strike

27-09-2007 15:55

Pickets are being held outside special schools and some other schools in Northern Ireland as a strike by classroom assistants gets under way.