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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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15-05-2006 18:47

The final version of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill will be voted on by MP's tomorrow. Well publicised government amendments have given the impression that the government has "climbed down". In fact, Conservatives are enthusiastically greeting a Bill which still allows ministers to change just about any law they like.

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The people vs Leeds City Council this Wednesday

15-05-2006 18:19

Two separate campaigns fighting the Council's undemocratic and ill-thought plans for Little London and Woodhouse will unite on Wednesday in an unprecedented show of strength.

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London Welcomes President Hugo Chavez

15-05-2006 17:49

Very well attended rally at the Camden centre in central london last night

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Sharphill Woods 'Eco-Protest' :: What's going to be lost, Landscape Piccys

15-05-2006 17:35

Went for a walk with Tim around the fields, so he could show me, on the ground, what area the development will affect.

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Sharphill Woods 'Eco-Protest' :: Some More Piccys

15-05-2006 15:03

The BBC having gone, here are some pictures of folks at the camp. Chillin' on a sunday afternoon.

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Sharphill Woods 'Eco-Protest' :: BBC Politics Show Visits

15-05-2006 14:12

If you go down to the woods today ...... you'd be sure of a big surprise...... well no bears found, but the cameras of the BBC 'Politics Show' in the East Midlands were there.

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Leeds tenants say 'hands off our homes'

15-05-2006 14:04

At 12.30pm this Wednesday, (17 May), residents of Little London will gather outside Leeds Civic Hall to demand the Council immediately suspends its privatisation plans for their estate.

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Student activist conference at Sussex University, 27 May

15-05-2006 12:27

On Saturday 27 May, ENS and other organisations including UK Students Against Coke, Earth First Students and Students Against Sweatshops will be holding an activist gathering at Falmer House, University of Sussex. The event aims to be an open forum for anyone committed to building a fighting, political student movement to discuss ideas and share skills.

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Subvertising Ads-hell

15-05-2006 05:28

Noborders poster installed behind glass screen

A group of activists in Birmingham have managed to open Adshel bus shelters, where they put commercial adverts, using Allen keys, and have been using the space to advertise grassroots actions, such as the No Borders demonstration at Harmondsworth detention centre on 8 April, 2006.

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Hugo Chavez goes to Westminster 15th May 2006 at 4pm

14-05-2006 23:42

Hugo Chavez has been invited to speak with Brian Haw before he goes into Westminster.

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Beep if U luv Brian

14-05-2006 16:23

Brian tries on his mask for size
Almost a week has passed since the courts found the Brian Haw protest to be illegal after all; yet Brian and- today - forty or fifty supporters are still very present in Parliament Square.

Add the constant beeping of passing motorists, responding to the new "Beep for Brian" sign, and it's pretty clear that the level of support and the focus of publicity is making it difficult for police to enforce the judgement.

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Petition against Pool Closure / Unwanted Change

14-05-2006 10:30

Save Temple Cowley Swimming Pool!

Oxford City Council is planning to close Temple Cowley Swimming Pool, Gym and sauna suite, the only facility in the Oxford area with capacity for holding swimming galas.

This petition is sponsored by an ever-increasing group of residents who object to the proposed changes to their local swimming pool.

The views expressed in this petition are solely those of the petition's sponsor and do not in any way reflect the views of iPetitions. iPetitions is solely a provider of technical services to the petition sponsor and cannot be held liable for any damages or injury or other harm arising from this petition. In the event no adequate sponsor is named, iPetitions will consider the individual account holder with which the petition was created as the lawful sponsor.

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save our local swimming pool and gym

14-05-2006 09:57

City Council threatening to close or dramatically change our local pool againgt the wishes of the pool users.

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14-05-2006 09:50


contact: Kathleen McCarthy

Mary Sheridan, expecting her baby
in September, will be leading other
pregnant mothers from Dale Farm,
Crays Hill, Essex, at a rally in central
London on Thursday (18 May) protesting
against the threatened bulldozing of their

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14-05-2006 08:47


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Save Ryton Demo Report

13-05-2006 19:01

Peugeot workers from the under threat Ryton plant along with militants from West Midlands Anarchists and Solidarity Federation staged a demonstration in digbeth today to protest against the planned closure of the plant.

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Protest against BNP 'councillor' at the first full meeting of Birmingham council

13-05-2006 16:46

Sharon Ebanks, the 'councillor' for Kingstanding, will be at the councils AGM on Tues 23rd May. So will anti-racist and anti-fascist protestors. Make your voice heard.

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Israeli Soldiers Shoot Two International Peace Activists In The Head at Bil’in

13-05-2006 14:45

Activists Shot and Beaten at Peaceful Anti-wall Protest.

“I saw blood gushing out of his head, and helped bandage it. As we were getting him into the ambulance an Israeli soldier grabbed his long hair and they all tried to stop him from leaving in the ambulance even though they knew he was injured”, said American eyewitness Zadie Susser who saw Phillip Reiss from Austraila sitting in shock immediately after he was hit.