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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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G8 film on bbc4 tonight

15-11-2005 11:20

BBC4 9pm Tuesday 15th November - G8:Can you hear us ? an hour documentary that follows Rebel Clowns, the G8 bike caravan and a member of the communist party of Britain ( or is it Great Britain ??) Gleneagles --

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15-11-2005 05:36

Announcing "WORK . COMMUNITY . POLITICS . WAR" a new coloring book for the angry wage-worker.

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Anti-hoWARd government rallies a success

15-11-2005 04:43

Anti-hoWARd government rally
Over 200,000 people have protested at the anti-hoWARd government rally in Melbourne, with at least 150,000 or more in other capital cities and in regional centres throughout Australia.

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Debate on Academic Boycott Of Israel at Birmingham University

14-11-2005 21:41

In April this year, the Association of University Teachers voted at its annual Council meeting to boycott two Israeli universities: Bar-Ilan and Haifa. The AUT boycott was subsequently overturned at a Special Council meeting in May but it continues to be a hot topic.

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Swansea climate change meeting

13-11-2005 20:38

Swanseaclimate change meeting gathers support

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“The 9/11 – 7/7 Connection”

13-11-2005 17:57

To follow the increase in film showings RBC (Ruf Broadcasting Core) presents the showing of Painful Deceptions and talk/presentation “The 9/11 – 7/7 Connection”.

19th November at 7:30pm
Dancehouse Theatre (Oxford Road, Manchester, opposite the BBC)

Advance Tickets: 0161 237 9754
Information: 07748 347 367

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Clueless torturer Straw attacks "preposterous and demeaning" Cherie Blair

13-11-2005 12:18

"Impunity" Jack has put his foot in his mouth AGAIN with a vehement, virulent and accidental attack on Tony Blair's wife. Straw blasted former ambassador Meyer's description of John Major being briefed in his briefs as "preposterous", without realising that exactly the same story had appeared in Cherie's book "The Goldfish Bowl", with Meyer as the source!

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Federation Anarchiste on Riots

13-11-2005 09:14

The Englsh translation of a text by the french Federation Anarchiste on the Riots in France:

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President of Iraq Oil Workers' Federation to tour the UK: Appeal for funds

12-11-2005 21:09

Appeal for funds to suppor the Federation of Oil Trade Unions in Iraq: a politically independent, anti-occupation union, opposed to the corporate take-over of Iraq's resources and economy.

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Action against the Separation Wall

12-11-2005 20:05

Description of the action in Oxford on 12/11/05 against the illegal Israeli Separation Wall in Palestine

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Statement from MIB about riots in France

12-11-2005 19:45

This is the Englsih Translation of a statement by MIB ("Mouvement de l’immigration et des banlieues"), a network of migrants living in the suburbs of french cities. The MIB is involved in anti racist action for years, e.h. they took part in the international border camp in Strasbourg in 2002.

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Howard’s Terrorists

12-11-2005 12:11

When forced to produce, what do we get? The same fanatic imbeciles that were paraded on the local media after the London bombings and some others armed with PVC pipe, ‘sticky-tape and chewing gum’! Compare these outcomes with real bombings in George St. Sydney, in the seventies. Most Australians are aware that, like all other nations, we have always had our share of extremist fanatics, they can be easily located in mosques, churches and synagogues around the nation. There is nothing new in this regard; the existence of social misfits does not warrant the implementation of draconian policies on a national level.

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Assassination of Nestle Philippines strike leader - audio interview

12-11-2005 08:56

New in Baby Milk Action's broadcast section: campaigners speak of Nestlé's abuse of workers' rights, the assassination of trade union leader Diosdado Fortuna, baby food marketing and what they think of Nestlé's new Fairtrade product. Listen at

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Solidarity with the Paris Rioters - ideas

11-11-2005 23:52

The riots across France are the explosive beginnings of a powerful new political movement. The Parisian ethnic minorities are rejecting staggering racism, police discrimination and 40% unemployment. They need our solidarity, and quickly. 2005 is our 1968

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The rebellion spreads out to europe!

11-11-2005 20:30


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Paris riots become increasingly politicised

11-11-2005 17:38

The youth involved in the suburban riots since a forthnight become increasingly politicised. Strategies appear to be changing with callouts to take to the streets in the centre of Paris. French police responds by forbidding every public assembly in public places for Saturday and Sunday.

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Community activist threatened with an Asbo

11-11-2005 16:47

Keith Parkins, a local community activist, has been threatened with an Asbo, for daring to criticise and object to town centre development plans.

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video of shell saro-wiwa action

11-11-2005 15:56

in november 1995, nigerian writer and activist, ken saro-wiwa, and 8 of his colleagues were executed by the military regime for campaigning against the devastation of the niger delta by oil multi-national shell. yesterday, demonstrators dropped nine nooses infront of the shell uk headquarters on the south bank to highlight the anniversary and highlight the current struggle on the north west of ireland, where shell is set to transform a remote conservation area into an environmental disaster zone with public health and safety implications.