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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Stop The War Meeting in Cardiff

11-08-2005 14:55

A Stop The War meeting is being held in Cardiff this tuesday at 7.30pm

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Number plates to be chiped with RFID

11-08-2005 14:55

The British government is preparing to test new high-tech license plates containing microchips capable of transmitting unique vehicle identification numbers and other data to readers more than 300 feet away

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Balata Camp Youth Group to Preform in London at St. George's on August 23rd

11-08-2005 11:12

Making their world debut with this UK tour, youth from Balata  Refugee Camp, Palestine will make a stop to perform their powerful original piece, A'edoon in London on Tuesday the 23rd of August, at St Georges Theatre, Tuffnell Park Road, N.19.

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DSEi freepaper looking good

11-08-2005 01:17

Within about 24 hours of placing a call out for help in putting together a one-off free newspaper for the DSEi mobilisations, things are looking good for the project to go ahead...

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Activists evict office in northern German town

10-08-2005 17:19

Banner "Capitalism is superflous. Everything for Everyone!"
On Wednesday about 20 activists entered an office in a local department administrating the social security benefits for the district in Luechow, a small town in northern germany and evicted the office of an executive who is well known for his strict and inhuman interpretation of the new german labour and social security benefit laws.

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Boatyard Campaign on Front Foot

10-08-2005 17:09

The campaign for the Castle Mill Boatyard in Jericho is in high spirits today as it moves into the positive phase after a plan to build luxury homes on the site was rejected despite an appeal by the developers.

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5 city protest against Iran's anti-gay hate..

10-08-2005 15:23

Protests are to be held in 5 cities around the world on 11 Aug against Irans anti-gay hate and the execution of two gay teenagers on 19 July.

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EU Gymnich 2005 - 1st & 2nd September Newport South Wales

10-08-2005 14:28

A call out to all groups & individuals opposed to the ‘profit before people’ policies of the EU to carry out colourful & creative protests at the meeting.

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East London Public Meeting against the DSEi arms fair

10-08-2005 11:59

Newham Opposition to War and Racism (NOWAR) has organised a public meeting in Stratford on Monday 5 September as part of the growing campaign against the world's largest arms fair that will be held in Custom House in September.

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10-08-2005 00:33

Friday 19th August 9pm-2am
@ The Rainbow (Digbeth, Birmingham)

INQLAB is a not-for-profit clubnight organised by the South Asian Alliance.

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BP and Eden Project climb into eachother's arms

09-08-2005 23:50

The Eden Project has teamed up with BP on a project called 'Carbon Credits:
Apart from anything else, carbon credits and the whole idea that planting trees can offset your emissions is very dodgy:

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Defend Jerry Hicks

09-08-2005 18:02

Amicus have set up a public meeting on Thursday to support Jerry Hicks, sacked convenor at the Rolls Royce Bristol plant.

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Center Parcs ‘Empty Nested’ Family’s Position

09-08-2005 16:24

John Matthews Letter Corporate Sarcasm
“Center Parcs' target market is ABC1 families with young children, young professionals and empty nesters”. On Sunday 7th August 2005, a Center Parcs director was the target for a whole Family, ‘empty nested’ (evicted) by Center Parcs Director, John Matthews.

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Pledge to fight the backlash against Muslims

09-08-2005 14:05

"I will use any opportunity to speak out against racism and hate against Muslims sparked by the London bombings. I will offer support to my Muslim brothers and sisters, regardless of my own faith but only if 100 other people will too."

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Second Parliament Square protest halted under anti-terror laws

08-08-2005 18:11

UK London Metropolitan Police continued to gag peaceful protest using laws designed to tackle organised crime and terrorism on Sunday 7 August.

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Euromayday Arrests Update

08-08-2005 16:02

Two people arrested and charged during London Mayday 2005 action in court today (Monday August 8th)

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Student left conference at University of East London, September 3

08-08-2005 15:48

University of East London SU, Students Against Sweatshops and the Education Not for Sale network are co-hosting a conference on "Putting political activism back in the student movement" to bring together left activists and campaigners.

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No2ID campaign meeting in Oxford

08-08-2005 10:30

The local No2ID group for Oxfordshire, based in Oxford, is meeting this week to discuss opposing the introduction of ID Cards and the Database State, and are part of the national No2ID Card campaign (

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Palestine at the Festival!

07-08-2005 18:57

This is a short account with 9 photos of the cavalcade at the start of the Edinburgh fringe festival in which the DabkaTroupe from Nablus, Palestine took part.