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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Sheffield Cathedral vs Occupy Sheffield - hearing set for 21-22 Feb 2012

26-01-2012 13:42

At the court hearing held on 26th January 2012, where Sheffield Cathedral was seeking a posession order on the basis that Occupy Sheffield was trespassing on their land and they were also seeking over £8k in costs against Occupy Sheffield. The judge ruled that a two day hearing was needed for the case and set the date for this hearing -- 21st and 22nd Feburary 2012.

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Occupy the High Court to support the St Paul's Cathedral protest camp

26-01-2012 12:15

Eco-warriors are calling on large numbers of people to occupy the High Court and apply to the judges in chambers for a stay of execution on the imminent eviction of the St Paul's protest camp.
Grounds for a retrial are the fact that some defendants were refused admission to the court to hear their own case, the land is not a public highway and does not belong to the City of London but was originally gifted to the Church of England, and the City of London is a criminal organisation which is not entitled to possession of the site.

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Stay of Execution Sought for St Paul's Protest Camp

25-01-2012 18:20

Urgent messages proposing that a stay of execution for the St Paul's protest camp should be sought tonight from the emergency High Court duty judge have been forwarded to some of the eco-warriors camped outside the Cathedral.
The High Court in the Strand in London has a procedure which is available to all defendants in court cases to seek emergency injunctions and stays of execution on court orders from 7 o'clock at night until 10 in the morning and all through the weekends.

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Call out for support of Occupy Sheffield!

25-01-2012 17:57

Occupy Sheffield are facing court hearings tomorrow as Very Reverend Dead Bradley of Sheffield Cathedral takes Occupy Sheffield to court! Come and Support your right to protest!

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Tinlings Ltd make eviction threats against Occupy Liverpool

25-01-2012 12:43

Eviction threats against Occupy Liverpool.

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Please Help Stop the Eviction of St Paul's Protest Camp

25-01-2012 09:04

Desperate last minute efforts are being made to stop the IMMINENT EVICTION of the St Paul's protest camp as the eco-warriors are seeking an injunction on the grounds that the City of London Corporation LIED TO THE HIGH COURT about the ownership of the land.

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Oil to Occupy: The Restless West Coast

25-01-2012 06:25

Audio "Oil Free Coast" 3 speakers against Tar Sands pipelines and tankers in Canada, including First Nations. Then on-scene audio from Occupy Wall St West in San Francisco Jan 20th. Awaiting arrest, and crowd microphones against corporate takeover.

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Pinheirinho Eviction Masacre, Sao Paulo Brasil Update

24-01-2012 19:02

Despite numerous reports and eyewitness accounts from within of extreme brutality and fatalities in the 2000+ police assault at 6am Sunday morning on the Pinheirinho occupation, the mass media continues to churn out the police version that the whole eviction was over in 40 minutes.

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Cooperatives, Credit Unions and Experience of a Social Care Coop

23-01-2012 23:45

Audio John Halsted
On Saturday 21st January 2012 John Halsted spoke at a session on Cooperatives, Credit Unions and Experience of a Social Care Coop at the 3rd National Occupy Conference in the Citadel of Hope in Sheffield.

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Pinheirinho Occupation, Sao Paulo brutally evicted this morning

22-01-2012 22:43

Cops go in this morning
Today the State authorised 2000 police to evict the long term land occupation of Pinheirinho, near Sao Paulo in Brazil. Despite a 15 day truce demanded by a Federal judge last week, the police went in this morning in a surprise attack

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Sparks Facing Defeat As Unite Urges Contract Acceptance

22-01-2012 18:21

The 'agreement' which Unite are now urging members to sign
The electricians who provided some of 2011's most militant workplace organising appear to be heading towards defeat, as their Unite union urges them to sign up for pay cuts of around a third.

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A short analysis of the Cretan Independence Movement

22-01-2012 14:52

A warning for all independence movements.

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Kurdish activists in sentenced to death by Iran's islamic regime

22-01-2012 10:17

Brutality of Islami regime in Iran
Two Kurdish activists has been sentenced to death by the Iranian courts for ‘waging enmity against God’ through ‘propaganda activities’ and ‘membership in a dissident group’ according to the Mokerian News Agency.

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Occupy Sheffield's Rally for the 99%

21-01-2012 15:17

Occupy Sheffield held a rally for the 99% outside Sheffield Town Hall on 21st January as part of the 3rd National Occupy Conference.

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Montgomery Primary School Strike

21-01-2012 13:10

Montgomery Primary school is being forced to become an academy, a move which both teachers and parents are opposed to. In December, all staff went on strike, and were joined by parents on the picket line. They will be on strike again on the 25th January.

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Leamington Spa Protest against cuts to Disabled people's benefits - Round up

21-01-2012 13:00

Yesterday saw the first protest of Leamington and Warwickshire DPAC outside the offices of Tory MP Chris White. In spite of continuous rain there were between 30-35 people there. We couldn’t get to see Chris White and shortly before the protest began staff came out of the office and went away. We did however leave a letter for him and he has agreed to see me and some of his constituents at another time now. Full report here


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A Tank of an Idea (Part 2)

20-01-2012 20:51

Joginder Sanger shakes hands with another freeloader.

Heh - in Tank of an Idea (Part 1) we told you there was more to come on the dodgy relationship between Occupy Justice and Mastcraft Limited. Our friends at Corporate Watch have been digging about and what they have found, leads them to ask What would Mastcraft gain from agreement with Occupy Justice?

It seems that ideas of turning the old court house into a centre known as the Community Courthouse Iniative, ran into trouble when Hackney Council applied strict planning conditions on the listed building. The project felt it could only attempt to meet these restrictions, which added to already costs, if they were given a written commitment by the Metropolitan Police Authority to sell them the building should they clear Hackney's hurdles. The MPA refused to play and the innovative scheme was duly scuttled. This lead to the building being placed on the market, and duly snapped up by Mastcraft, with plans to turn it into a luxury hotel.

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Atos classify a man in coma as capable of work

20-01-2012 18:06

A man in a coma has had his benefits stopped because he failed to return an ESA50 fitness-for-work questionnaire.

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Avoid forced unpaid labour

20-01-2012 17:13

The following advice for anyone on JSA is from the Boycott Workfare website

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Why We’re Supporting Boycott Workfare Campaign In Birmingham

20-01-2012 16:59

Since the beginning of the year, Birmingham Trades Council and Brighton GMB Branch have signed the pledge to Boycott Workfare. The campaign also has the support of Birmingham Against Cuts who have written this statement…