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A short analysis of the Cretan Independence Movement

Schwarzbrennen | 22.01.2012 14:52 | History | Repression | Social Struggles | World

A warning for all independence movements.

There is currently a growing movement for independence taking place within Cretan society. One of the movements’ bold claims is that the Crete economy does so well, and poorer regions of the Greek state swallow much of this up. It is almost the 100th anniversary of Cretes independence from the Ottoman Empire and ascension into Greece, and the independence movement are trying to seize this moment to put forward a genuine case for the islanders. The Greek authorities believe that this movement is being funded and co-ordinated by powerful business groups within Germany, who obviously have their sights set on vulturing in and taking an economic stronghold on the island. In a scary, prophetic and realistic way, this transition could spread around the country, and lead to Greece being divided up into different economic sectors, each run by different European countries. A classic case of divide and rule, which is similar to superpowers in the past, for example when they carved up control of Africa during the colonial days. This time though, the terrorists are from an economic rather than a ‘royal’ background. What is happening in Greece right now, seems to be make or break for the European Union. The EU know that if they can break the backs of the Greeks (the most revolutionary working class in Europe), then this will lead to a domino effect taking place, and countries such as Portugal, and Ireland following suit. However, if the Greeks manage to win their struggle by resisting forced austerity and entering into a period of self-determination and a nationalised economy, then the EU policy of free market exploitation of its poorer members will fail, and perhaps (hopefully) lead to a domino effect of succession from the union and to its inevitable collapse.