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25-11-2003 16:44

Tom Hurndall was working with the ISM when he was shot by an IDF sniper and is now in a coma. The family are fighting for justice for Tom and this is one of a number of actions planned to raise awareness of the issue.

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25-11-2003 16:00

Following the examples of the collapse of the old Soviet Bloc, the former-Soviet Republics, and more recent examples from Serbia, Argentina and Bolivia, people power has toppled the corrupt regime in Georgia. Where now democracy?

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ISM Reports: Jayyous, West Bank. New Barriers Isolate Farmers And Families

25-11-2003 15:32

For Immediate Release

November 23, 2003


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In support of Police Accountability

25-11-2003 11:28

A response to an article seen on Indymedia defending police brutality. This is a detailed response to an issue we face all too often. The police need to be accountable to prevent teh arrival of a fascist state.

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A very British Coup?

25-11-2003 08:52

Georgia's velvet revolution and BP's pipe dreams

The 'velvet revolution' in Bristol's twin city, Tbilisi, has delighted British and US oil interests, coming just in time to save a massive BP oil and gas pipeline project which Eduard Shevardnadze's former government had threatened to veto.

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Action Plan for The Hungerstrikers in Greece

24-11-2003 20:59


5 Anti capitalist prisoners, inprisoned on false charges in Greece are on hungerstrike demanding their release on bail.

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Sharon hosts meeting with Italian Fascists

24-11-2003 20:54

Israeli government officials and opposition leaders have met the leader of Italy's neo-fascist National Alliance party, Gianfranco Fini

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Simon mentioned by BBC ....mp3

24-11-2003 18:44

there was a short peice on Simon with an interview with his brother
also link to mp3 of program

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Farnborough Airport Consultative Committee

24-11-2003 15:37

All UK airports are required to have a consultative committee to provide a forum within which issues that affect the local community and local environment are discussed. Farnborough Airport, the business airport for Europe, held its third consultative meeting recently. The local community were less than impressed.

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Εdinburgh: 740 signatures for the Immediate Release of Salonica 7

24-11-2003 14:53

740 signatures on petition demanding the immediate release of the 7 prisoners was sent today to the Greek ministers of Justice and the Interior, as well as to the Athens daily Eleftherotypia

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Blair or Brown In Howard's Lair 2004(Pt 2)

24-11-2003 14:45

SE neo labour Conference 2004.

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Los presos de Tesalónica en situación crítica. Manifestación e

24-11-2003 14:06

Los presos de Tesalónica en situación crítica. Manifestación estatal en Madrid

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European Social Forum 2004 - Paris

23-11-2003 14:18

Another World Is Possible!

This is the conviction that brought around 60,000 people together in Paris last week, for the European Social Forum, with the aim to share ideas about how alternatives to neo-liberal globalisation can be conceived and realised.

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23-11-2003 11:20

A student Cold Warrior remembers the day JFK died, goes to the funeral, meets a woman, gets drunk, gets married, gets divorced, joins the revolution, becomes a fugitive, goes to California.

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Asylum children maybe forced into care

23-11-2003 10:08

UK prepares to adopt extreme legislation concerning the separation of refugee families, hoping to force more of them into 'Voluntary return' to their countries of origin. Being a foreigner myself, I was wondering what should civil society do against these draconian measures taken against alien families. (,2763,1091539,00.html)

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In the midst of Miami's FTAA chaos we fed the homeless

23-11-2003 02:44

Despite all the bad images and problems of the FTAA protest there was some very positive things that also happened. There were many people that took time to commit acts of social responsibility and acts of kindness.

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The Georgians show how it should be done.

22-11-2003 23:54

The georgian people show what should be done with a rotten leader.

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Hunger strikers' doctors statement

22-11-2003 13:20

Full text of the formal statement of the doctors of the hunger strikers.

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article on postal wildcat strike

21-11-2003 23:48

Short report about postal strike for next issue of wildcat ( and