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Pix of Critical Mass London, Fri 27 May 05 - Set 2 of 2

31-05-2005 12:10

The S&M Pride flag flies proudly from one cyclists rideThe proud owner of an ult
Static and from-the-saddle pictures of Critical Mass London's first ride of its 12th year.

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.
For a link to other sets of photos/video, see the Links Comment at the foot of this page.

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The Travellers Situation

30-05-2005 22:17

Travellers come from many backgrounds. But similarities far outweigh differnces, in peoples expectations on what they want out of life. Recently, politics has come crashing through the door, and trampled their boots, all over the usual suspects of , travellers, asylum seekers, migrants, and the rest .......!

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Anniversary of the 'Battle of the Beanfield': 'Operation Solstice'

30-05-2005 22:03

Anniversary of the 'Battle of the Beanfield' 1st June 1985
It's 20 years, since the major trashing of my community, travelling on the way the make the "Peoples Free Festival of Albion" at Stonehenge. It was a regular event on the calender.

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Colombia Solidarity Conference

30-05-2005 22:01

Colombia Solidarity Campaign Day School, fundraiser and AGM. 18-19 June 2005. Conway Hall.

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UKWatch Launches!

30-05-2005 18:41

UKWatch ( launched today! is a new website that aims to promote a better understanding of UK political, economic and social issues whilst hopefully helping to encourage cooperation between activist groups.

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Kiss It!

30-05-2005 17:59

Please print & distribute!
...A rally call to all survivors, users and refusers of the psychiatric system, friends and allies! Demonstrate your disgust at the use of oppressive force in psychiatry! 14th July, 1 pm, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester!

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G8 Make Poverty History Wristbands made in Sweat Shops Report

30-05-2005 15:32

Media reports that many of the the Make Poverty History wristbands were made in sweatshops...

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Christian Marazzi in London

29-05-2005 23:57

radical autonomist speaker in london

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Freedom Summer Palestine 2005

29-05-2005 19:09

Freedom Summer Palestine 2005 is a Palestinian non violent campaign
against Israeli occupation — This summer, With the participation of
international supporters, Palestinians will continue their
long-standing mobilization for nonviolent direct action against the
occupation and draw the world's attention to what is really happening
in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

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Roman Catholic Archbishops Sued For Fraud

29-05-2005 17:34

Bimingham, England
27 May 2005

The Plater College Foundation has issued fraud proceedings against four Roman Catholic Archbishops of England and Wales.

They are Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster; Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Birmingham; Peter Smith, Archbishop of Cardiff and Patrick Kelly, Archbishop of Liverpool.

The proceedings were issued in the Chancery Division of the High Court, at Birmingham, this Friday afternoon.

Also sued, are the Catholic Education Service and its Chief Exective, Oona Stannard and a member of its legal staff, Martin Bradshaw, along with 14 present and former members of the Governing Body of Plater College, Oxford, including its former Chair, Leo Curran, QC and its present Principal, David Mason.

The Foundation represents staff and students opposed to the intended closure of Plater College, Oxford, of which the four Roman Catholic archbishops are trustees.

Counsel for the Foundation, John Rhys-Burgess, who is himself a former Plater College student, said:

"It is our view that no valid reasons for closing the College have ever been given. On the contrary, the stated reasons for the closure were manifestly false, misleading, self-serving and pretextual.

Upon any rational and objective analysis of the statements variously made by the Defendants to justify the closure, the unavoidable conclusion is that they could only have been made with the deliberate intention to deceive.

This has informed our conscientious belief that the Trustees and those advising them have attempted to carry out what can only be regarded as a callous and cynical fraud upon the College.

Whilst the Governing Body appear to be innocent of any dishonest intent, they are nevertheless complicit in the wrongful conduct of the Trustees and the Catholic Education Service, since they ought to have taken steps to prevent the intended fraud but have failed to take any action."

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Free Festival of Mapping Opening Night

29-05-2005 13:17

'YOU ARE HERE but why?' Free Festival of Mapping
Opening Night is on Friday 3rd June 7pm
56a Infoshop 56 Crampton St London SE17
Tube or Bus to Elephant + Castle

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London ESF Arrests Update

29-05-2005 12:37

In total there were 10 arrests (that we know of) during London ESF (October 14th-17th 2004):

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28-05-2005 22:26

Market Europe
All member states of the European Union will soon have to agree to or reject the project of European Constitution. A European campaign has just been launched in order to contribute to develop a large movement against this project of constitution. You can support it and join it by subscribing to the following text. France is voting on Sunday.

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Palestine, the right to education & the academic boycott of Israeli institutions

28-05-2005 15:53

Oxford PSC have organized a public speaker meeting to discuss the academic boycott of Israeli institutions.

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Canterbury Gay Pride 11 June

28-05-2005 11:19

The city of Canterbury,Kent (darkest Toryland) is to see it's first ever Gay pride event. (The 1st such 'open' one in Kent.
A gay pub in Maidstone held an 'in house' version a couple of years ago but this is the first really visible one...

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Be a Geisha at the G8!

28-05-2005 10:03

A gentle gaggle of geisha will mingle in the masses during the G8 summit, 2nd - 8th July in Scotland, when 8 men think to meet undisturbed, unruffled and untroubled to decide upon the worlds future.

Join the geisha of gaiety on a passionate mission of peace and progression.

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NUJ wins union recognition battle with new media giant AOL

27-05-2005 21:44

The NUJ was awarded automatic recognition at AOL (UK) part of the giant US media conglomerate AOL on Wednesday. (25/5/05).

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Sanctuary for Zahrieh, Alirezah and Navid

27-05-2005 10:14

'Sanctuary for Zahrieh, Alirezah and Navid'
The Rahimi Larki family Zahrieh, Alirezah and Navid; nationals of Iran, were taken from their Wolverhampton home on Monday 16th May and taken to Yarl's Wood Removal Centre, where the are today. Most of their belongings were left behind. One of the Immigration officers packed their son, Navid's, belongings, bundling a lot of useless stuff into the bag, such as a blanket and toy puppets.

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Join the Virtual Sit-In against the MinuteMen

26-05-2005 21:02

"Swarm the Minuntemen" invites people from all over the world who oppose racist violence to join the Electronic Disturbance Theatre action on May 27th, 28th and 29th, 2005 to engage in a virtual sit-in on the MinuteMen website during their "Unite to Fight" Summit.