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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Today | Peasants from Cornwall to Revolt against Parliament | Assemble Hyde Park

01-11-2008 08:54

Assemble Hyde Park
10.30 am - 12.30pm Speeches and Discussions
12.30 pm march to Parliament

Look for Trailer with PA (presumably we will be somewhere near Speakers Corner but we ain't from around these parts, so you'll have to come find us)

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Communique from CIPO-RFM. Compañeros y Compañeras, please pass on and act.

31-10-2008 20:46

Miguel Cruz Moreno
“There’s not justice for the people, precisely because is poor,
and justice only use is to humiliate and depreciate the poor. “
Ricardo Flores Magon. 1911.

To the good at heart men and women
To the Other Campaign
To the honest media
To Human Rights Organisations

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This Week in Palestine, Week 44

31-10-2008 19:11

This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for October 25 through 31, 2008.

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a well run council

31-10-2008 16:37

It has been claimed the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor is a very well run council, with first class officers.

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Italian Student rebellion spreading: Photos and Info

31-10-2008 14:17

The 'Wave' of struggles against Government reforms of education (the Gelmini law) has caused a mass movement to begin in Italy. For one month, students, school students and education workers have been out on the streets. Numerous University faculties are occupied and demo and blockades are a daily occurrence. Now that the Law has been passed, everyone is waiting for a possible State repression to come down hard. Numerous days of action are up and coming.

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Another ranger is found, safe, Virunga, Congo

31-10-2008 10:38

The situation in the Congo, Virunga National Park, home of some of the worlds last Mountain Gorillas.

"Congo Rebels Seize Gorilla Park HQ After Heavy Fighting; Rangers Forced To Flee Into Forests"
Situation 'a bit' less tense now, possibly.

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You have the Power to Stop Deportations

31-10-2008 09:10

An Anti-Deportation Campaign involves organizing resistance to restrictive immigration legislation, and simply means making the government change their minds regarding an individual case. Or persuading an airline not to facilitate UK enforcement policies.

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Scottish Water workers vote on industrial action

31-10-2008 02:39

Scottish Water workers are being balloted on industrial action after the employer imposed a below inflation pay rise which had not been agreed.

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Scottish council workers vote on new pay offer

31-10-2008 02:37

150,000 local government workers in Scotland are being balloted to see if they accept an improved pay offer of 3% following two one-day strikes.

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Filipino Workers hold March to protest against the GFMD

30-10-2008 23:25

As the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) opened today in Manila, at least 5000 workers from the Philippines and other countries in every region of the world came together in one of the broadest labor mobilizations ever organized in the entire history of the global trade union movement.

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Palestine Today 103008

30-10-2008 16:17

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Thursday October 30.2008

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Get set for audio skillshare

30-10-2008 14:37

Get on the streets, silly!
On Saturday November 1st, Riseup! Radio are hosting a skillshare for making and sharing audio recordings. Here’s an outline of what the day will look –and sound like.

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Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser speaks of his battle with GMO giant Monsanto

30-10-2008 12:48

Percy Schmeiser is a Canadian farmer who has been sued by agricultural chemical and biotech giant Monsanto after some of Monsanto's genetically engineered Roundup Ready genes drifted onto his property from neighboring farms and contaminated his crop. Mr. Schmeiser, who is now 70 years old, has traveled the world speaking to a wide variety of audiences about his experience.

This audio was recorded at Lincoln University (23rd Oct '08) during Percys recent UK speaking tour.

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Justice not Crisis reveal site of Halloween Gathering in Birmingham

30-10-2008 12:09

JUSTICE NOT CRISIS together with a number of groups are holding a Halloween gathering to protest at the council refusal to build new homes for social rent or allow housing associations to do so.

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Stephane Siewe Belongs to Middlesbrough

30-10-2008 10:43

Stephane Siewe, a Cameroon national and resident of Middlesbrough, is currently detained in Colnbrook IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Monday 3rd November @ 06:15 on British Airways flight BA 302 to Paris and then Air France flight AF940 to Yaoundé, Cameroon @ 10:25.

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friday 31st - anarchist students back bank bash

29-10-2008 22:37

Autonomy and Solidarity would like to announce their arrival by endorsing this Friday’s demonstration assembling at Canary Wharf tube station at 5pm then marching on Lehman Brother’s offices.

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Prime Minister’s Question Time Evicted Houseboat Family Petition Downing Street

29-10-2008 19:08

Cardiff Central Dad and Daughters Set Course for London To Petition Gordon Brown
“I will let the prime minister have it on your behalf.” Words of some comfort spoken by the doorman at 10 Downing Street, but will the injustice and corporate bullying done to the evicted Shalom Family from Wales, continue to be ignored by Government? Their appeal asking for answers from Gordon Brown, was delivered upon the fifth anniversary of their immoral houseboat eviction by Crest Nicholson.

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Gelmini Law voted in, Italy. Student revolt spreads.

29-10-2008 15:30

Fascists in Piazza Navona
An hour ago the Gelmini decree was voted by the Senate into law. Immediately there was
a big reaction from students across Italy. In Rome they also had to confront fascist student
organizations. In Milano, an unauthorized demo of 2000 highschool students traversed the city center where and was charged at several points by riot cops. This is gonna be a hot day. Tomorrow there is a general strike in the public education sector.

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As New Labour cuts student grants and numbers, Irish students show how to fight

29-10-2008 15:06

As New Labour cuts student grants and slashes numbers, Irish students show us how to fightback. Join the call for a national student demonstration!

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[Tokyo]Lets go and see Prime Minister's House! 3 arrested at the "reality tour"

29-10-2008 12:46

Police violently arrest tour participant
3 comrades were arrested yesterday 26th Oct during a walking-tour just to see Prime Minister's house