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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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International Invitation to Peace Camp

23-02-2007 01:37

International Invitation to Peace Encampments on Zapatista and Cucapá Territory
To Be Installed February 26 in El Mayor, Baja California; March 13 in Huitepec, Near San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas

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Vortex Mobilisation for Anti-War Protest: Sat 24Th Feb

22-02-2007 22:18

The Ex-Vortex Social Centre is organising a bloc within the autonomous bloc for the coming pro-peace Anti-Trident missiles demonstration in central London this saturday 24th Feb.

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The Howard government, RAMSI, and the April 2006 Solomon Islands’ riots Part 2

22-02-2007 21:24

The conclusion RAMSI
The Howard government immediately moved to derail the official investigation, using all the dirty tricks at its disposal. Former Australian Federal Court Justice Marcus Einfeld, who was appointed head of the inquiry, became the target of an extraordinary media witchhunt in Australia, ostensibly over an unpaid $77 speeding fine. Following Einfeld’s announcement that he was resigning from the Solomons’ investigation, the barrage of sensationalist stories disappeared from the headlines as suddenly as they had emerged.

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"Unemployment is a Victory"

22-02-2007 18:34

Higher productivity allows a maximum in prosperity to be realized with a minimum in human labor. Freedom, not full employment, is the altrernative today.

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Bringing Down the Barriers - Looking at Gujarat: Five Years On

22-02-2007 16:20

Time: 25th February - 2.30pm
Venue: Moseley Community Development Trust (Above the Moseley Post Office Building), 149-153, Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham. B13 8JP.
Info: 07970 679725 /

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New DVD by La Plataforma: Video-Chronicles 2006

22-02-2007 14:32

We include in this release the video-chronicles we have produced during the last year, trying to give voice in an audiovisual format to different moments of the anti-capitalist struggle.

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The Howard government, RAMSI, and the April 2006 Solomon Islands’ riots Part 1

22-02-2007 00:38

Solomon's Riots
Taken together, what is known about the events of April 18-19, 2006 leaves little doubt that Australian forces were deliberately stood down in order to allow for an extended eruption of violence. Certainly the least plausible explanation is that offered by Castles and other Australian officials.

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CSSGJ Roundtable on the 2007 World Social Forum

21-02-2007 10:50

What is the WSF for? Is it just a talking shop, or is it part of the wider resistance to neoliberal capitalism? What is the future of the WSF - and the social forum process more generally?

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19 Children & 23 adult DR Congolese to be deported by 'Charter Flight'

21-02-2007 10:24

Starting last Thursday, Home Office 'snatch squads' have detained a number of families and individuals from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) who have been living in the UK for several years. We anticipate the numbers detained will increase during this week.

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now n power act to kerb legal press activities on public highways

21-02-2007 08:51

now n power act to kerb legal press activities on public highways, this means officially democracy is over and freedom us gone if the high court are willing to grant injunctions to ban legitimate news gatherers shooting from public highways. This is unheard of and a disgrace.

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Students demand more education in their own language

20-02-2007 20:47

Students in Wales claim that only 1.5% of higher education students in Wales receive courses in their own language and that only 0.3 of the University of Wales' budget is spent on Welsh language courses

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A day dedicated for defining our political identity at the Vortex

20-02-2007 16:46

Side A
A day for defining our political objectives and for introducing people to activism

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Palestine: Anarchists Resist the Wall

20-02-2007 10:11

Activists using razor wire from the wall to block Basel Street in downtown Tel A

Jonathan Pollak, an activist with Anarchists Against the Wall was sentenced to three months in prison, that will be activated if he is convicted of a similar charge again. Pollak was sentenced today after he was convicted together with 10 other activists for blocking a road in Tel Aviv in protest of the construction of the wall. He asked the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court to sentence him to jail time rather than community service or a suspended sentence, saying he has no intention to stop resisting the occupation. The ten other convicted activists were sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

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The Blue Nightmare: last indyoaxaca video with translations.

20-02-2007 08:30

Blue Nightmare:
Oaxaca. after the State's concerted repression against the people of oaxaca and against the APPO on the 25th of November, the police took more than 200 People to prisons all over the country. Blue Nightmare takes us to the testimonies of some of them.

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No forced 'Charter Fllights' to DR Congo

20-02-2007 06:02

The UK Home Office is stepping up the use of 'Charter Flights' to remove those refused asylum from the UK

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Australian Man Robert Jovicic Gets A Visa?

20-02-2007 02:22

Federal Aliens
An Australian man who has lived in Australia since he was a child has been given a two-year visa and has thanked the Immigration Sinister Kevin Andrews for allowing him to stay home. What he can be assured of though is that he is an Australian no matter what the John Howard government say.

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Credit Suisse puts jungle destroyer on the Hong Kong stock exchange

20-02-2007 02:15

The Swiss bank Credit Suisse is launching the Malaysian timber firm Samling on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Also involved in the float are the British HSBC and the Australian Macquarie Bank.

The sale of stock will begin on 23 February, trading starts officially on 7 March. Samling expects the float to give it 280 million US dollars which it wants to use to keep cutting down forests and repay debts.

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last EZLN communiqué

20-02-2007 00:39

Communiqué from the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee – General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation

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On the Ground Ireland: Day four, the Monday picket, video and report

19-02-2007 21:54

Fears on early Monday morning. Rats. Big ones. Perhaps Bertie Ahern and his corporate buddies had stormed the camp, attempted to make a profit nest under the communal bender and, as usual, couldn’t agree on anything and began squabbling, squawking and squeaking, clawing out each others eyeballs.

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Demands grow for release of Australian Guantánamo prisoner, David Hicks

19-02-2007 21:41

But such is the mountain of lies from Canberra
But such is the mountain of lies from Canberra that government officials are losing track. On Monday, February 5, the government’s threadbare claims were suddenly cast aside when Howard told a meeting of government MPs that all he had to do was ask for Hicks’s release and the Australian would be repatriated.