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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Anarchist Workers' Network Website now online!

17-09-2003 22:53

The new AWN is being launched at this year's anarchist bookfair, with a number of aims:
* To provide a means for anarchists in individual unions or industries to link up and support each other (including unemployed or retired workers).
* To coordinate campaigns like disaffiliation from New Labour.
* To raise awareness of anarchist methods of organising society and industry.
* To circulate and share news, advice and information.
* Supporting workers in struggle.

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Drowned Out / McLibel Double Bill

17-09-2003 18:12


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100,000 teachers on strike today in Australia, in a historic action

17-09-2003 16:01

Almost 100,000 teachers across Australia shut down hundreds of public schools, in the nation's largest strike by a single workforce. ...

At Melbourne Park, a stopwork meeting of at least 9000 teachers warned of further... action... unless the... government boosted its 9 per cent salary offer... Teachers want 25 to 30 per cent.

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"Report From Baghdad" Part Three--Life in Iraq

17-09-2003 07:19

Childern picking scrap materials from the weapon dumbs
This is a part three of the six-part series "Report form Baghdad" by Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles Reporter Lee Siu Hin's July 2003 trip to U.S. occupied Iraq, to commemorate 6-months commemoration of U.S. invasion of Iraq (Sep 20), and to understand the future of Iraq.

To view the entire series, please visit:

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Anthany Dawson (R.I.P.) Letter from Nancy Dawson

16-09-2003 03:56

I have received a copy of your letter dated August 28, 2002 addressed to my lawyer, Adrian Brooks. I must say that I am very disappointed. I did have high hopes that perhaps the old boys club would have been set aside and that each case would be reviewed in detail.

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10 Years Later, the World is Upside Down

15-09-2003 19:07

Polls continue to show that 73 percent of the American people want U.S. policy to be "evenhanded" and want Israel to be pressured and support a two-state solution. But extremists on all sides are resolved to prevent peace.

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Who Was Neil Stonechild?

15-09-2003 05:35

In 1990, an aboriginal teenager's frozen body was found on the outskirts of Saskatoon. Police ruled Neil Stonechild's death accidental which caused much public outcry. An inquiry into his death was never launched even after other aboriginal men were found frozen to death on Saskatoon's outskirts.

SASKATOON - Saskatoon's police chief says officers may have been dumping native people outside the city for years, an admission that comes as new information emerges about a 13-year-old case.

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Itoiz Evictions - Communique

14-09-2003 18:33

On Monday 15th September the second wave of evictions and demolitions will begin around the Itoiz Dam. Below is a communique from Solidari@s con Itoiz. For more information about the Itoiz Dam go to, and keep watching Indymedia for news updates on the resitance that is taking place.

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14-09-2003 16:01

For a people that have survived centuries of slavery and colonialism and race based terror HIV/AIDS represents today the most serious threat to the survival of people of African descent. HIV/AIDS is not only a serious threat to the genocide of millions of Africans affected with HIV/AIDS it is also the fastest growing leading cause of death amongst African Americans and people of African descent throughout the world.

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14-09-2003 14:18


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Summons to Squatters.

14-09-2003 13:32

Barcelona: a globally connected underground network of free spaces and squats.
International call to action and request for support.
Protest against the most serious attacks on free spaces yet encountered.
and Days of information and discussion.

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WTO/Cancun rally in Oxford

13-09-2003 20:04

Marching down Cowley Road (1)
Rally in Oxford, 13th September, against the far-reaching effects of the World Trade Organisation on communities throughout the world, including Oxford.

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'I Married an Extropian'

13-09-2003 18:52

I have personally long felt that Libertarianism and related beliefs have something to do with poor potty training.

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ACLU defends RFID Protestor Rights to Free Speech

13-09-2003 11:43

CASPIAN, an organization opposed to RFID tagging of consumer items, was denied the right of free speech at a public convention venue. The operators of McCormick Place in Chicago denied the group the right to wear t-shirts with printed messages. Members of the public walk through the buildings regularly, and there are shops and a public train stop within the buildings.

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Respect to Kyung Hae Lee

13-09-2003 10:50

As another successful DSEi took up most of the newswire this hero went largely unnoticed.
All respect to Kyung Hae Lee, 56. (knife to the heart on Sept 10 2003)

What was he highlighting? Was it just anger at the Mexican pigscum?

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Update with news around the European Education Forum(EEF)

13-09-2003 10:24

here comes the latest information about the European Education Forum which will take place simultaniously during the summit of the European education ministers from September 18-20 2003 in Berlin, Germany.

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Impeachment Inquiry

13-09-2003 09:15

Santa Cruz, CA USA City Council passes motion to write letter requesting an impeachment inquiry

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Nestle faces grilling at TUC fringe debate with Baby Milk Action

13-09-2003 07:03

Nestlé backed down on its refusal to debate with Baby Milk Action at the Trade Union Congress (TUC) Conference in Brighton after the TUC General Council barred the world's largest food company from the Conference proper. Read Baby Milk Action's presentation denouncing Nestlé's baby food pushing practices. Watch TV footage from a German documentary further proving Nestlé's claim it does nothing wrong is untrue.

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Cancun Radio update

12-09-2003 22:48

Transcript from Cancun indymedia radio

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Freedom Highway Festival

12-09-2003 10:20

Freedom Highway is a festival, at the Barbican, that focuses on the powerful role of music and song in the political struggles and liberation movement of the 20th century, featuring live music, talks and films from an international line-up of artists.