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Summons to Squatters.

Assembly of Squatters Barcelona | 14.09.2003 13:32 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

International call to action and request for support.
Protest against the most serious attacks on free spaces yet encountered.
and Days of information and discussion.

Barcelona: a globally connected underground network of free spaces and squats.
Barcelona: a globally connected underground network of free spaces and squats.

the Squatters Assembly of Barcelona we have organized this Fortnight of Fight in the street elaborating all that we have been doing on a daily basis from squats, community and diverse collective centers.

We face a new big wave squats and community centers evictions which are foreseen for this autumn. So we need to organize some days of struggle that serve to assemble the greatest number of people around the reality of these squats and to take part, hereby, in the denunciation against the speculation and against the evictions of the free spaces. The spaces like Les Naus, Ateneo de Korneyà, la Kasa de la Muntanya, el Ateneo de Viladecans and La Rovira are under serious threat of eviction.

The days are already organized, and they will take place from September 26 to October 10. We attach the program and calendar of activities, through which we want to draw attention to the International Demonstration summoned for October 4 through the streets of Barcelona.

This is basically a call to the mobilization in which we want your participation, especially those of you who want to come to Barcelona and want to be present at the summons.

The organization is preparing some places to house the people who are coming but we need you to confirm attendance in order to look for places to sleep, otherwise we might not be able to guarantee it. For any question you can write us to

Thanks to everybody and we wait for all of you in Barcelona!!


Friday, the 26th of September

Meeting with mass-media, presentation of the journeys.

Saturday, the 27th of September

11.ooh Rural and urban squat journey +Party at night in Can Masdeu

Sunday, the 28th of October


Monday, the 29th of October

18.ooh Solidary Concentration in Gava’s train station supporting Ateneu de Viladecans and against speculation

Tuesday, the 30th of October

Day against speculation: Find the empty houses in the neighbourhood.

Wednesday, the 1st of October

2o.ooh Solidary Demonstration with the Kasa de la Muntanya in the Jardinets de Gràcia.

Thursday, the 2nd of October

8.ooh Solidary concentration in front of La Kasa de la Muntanya. Avda santuari st Josep de la Muntanya, 33

Friday, the 3rd of October

21.ooh Gastronomic night against speculation: Popular dinner in the Ateneu de Kornellà, in the CSO Monstru, in the CSO The Lokeria in the CSO l'Hamsa.

Saturday, the 4th of October

10.ooh Media/activism international day in Les Naus

18.ooh International Demonstration in defense of free spaces and against their evictions in the Pça Universitat.

22.3oh Party in the CSO L'Hamsa C/Miquel Bleach, 17

Sunday, the th5 of October

10.ooh Media/activism international journey in Les Naus

Monday, the 6th of October

19.ooh Dossier against speculation. Presentation in the Espai Obert.

Tuesday, the 7th of October

19.ooh Presentation of the video " Kasa dels Gats’s eviction: an organized answer " in the CSO El Monstru.

Wednesday, the 08th of October

8.ooh Solidary concentration in front of the Kasa de la Rovira. Pça of the Rovira, sn

Thursday, the 9th of October


Friday, the 10th of October

Day in support to Ateneo de Korneyà

19.ooh Talk on the situation of the Ateneo

21.00h Popular dinning

22.30h Concert : Antisocial, Insershow + surprise group


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