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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Brighton Gig for Gaza

03-12-2009 07:36

The Gaza Freedom March - !! Brighton Benefit Gig !!
All proceeds will be used to buy a violin and much-needed educational materials
for the children of Gaza, to be hand-delivered by Elle and Naomi when they participate in the Gaza Freedom March Dec 31st 2009. This is an international march to resist the
on-going Israeli siege of Gaza, which is preventing official imports of reconstruction materials, school supplies and food reaching the Palestinian people.

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We need a New Anticapitalist Party in Britain

02-12-2009 12:54

After more than 12 years in office, Labour has proved itself time and again to be a party that attacks workers’ pay, conditions, jobs and rights. And now we face the worst capitalist economic crisis for decades, with a massacre of jobs sweeping the country.

The working class in Britain does not have a party of our own to organise and inspire resistance to the bosses’ crisis on a daily basis – on the streets and in the workplaces as well as at election times.

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Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, November 2009

02-12-2009 10:10

Three actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in November 2009, according to the International Crisis Group.

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Around the Campaigns Wednesday 2nd December 2009

02-12-2009 08:46

1) ADC Work shop Glasgow
2) Destitution Awareness Week
3) Refugee Council ~ UKBA proposals to change asylum support

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Bogus Honduran Elections

01-12-2009 20:43

The true divides in Latin America - between justice and injustice, democracy and dictatorship, human rights and corporate rights, people's power and imperial domination - have never been more visible than today.

People's movements throughout the region to revolutionize corrupt, unequal systems that have isolated and excluded the vast majority in Latin American nations, are successfully taking power democratically and building new models of economic and social justice.

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Opening the gates

01-12-2009 18:25

Andrea D’Cruz talks to a group organising collective action among people on the margins of the welfare system

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Anti-capitalism: alive and well

01-12-2009 18:21

Ten years ago, the global justice movement burst from the streets of Seattle onto the world’s television screens. John Hilary examines the victories and challenges of the last decade

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Resources for Anti-Deportation Campaigns/Groups/Supporters

01-12-2009 07:55

All the sites below are used by NCADC to source 'Quality' information, which can be used for Anti-Deportation Campaigns, can also provide 'New' information, which might assist fresh asylum claims.

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Workers' Fightback: Irish Public Sector Strike/Student Movement Grows

30-11-2009 17:42

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Buy Nothing Day? Try Steal Something Day!

30-11-2009 15:27

(This anarchist critique of Buy Nothing Day was originally written and released ten years ago, when BND had been happening for eight years, but it remains just as relevant today.)

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Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum

30-11-2009 14:10

Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum
The Charter of rights of women seeking asylum officially launches its new campaign briefing and film today. This is timely as the government has just published its strategy to end violence against women and girls – disappointingly there is very little mention of women seeking asylum.

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Around the Campaigns Monday 30th November

30-11-2009 11:28

Detention of children at immigration 'prisons' attacked by MPs

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Honduras State Employees Forced to Attend Santos Campaign Rally

30-11-2009 07:55

"The National Front Against the Coup d'Etat has called on its participants to remain indoors in a "voluntary curfew" in noncooperation with the fraudulent vote. Should any incidents of violence occur today it won't be from the Resistance, but, rather, the result of the regime's own provocateurs. National presidential candidate Carlos H. Reyes withdrew from the ballot last month, as did many Congressional candidates and one major-party vice presidential candidate: Santos' own running mate on the Liberal Party line is among those who reject this fraudulent process as illegitimate."

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Barclays targeted with the truth - more pictures.

30-11-2009 01:38

The truth writ large!
On Saturday morning (28-11-2009), I saw something so stunningly simple, and yet so effective and epic in it's scale as a work of activism that it blew my mind.

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Santiago, Chile: ELF torches slaughterhouse

30-11-2009 00:03

Earth Liberation Front Communique: 11.23.09

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ELF Fugitive Sentenced for Drug Charges in China

29-11-2009 23:57

Justin Solondz, an environmental activist who was wanted by the FBI for “eco-terrorism” charges tied to the Earth Liberation Front, has been sentenced to 3 years in a Chinese prison for manufacturing drugs. Back in June I reported on his arrest via Twitter, and now much more details have emerged about his life overseas and his sentencing.

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International day of solidarity to release anti-fur activists - 02.12

29-11-2009 22:40

Call for an international day of action for the release of animal rights activists imprisoned in the Netherlands - Wednesday, 02.12.2009

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Picket at Polish Embassy as Cegielski Dispute Ends

29-11-2009 18:24

Putting the banner on the railings
Although the dispute at the Cegielski plant in Poznan, Poland had been settled earlier in the day, the picket at the Polish Embassy in London organised by the London branch of the IWW and the Polish Anarchists Society, London went ahead with around a dozen activists displaying a banner on the embassy railings and leafleting.

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Israel’s Occupation of Palestine: who profits and who doesn’t

29-11-2009 15:43

Dr Dalit Baum, Daniel Machover, Salwa Alenat
Seminar held at London School of Economics with speakers Dr Dalit Baum (Who Profits) and Salwa Alenat (Kav LaOved) on Thursday 19 November. Full video and mp3s available.

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The Bank Charge Judgement

29-11-2009 14:21

The Banks think they had a luck escape with the recent Supreme Court Judgement. However, they are in a the process of creating a greater crisis for themselves. A crisis where customers charges banks for services because the banks are settling County Court Cases on the basis of the Supreme Court Judgement and not on the facts.