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International day of solidarity to release anti-fur activists - 02.12

release the prisoners! | 29.11.2009 22:40 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Call for an international day of action for the release of animal rights activists imprisoned in the Netherlands - Wednesday, 02.12.2009

Since 29 October 2009 Rieke S., an activist from Germany accused of releasing mink from a mink farm in Gelderse/Barchem, is imprisoned on remand in Breda, Netherlands, see On November 17th, 2009, another activist, this time from the Netherlands, was arrested and imprisoned on remand, see

According to the media, 5000 mink were released and several cages destroyed in the course of the liberation they are accused of. Unfortunately, the minks couldn't escape from the area, seemingly because the police interrupted the action before the fences could be opened and removed.

The first accused activist was allegedly arrested already during the liberation action, supposedly as a direct result of over two years of continous observation and surveillance of the Dutch animal rights movement. Three apartments were raided by the police. The pre-trial detention was already prolonged several times in both cases, therefore a soon release seems unlikely.

The imprisoned activists are isolated from the outside world, so far they weren´t allowed to receive visits from their friends or relatives. Even the receiving of letters was averted for the first weeks. This violates EU-directives: According to the European Court for Human Rights pre-trial detention in EU-countries is only allowed to be imposed for securing a criminal case, and mustn't be of punitive character because the trial itself has not yet been completed. Contact to the family must be allowed, the amount of postal letters may not be limited or stopped totally.

The German Animal Rights group "die tierbefreier e.V." and other animal rights groups are therefore calling for an international day of action on December 2nd, to demand the immediate release of both activists and to end their isolation. The activists must be able to receive visits and mail at regular intervals!

To create maximum pressure on the Dutch authorities, protests at Dutch embassies and consulates should take place on this day (but are of course also welcome before or afterwards!). It is also possible to express one's protest by contacting the Dutch representatives by phone, fax or e-mail. Please inform us beforehand at whether you can organise a demo so that we know it for a press release. Reports and/or photographs to this mailaddress are also appreciated.
Please also continue to write supportive letters for both prisoners. For Rieke it is best to use the above mailaddress for the dutch activist you can use The e-mails are printed out and forwarded to the prison.

Furthermore, to pay for lawyers etc money is needed urgently. Please organise benefits and donate the money to the following bank account:

To: RA Loukidis
IBAN: DE40 1408 0000 0255 1809 01 BIC: DRES DE FF 140
Subject: Holland

For donations from inside Germany:
Inhaber: RA Loukidis
Kto.-Nr.: 0255180901
BLZ: 14080000
Dresdner Bank
Stichwort: Holland

release the prisoners!