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Preston Prepares to Oppose the Database State

17-03-2008 23:25

NO2ID Logo
Preston locals are planning to kick-start a new local group of the national NO2ID campaign against identity cards and the Database State. A meeting is being held at the Bluebell pub on Church Street at 7:30pm on Thursday 20th March to re-launch the campaign locally.

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Help! Blair for E.U.president.

17-03-2008 21:19

Blair for president of the E.U.If this is not buggery then I don`t know what is.

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Another Attempt to Remove, Vera & Kenni

17-03-2008 06:16

Vera & Kenni
Vera Manda Kunde and her son Kenni Musada Famba Ada nationals of Cameroon, currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC are due to be forcibly removed on Wednesday 19th March at 19:00hrs on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 from London Heathrow terminal 4 to Nairobi, and onward to Douala Cameroon.

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Burma Human Rights Day March 13th Report

17-03-2008 02:45

About 40 Burmese and their supporters, held a demonstration outside the Burmese Embassy on March 13th in memory of Ko Phone Maw and all those who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for Burma's freedom. Ko Phone Maw was the first student murdered by the Burmese junta on March 13th 1988 at a peaceful demonstration at Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT). It was the start of the 1988 democracy protests in which thousands of demonstrators were later murdered.

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Tibet Vigil in London - Solidarity with the Tibetan protesters - 17th March

17-03-2008 00:46

The Chinese government have given an ominous deadline of midnight on Monday in Lhasa (4.00pm GMT) for the protesters to 'surrender'. In London, opposite the Chinese Embassy, Tibetans and supporters will be holding a vigil from 3.30pm in solidarity with the Tibetan protesters in Lhasa, Labrang, Gansu and elsewhere who have bravely stood up to the Chinese occupying forces.

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Protest at Totalitarian Oil sponsoring French Film Festival

16-03-2008 23:36

French director Jean Becker and French actor Jean-Pierre Darroussin
Nine protesters demonstrated on Friday March 15th at the French Film Festival at London Cine Lumiere 17 Queensberry Place London. They were protesting against Total funding the brutal Burmese military junta with 500 million dollars a year. Total Oil is the largest western sponsor of the evil regime and their pipeline in Burma was built with slave labour. Total exploits the French Film Festival and French Arts to try to whitewash their dirty reputation.

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Rudd “Sorry” and will dump nuclear waste to prove it

16-03-2008 21:24

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had much of the Australian population in tears with the long heralded “Sorry Day” commemoration. Of course, successive Australian governments have so much to apologise for, suggestions are now coming forth to make “Sorry Day” an annual event.

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The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

16-03-2008 18:55

On International Women's Day, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan held a large public meeting and celebration in Kabul. March 9th was also the 30th year of its inception and the 20th martyrdom anniversary of the founder of the organisation. They released a statement condemning the corrupt Karzai government and the situation of Afghan women.

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Chile´s Coming Collapse

16-03-2008 18:21

Chilean Socialist Government loses ground in its effort to hide corruption .

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Barack Obama and the Crisis of U.S. Imperialism

16-03-2008 00:15

African People's Socialist Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela has been delivering a series of presentations around the U.S. on the significance of the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama.

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Tesco's kill tourism - official

15-03-2008 23:18

Highlighting latest moves by the supermarket giant in a small seaside town.

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Open documentaries on non-violent struggles in India

15-03-2008 22:42

A filmmaker team propose to free the copyright of their documentaries about non-violent struggles in India

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Nottingham Defy-ID group back in business

15-03-2008 14:45

Defy-ID stall
After taking a bit of a break, Notts Defy-ID have started meeting again on a regular basis. As the National Identity Register creeps back into the political landscape (did it ever really go away?) there is an urgent need to take collective action and stop it in its tracks. Defend anonymity! Defy ID!

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Female Protester in Tunnel to Block Motorway near Hill of Tara

15-03-2008 14:25

A Female Protester has sealed herself into a tunnel under a hill upon which the Rath Lugh National Monument is positioned to stop construction of the M3 Motorway near the Hill of Tara. 100 protesters have now joined the protest at Rath Lugh.

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Indian Neo-Fascism and People’s resistance

15-03-2008 08:06

A tribal christian praying at a torched down church
Talk and discussion on the recent rise of fascism in India and people resisting it.

Tuesday 18th of March, 7.30pm
Shaheed Udham Singh Centre
(Indian Workers Association Centre)
346 Soho Road
Birmingham B21 9QI

Prof. Ram Puniyani
Indian anti-fascist intellectual

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"The Stonehenge Peace Group Proposal for Midsummer's day Access at Stonehenge"

15-03-2008 07:25

Draft version - Last updated Friday, March 14, 2008 6:45 PM

This proposal to improve Summer Solstice access at Stonehenge is being drafted by The Stonehenge Peace Group.

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Furious parents occupy the lobby of venture capitalist firm.

14-03-2008 21:56

Its very well handing out leaflets in the rain...
On Wednesday parents from Pimlico School decided that petitioning and letter writing just was not getting them anywhere. For months they have been campaigning against the take over of their school by Venture Capitalist firm John Nash. Their views have been ignored by Westiminster council so they decided to occupy the offices of Mr Nash instead. The lone security guard made a pretty halfhearted attempt at trying to remove them and their banner from the building. An unbelievably smarmy executive from the firm by the name of David Johnson came out and tried to reason with the protesters with some of the weakest arguments in the history of debate. Having achieved nothing other than making a tit of himself on camera he scuttled back to hide in his office. At this point one of the neighbours who was unconnected to the firm or indeed the building tried to intervene by attacking a woman by the door and then my camera. Fortunately for him there was no damage thus negating the need to take retaliatory action on his front teeth. Then the cops showed up and were informed by the protesters that this was a simple case of trespass and therefore a civil matter. After consulting the regular occupants of the office the Police listened to the protesters concerns and then left them to it. Mr Nash must have wisely decided that getting parents from the school he is trying to acquire arrested was a PR disaster too far. So a successful occupation, no arrests and serious cause for concern for an office located on the ground floor of number 25 Buckingham Gate….oops.

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Keith Mann in Wakefield (Sat. 22nd March)

14-03-2008 21:49

Keith Mann is heading to Wakefield to give a presentation on his book about the Animal Liberation Movement 'From dusk 'til dawn' and to show the film 'Behind the mask'

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World Day for lab animals,Oxford (April 19th)

14-03-2008 21:42

Transport from around the country, some spaces still available in Yorkshire.