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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Internet action against Blair and the Labour party NOW ~ TAKE PART

11-02-2005 14:37

Ineternet Action NOW and this weekend to coincide with Labour's Spring Party Conference.

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The day in the basque country

11-02-2005 14:24

Unai Romano, before and after be tortured for the spanish police
Today we are suffering a new great attack from the spanish and french states. 42 youths are being judged because belong to basque youth organisation Segi. The spanish state asks an overall punishment of 642 prision years for all of them (from 10 years to 112). They, too, arrests today two monks and another youth

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11-02-2005 13:35

Armed inmates have taken control of a top-security jail in the central Argentine city of Cordoba. Local reports suggest the violence was prompted by grievances over conditions in the San Martin jail.

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Squatting trials in Hamburg

11-02-2005 12:51

turn down the court, a place for bambule
In February, trials against squatters of the Harkortstrasse in Hamburg (action took place in September 2003) continue meanwhile new trials open against squatters of the Hafenstrasse - action from April 2004, where around 100 trucks and other vehicles blockaded the Hafenstrasse.

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Race attacks reach all time high

11-02-2005 11:13

New figures show the number of abusive and violent attacks on Britain's Jewish community reached record levels in 2004

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End the housing madness - affordable homes for all

10-02-2005 19:42

March on LONDON
Join the EIE 12th March 200
We are fed up propping up the UK economy.
End all Estate agent self regulation.
Ban buy to let mortgages under £300k. Stop BTL.
Derilict 14 mths = govt buy @ 40% market value.
Stamp duty only on £300k + dwellings.
Right to buy council property stopped NOW.
Demand councils build more stock NOW.
No to 50% HA purchase traps. Ball & Chain. No way.

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spoof labour website

10-02-2005 14:05


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Sheffield Social mini-Forum 17th Feb: Why Don't You...?

10-02-2005 14:01

Thursday 17th Feb
7 to 9.30pm
St. Andrew's Church Hall
Upper Hanover Way
(Call 07968 997861 for more details...)

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Transcript of talk by Hassan Juma'a: Iraqi trade unionist 08/02

09-02-2005 23:20

Hassan Juma'a is the Chair of the Southern Oil Company trade union, based in Basra.

Here he talks about the position of the various union federations, including the state-sponsored IFTU, and the prospects for non-party-political trade unionism in Iraq.

NOTE THAT: this is a transcript of a *translated* talk and therefore most nuances have been lost. This cannot be taken as a definitive account of what Hassan Juma'a or Iraq occupation Focus believe.

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Scandal of Pepys Estate

09-02-2005 13:16

The Pepys Estate in Deptford, a social housing estate on the banks of the River Thames in East London, is being destroyed by Lewisham through selling off parts of the estate for redevelopment to a property speculator to convert to luxury apartments and to Hyde Housing Association. The net social housing on the estate will be reduced, this in an area of acute social deprivation where the demand for social housing has never been so high.

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Activist Scenes Are No Safe Space for Women

09-02-2005 12:34

Activist Scenes are No Safe Space for Women: On Abuse of Activist Women by
Activist Men

By Tamara K. Nopper

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'Caminos De Resistencia' film festival

09-02-2005 12:29

Indymedia cinema presents...

'Caminos De Resistencia(Paths Of Resistance)' a Latin America film festival in London

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G8: Summat for the Summit

08-02-2005 19:00

The G8-summit is coming to Britain in July. This is going to be a big event. We need to organise now.

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08-02-2005 11:30

Meeting Thursday 17 February

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Reggae deal to halt gay-bash lyrics

08-02-2005 11:24

Stop Murder Music campaign suspended - Music industry committed to reject violent hate songs

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Report of Anti-War Meeting at Bristol Council House

07-02-2005 23:03

Report of Anti-War Meeting at Bristol Council House. Because of the huge audience, the were two meetings in two seperate halls. This report is from the overflow hall and mainly covers Caroline Lucas's (Green Party) speech.

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Your chance to say no to the Olympics in London

07-02-2005 18:00

London is awash with posters advertising the opportunity to Back the Olympic Bid. Noticably absent however has been the opportunity to state your opposition to the bid.

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Positive Global Movements

07-02-2005 16:26

Positive Global Movements started yesterday Sunday the 6th with a nice turn up, we showed 'The Alberdi School' a film about the community involvement in revolutionising education in Venezuela. Then we had musicians and poet Sofia and Santiago both Peruvian artists reciting poetry and singing to the beat of the Global Revolution. After having lovely Venezuelan food Ricardo Galindez Venezuelan trade unionist gave a passionate speech about the role of the workers in the revolution not only in Venezuela but also in the world.

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Graffiti from around Oxford, pt. 9

06-02-2005 15:13

oxford graffiti,part nine of a series

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Tortured in the San Jose Main Jail

05-02-2005 10:24

Martín Rodriguez, , says he was tortured in the San Jose Main Jail while spending 115 days there on drug charges.